Barney Miller: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 14

Kidnapping (1)

A political activist abducts a department store magnate; Wojo arrests a prostitute and her Arkansan business manager.

2 Sep 14

Kidnapping (2)

Wojo delivers the ransom money for the department store owner, while the prostitute charms both Wojo and the victim’s nebbish son.

3 Sep 21

The Search

Off goes the moustache, as it’s Harris’ turn for cross-dressing mugging detail; the host of a kids’ science show goes off the deep end; Barney’s men reo…

4 Sep 28

Dog Days

The German Shepherd that bit Wojo may be rabid; Barney and Liz prepare for their impending separation.

5 Oct 05

The Baby Broker

A German girl attempts to flee the country rather than surrender her baby to a broker’s clients; Levitt turns to stimulants to aid in his self-imposed thirty-six hour shi…

6 Oct 12


An accusation of an indiscretion on the part of Dietrich leads to a visit from the gleeful Lieutenant Scanlon of Internal Affairs; Yemana books a rabbi who is running a gamblin…

7 Oct 19

The Prisoner

A released prisoner can’t adjust to civilian life; the widow of a cat burglar elects to perpetuate the family business.

8 Nov 02

Loan Shark

Barney notes some uncharacteristic behavior from Yemana; a client can’t get a tattoo artist to remove his work; Harris books a youthful loan shark

9 Nov 09

The Vandal

Barney has the uneasy feeling that it may have been Levitt that vandalized the precinct squad room; a TV programming executive is assaulted in a coffee shop.

10 Nov 30

The Harris Incident

A stockbroker leaves Wall Street to become a beggar; a rookie cop, assuming Harris to be a felon, shoots at him.

11 Dec 07

The Radical

Luger faces off against a 60s radical, and Harris arrests a portly second story man.

12 Dec 14


Feuding toy makers create a disturbance; Barney faces his first holiday as a separated man; a claustrophobic prisoner has an understandable problem with the cage.

13 Jan 04

The Indian

A woman has her shoes stolen – from her feet; Wojo is forced to arrest an aging Indian who only wants to die in the park.

14 Jan 11

Voice Analyzer

Lieutenant Scanlon returns, this time attempting to ferret out corruption with a lie detector; Barney is suspicious of a furrier’s robbery report.

15 Jan 18

The Spy

A paranoid spy holds the precinct house at bay; the men bring in a disorderly mime.

16 Jan 25

Wojo's Girl (1)

Wojo decides to move in with his girlfriend; Mr. Brauer tells his wife that he’s leaving to become a mercenary. This was a pilot for a potential spin-off series, each wee…

17 Jan 25

Wojo's Girl (2)

Wojo struggles to co-habitate with his ex-prostitute girlfriend.

18 Feb 01

Middle Age

Barney feels the onrush of Father Time; Dietrich books an Olympic hopeful who practices his javelin toss in Central Park; a Hassidic Jew is the target of a diamond thief.

19 Feb 08

The Counterfeiter

Harris milks a wily counterfeiter for his life story; a man takes exception to a plastic surgeon’s work on his wife.

20 Feb 15

Open House

The 12th Precinct hosts an open house, attracting only vagrants; Barney’s joy at moving back home is cut short by the hotel manager that refuses to refund him his upcomin…

21 Mar 01


Harris quickly regrets the fact that Dietrich has saved his life; the 12th is asked to assist a thief who has been granted entry into a witness-relocation program.

22 Mar 15

Computer Crime

A computer firm has difficulty retrieving embezzled funds; an educated young man claims to be under the influence of a voodoo curse.

23 May 10

Graveyard Shift

Barney and his crew face the late shift with a man who believes that he is being frequented by a succubus and an irate tourist.

24 May 17

Jack Soo, a Retrospective

The cast step out of character to offer a tribute to Jack Soo, who died during the show’s fifth season.

About Barney Miller

Barney Miller is the kind of cop we’d all like to run into. He is always sensible. He maintains order over a squad room of detectives who gamble for a hobby, get hit on by anything in skirts, go to renaissance philosophy conventions for fun, and would really prefer to be writing. Nearly all of the action takes place in the squad room where the citizens and criminals are brought in to complicate the mix.