Barney Miller: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 15

Goodbye, Mr. Fish (1)

A neighborhood vigilante group runs amok, and Fish is AWOL on the day of his retirement.

2 Sep 22

Goodbye, Mr. Fish (2)

Fish finally shows up for work, but refuses to acknowledge his mandatory retirement.

3 Sep 29


Listening devices discovered in the squad room may have come from Internal Affairs – or the Nixon administration!

4 Oct 06


A quixotic environmentalist faces the high-priced lawyer hired by the chemical plant he’s been assaulting.

5 Oct 20


Retired Sergeant Fish returns to assist Barney in locating a pilfered corpse.

6 Oct 27

Copy Cat

Yemana scours the TV Guide to try to second-guess the felon who’s aping the prime-time lineup crime shows; a drunk forgets the most important element in a hold-up –…

7 Nov 03


A blizzard holes up the 12th with an unwelcome guest—a corpse; a self-proclaimed prophet is sure that the weather is indicative of a new ice age.

8 Nov 17


A taxi company is irate when Wojo totals a borrowed cab while pursuing a robbery suspect; Lieutenant Scanlon tries to ferret out 12th Precinct corruption with a drug pusher.

9 Nov 24

Thanksgiving Story

The detectives clean up after three mental patients sit down to Thanksgiving dinner at an automat.

10 Dec 01


Wojo is buried alive after a tunnel collapses on a burglar burrowing towards the diamond exchange; a homeless Harris is combing Manhattan for a new apartment.

11 Dec 15

Atomic Bomb

Neither the bomb squad nor the government recognizes a college student’s physics project as a functional atomic bomb – but Detective Dietrich does.

12 Jan 05

The Bank

A man charges a sperm bank with murder after the lab unwittingly destroys the man’s last sample.

13 Jan 12

The Ghost

The detectives are unimpressed with a man who claims he’s being visited by a poltergeist – that is, until they lock the man up and strange events begin occurring ab…

14 Jan 19


Yemana is hospitalized with appendicitis; the cage is a stopping-off place for a sugar addict and an aging bounty hunter.

15 Jan 26


The city legalizes off-track gambling, to the delight of Yemana; a woman wants her husband arrested on a rape charge; a master of disguise perpetuates a crime spree.

16 Feb 02

Eviction (1)

Barney puts his career on the line by refusing to forcibly evict the tenants of a condemned hotel, while Lugar tries to figure out what to do with his vacation time.

17 Feb 09

Eviction (2)

The hotel situation now involves a SWAT team, while Dietrich learns the identity of his amnesic ““girlfriend.”“

18 Feb 23

Wojo's Problem

Wojo comes to Barney with a problem his superior would rather not know about; the 12th’s new female detective has a very jealous husband, suspicious of her all-male co-wo…

19 Mar 02

'Quo Vadis?'

Barney uncovers, if you will, the real reason behind a woman’s vehement insistence that a nude-painting exhibit at a local art gallery be shut down; the Millers may be he…

20 Mar 23


Harris finally finds an apartment in the Village; a ventriloquist insists he’s not responsible for his dummy’s insensitive remarks; a prisoner holds the boys at gun…

21 May 04


The members of the squad nervously await Barney filling out their evaluation forms. Meanwhile, Harris arrests a numerologist who will only give his name as ““1223,&…

22 May 11

The Sighting

A man liquidates all of his assets into gold, much to his wife’s dismay; Wojo claims he saw a UFO over Staten Island.

23 May 18


Harris does some extensive soul searching when he’s offered a job on the mayor’s security team.

About Barney Miller

Barney Miller is the kind of cop we’d all like to run into. He is always sensible. He maintains order over a squad room of detectives who gamble for a hobby, get hit on by anything in skirts, go to renaissance philosophy conventions for fun, and would really prefer to be writing. Nearly all of the action takes place in the squad room where the citizens and criminals are brought in to complicate the mix.