American Dad!: Specials


# Air Date Title
0 May 06

Original Pilot

Francine puts Roger on a diet. After begin rejected by a girl, Steve notices that girls are affectionate to men with dogs, and wants to get a dog. Hayley agrees to provide Roge…

1 Apr 01

Inside the CIA

This three-minute short is a take-off on CIA training films from the 50s.



The original network pilot episode of American Dad.


Roger Master Of Disguise

Special as included on the DVD.


Tearjerker And Then They Will Cry

Special as included on the DVD.


Deleted Scenes

Special as included on the DVD.


How's Your Aspen?: American Dad! Live at the 2005 U.S Comedy Arts Festival

Cast of American Dad at 2005 U.S Comedy Arts Festival doing a live show.


All in the Family: Creating American Dad

Describes How American Dad was created


Secrets of the Glass Booth

“Secrets of the Glass Booth: Behind the Voices of American Dad” featurette

9 Feb 12


Comparison of table read, animatic and final episode with separate audio.


American Dad Power Hour Drinkin Game


Comic-Con Table Read - The 42-Year Old Virgin


Comic-Con Table Read - The 42-Year Old Virgin

About American Dad!

The show revolves around C.I.A. Agent Stan Smith, and his not so average family. Stan is constantly fighting off terrorists who threaten the safety of the United States, sometimes causing more harm than good. His wife Francine is your average house wife. She juggles Stan and the kids while keeping a sound mind. Hayley, Stan’s only daughter, is your average rebellious teenager. She speaks her own mind, and does things her own way. Steve, Stan’s only son, is a bit of a “geek”. He enjoys games like Dungeons and Dragons, and participating in comic book conventions. Although he’s not Stan’s dream son, he always makes him proud. Then there’s Roger, the illegal alien (literally) who the Smith’s are keeping protected. Roger deals with your average alien emotions, and the fact that he is not allowed out in public, which causes him great distress. Last but not least, Klaus, the Smith’s wisecracking talking fish (well, after he was removed from his body) who is secretly in love with Francine.