Archer (2009): Specials


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The “Original Unaired Archer Pilot” Is actually the first episode “Mole Hunt” With a dinosaur in place of the character of Archer..for the entire episod…


Unaired Network Promo

An unused FX Network promo


Archer Waking Up As H. Jon Benjamin

4 Sep 15

Heart of Archness: Part I

Malory hires an adventurer named Rip Riley (voice of Patrick Warburton) to find Archer, who has been missing since his fiancĂ©e was murdered on their wedding day. Rip finds him…

5 Sep 22

Heart of Archness: Part II

On the tropical island, Archer has emerged as Pirate King and must deal with it. Meanwhile, his ISIS colleagues keep up their attempts to rescue him.…

6 Sep 29

Heart of Archness: Part III

Archer and his fellow prisoners attempt to escape from the Pirate Fortress. Meanwhile, Malory plays hardball in ransom negotiations. Conclusion of a three-part episode.

7 Oct 10

Danger Zone

Archer heads Into the Danger Zone.

About Archer (2009)

At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. At the center of it all is suave master spy Sterling Archer, whose less-than-masculine code name is “Duchess.” Archer works with his domineering mother Malory, who is also his boss. Drama revolves around Archer’s ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane and her new boyfriend, ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis, as well as Malory’s lovesick secretary, Cheryl.