Angel: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 05

City of

Angel moves to L.A., seeking a purpose in the City of Angels. There, he meets Doyle, his half-human, half-demon spiritual advisor, who gives him direction. Doyle leads Angel to…

2 Oct 12

Lonely Hearts

Doyle receives a new vision that sends the group to the club scene. They soon learn they are looking for a serial killer who seeks his prey from D’Oblique, a chi-chi sing…

3 Oct 19

In the Dark

Oz pays a visit to Angel and gives him the Gem of Amarra, the vampire’s holy grail that grants eternal protection. Doyle wants Angel to wear it with pride, but Angel opt…

4 Oct 26

I Fall to Pieces

As Cordelia and Angel continue the debate of whether or not to charge for their services, Doyle receives a vision of yet another woman in distress. Angel pays a visit to her wo…

5 Nov 02

Room with a Vu

When Cordelia returns one evening to her roach-infested digs, she decides that desperate times calls for desperate measures and moves into Angel’s apartment. Doyle soon f…

6 Nov 09

Sense & Sensitivity

Kate, hardened by years of police work, enrolls in sensitivity training with her fellow police officers. At first the training appears to be innocuous, but Angel and others beg…

7 Nov 16

Bachelor Party

Just as Doyle is inches away from finally making a connection with Cordy, his estranged wife shows up at Angel Investigations begging for a divorce so she can marry the new lov…

8 Nov 23

I Will Remember You

When Angel tells Cordy and Doyle that he did not contact Buffy during his visit to Sunnydale, Buffy pays a visit and expresses her displeasure. Sparks fly. As they are about to…

9 Nov 30


The Scourge, are in town and out for blood. Angel learns their strategy to eliminate the half-demon breed population. With the lives of dozens in jeopardy, Angel and Doyle must…

10 Dec 14

Parting Gifts

Angel pays a visit to the Powers That Be and begs them to return Doyle. Cordelia soon realizes there was more to Doyle’s kiss than she originally thought.

11 Jan 18


Angel is plauged by dreams of himself as a killer, while Kate tracks down a serial killer following the pattern of Angel’s dreams.

12 Jan 25


Cordelia prepares for a night on the town with William Christopher, a prominent LA photographer, but right before her friends whisk her away to meet him, she receives a vision…

13 Feb 08


Cordelia throws a happenin’ soiree. While Wesley attempts to mingle, Angel spends most of the time brooding in the kitchen. The next morning, Angel officially hires Wesle…

14 Feb 15

I've Got You Under My Skin

Angel accidentally calls Wesley ‘Doyle’ while he is arguing with Cordy, who has just made inedible brownies. We later learn Angel feels pangs of guilt over Doyle…

15 Feb 22

The Prodigal

Angel has a memory of an altercation between him and his father in 1753, but his mind quickly returns to the present when he kills a demon who escaped from a moving subway trai…

16 Feb 29

The Ring

As Wesley and Cordelia exchange banter, Angel is paid a visit by a strange man, claiming his brother Jack was kidnapped by demons affiliated with a bookie. While Cordy and Wesl…

17 Apr 04


Wesley and Angel endure a painful experience: attending Cordelia’s first stage appearance. As they stretch the truth to spare potential hurt feelings, Cordelia spots Oliv…

18 Apr 25

Five by Five

Angel and Wesley catch, find and convert a prime witness that is involved in a case against Wolfram & Hart. Knowing that Angel is behind the reappearance of the witness tha…

19 May 02


Buffy comes to Los Angeles seeking vengeance under the guise of protecting Angel from Faith’s violent nature, but Buffy is shocked and hurt to discover her former love si…

20 May 09

War Zone

Angel tracks down a nerdy millionaire’s blackmailer, but gets caught in the middle of a gang war between street kids and vampires and meets the leader of the vampire hunt…

21 May 16

Blind Date

Angel agrees to help legal but not so ethical whiz kid Lindsey McDonald crack the secret files of Wolfram & Hart to save a group of children from a demonic assassin. Said a…

22 May 23

To Shanshu in L.A.

Wesley is searching for the translation of the Scrolls of Aberjian and the prophecy of the “vampire with a soul.” He is finding the process difficult as the scrolls…

About Angel

“If you need help, then look no further. Angel Investigations is the best. Our rats are low… (What? It says “rats.” Sorry.) Ahem… our rates are low, but our standards are high. When the chips are down, and you’re at the end of your rope you need someone that you can count on. And that’s what you’ll find here — someone that will go all the way, no matter what. So don’t lose hope. Come on over to our offices and you’ll see that there’s still heroes in this world.”

For over two centuries, Angelus was one of the most vicious vampires ever to walk the earth. Then he killed the wrong girl, and her grieving Gypsy family cursed the vampire with the return of his soul, causing him to suffer with remorse for all the hundreds of innocents that he had killed through the years. Now he goes by the name Angel, and he fights to protect the helpless from those who would prey upon them as he himself once did.