Are We There Yet?: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 05

The Mr. Himdependent Episode

When Suzanne’s ex-husband wants to lower his monthly child support payments, Nick jumps at the chance to get rid of Frank’s financial support, while Suzanne has mix…

2 Jan 05

The We Ain't Going Out Like That Episode

When Nick tries to be spontaneous, but Suzanne resists and instead plans a date night that fails, they attempt to be spontaneous together—until they realize it’s be…

3 Jan 12

The Oh No She Di-in't Episode

When Nick’s new field producer, Sam, turns out to be female, Suzanne is convinced she’s trying to steal her man, a suggestion Nick thinks is absurd—until Sam…

4 Jan 12

The Nick's Manny-Pedi Episode

Suzanne ruins Nick’s Guy Night. So Nick goes to the spa with Suzanne when she is there with her friends.

5 Jan 19

The Gold Party Episode

When Marilyn throws a gold party at Nick and Suzanne’s, and Nick learns Suzanne’s wedding ring isn’t real, he sets out to have a real ring made before Suzanne…

6 Jan 19

The Boy Has Style Episode

When Suzanne suspects that Lindsey’s athletic new crush from school is gay because he has style, Nick sets out to prove that he isn’t, until he can no longer ignore…

7 Jan 26

The Man and the Bragging Snafu Episode

When Nick’s colleagues at the station encourages him to send Lindsey and Kevin to a private school, Nick and Suzanne look into it, only to be misled about the process.

8 Jan 26

The Suzanne Theft Auto Episode

When Suzanne is overly protective teaching Lindsey how to drive, Nick takes over and makes Lindsey feel confident, until she scratches Suzannes’s car and chooses to lie a…

9 Feb 02

The Despicable E Episode

Nick attempts to have a night out with Lindsey, but when all she wants to do is follow around a young celebrity DJ who doesn’t even know her name, Nick tries to teach her…

10 Feb 02

The She Got Game Night Episode

When the Kingston-Persons decide to have a game night, all bets are off, as unlikely friends are drawn to one another when paired together for games

11 Feb 09

The Valentine's Day Episode

Nick tries to help Kevin with his Valentine’s Day at school, but his advice backfires when Kevin gets sent home

12 Feb 09

The Parent Teacher Trap Episode

Suzanne serves on a committee at Kevin’s school, but complications arise when her fellow female members disrespect her—but adore Nick.

13 Feb 16

The Whose Card Is It Anyway Episode

Nick and Suzanne are forced to go on a television court show to settle a dispute over a misplaced birthday present

14 Feb 16

The Suzanne Gets One-Upped Episode

Nick plans a surprise, belated honeymoon for he and Suzanne. But when Suzanne discovers the mystery reservations, she assumes her man is having an affair with boxing champ Lail…

15 Feb 23

The First .45 Episode

As Lindsay tries to turn the family into reality TV superstars, Kevin makes a discovery that brings a little TOO much reality into the Kingston-Person…

16 Feb 23

The Take Your Kids to Work Day Episode

When Lindsey accompanies Suzanne to work and meets one of her mother’s old friends, a misunderstanding causes Lindsey to believe she may have a secret older brother.

17 Mar 02

The Fall of Troy Episode

When Troy provokes a school bully, Kevin strikes up a friendship with his tormentor to avoid a beat down. But he soon learns the meaning of real friendship when he finds the co…

18 Mar 02

The Pole Dance Episode

After catching Nick watching a racy rap video, Suzanne makes a friendly wager that she can out dance any of the video vixens on the screen.

19 Mar 09

The Disney Episode

When Nick is invited to play in a celebrity golf tournament at Walt Disney World, Suzanne is disappointed she has to miss the family’s first vacation. But even after a la…

20 Mar 09

The Salsa Episode

Annoyed that she and Nick never do anything together as a couple, Suzanne signs the two of them up for salsa lessons, but is surprised to learn her control issues are made tran…

21 Mar 16

The Nick Gets Jealous Episode

Nick asks Suzanne to help pro baseball player Ray Savage plan a children’s charity event, but when he learns of Ray’s reputation as a womanizer, Nick worries the at…

22 Mar 16

The Test Taker Episode

When Nick enlists Kevin to help Staten Island Mike’s nephew Frankie study for a test, Frankie bribes Kevin into taking it for him. But Kevin realizes he may be in too dee…

23 Mar 23

The Compatibility Test Episode

24 Mar 23

The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode

25 Mar 30

The Mr. Almost Episode

26 Mar 30

The Play Date Episode

27 Apr 06

The Lindasy Gets High Episode

28 Apr 06

The Liar, Liar Episode

29 Apr 13

The Fight Party Episode

30 Apr 13

The Nick's Kid Episode

31 Apr 27

The Kevin Gets a Commercial Episode

32 Apr 27

The Suzanne's Surprise Party Episode

33 May 04

The Mother's Day Episode

34 May 04

The Lindsay Goes Vegan Episode

About Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? opens where the popular film of the same name left off, with Nick and Suzanne newly married. After six months, their family is beginning to show growing pains, from the complexities of life as newlyweds to weathering the storm of teenage children. Work makes life all the more complicated. Former athlete Nick has sold his sports paraphernalia store and now works in information technology. Party planner Suzanne also has a hectic professional schedule.