Baby Daddy: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 20


Ben Wheeler, a bartender in his 20s discovers he’s a father when Emma, a baby girl, is left on his apartment doorstep by his ex-girlfriend Angela. Ben decides to give par…

2 Jun 27

I Told You So

Miscommunication between Ben and the guys causes their “foolproof” baby-sitting schedule for Emma to fall apart. Ben, feeling his first parental gut wrenching scare…

3 Jul 11

The Nurse and the Curse

Ben and Emma’s nurse have a connection; Bonnie and Tucker destroy Danny’s good-luck charm.

4 Jul 18

Guys, Interrupted

Bonnie spends all her time with Emma, disrupting the boys’ routine. Riley goes on a date with fellow law student, Jack, and Danny has a hard time pretending he doesn̵…

5 Jul 25

Married to the Job

When Ben hears of an open management position at the bar, he enlists Riley’s help to prove to the owner, Henderson, that he’s responsible enough for the job. Tucker…

6 Aug 01

Take Her Out of the Ballgame

After winning their first game, Ben’s softball team votes for Riley to replace Ben as team captain. Riley takes the role much too seriously, and the team asks Ben to set…

7 Aug 08

May the Best Friend Win

Ben and Tucker put their friendship to the side when they compete for the heart of the same woman they met at a concert, Ava. Danny is asked to give a speech in front of his te…

8 Aug 15

The Daddy Whisperer

Before Izzy agrees to let Ben join her elite “Mommy and Me” class, she offers to meet one-on-one to help him clean up his act. Tucker and Danny set up a man cave in…

9 Aug 22

A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing

Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma’s first Christmas photo – including his dad, Ray, who is keeping a surprising secret from Bonnie and the boys. Riley a…

10 Aug 29

Something Borrowed, Something Ben

Riley is in full Maid of Honor mode as she counts down the days to Katie‚Äôs wedding. Ben is convinced that the wedding is going to be boring, and so invites troublemaker, Gene t…

About Baby Daddy

A 20-something bachelor bartender becomes an unlikely parent when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep.