Barney Miller: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 30

Homicide (1)

When the NYPD restructures its precincts as specialty squads, Luger pulls some strings and gets the 12th assigned as a homicide squad. Business is goo…

2 Nov 06

Homicide (2)

Harris woos the precinct’s crime photographer, while Dietrich tracks down the hit man’s intended target; Barney’s frustration boils over when the new homicide…

3 Nov 13

The Delegate

A drunk and disorderly turns out to be a delegate from the 1976 Democratic convention; Barney discovers a problem with the newly assigned Officer Nash – he’s not a…

4 Nov 27


The new detective is convinced that his compatriots are on the take and asks to be dealt out.

5 Dec 11

Agent Orange

Another domestic dispute at the Brauer household occurs when their apartment building becomes ““clothing optional”“; Wojo takes a personal interest in t…

6 Dec 18

Call Girl

Dorsey takes a protective stance to a young prostitute; Harris is getting stock tips from another one; and Dietrich is tempted by all of them as he experiments with celibacy.

7 Jan 08


Dietrich, stricken with guilt when he shoots a felon, tenders his resignation; a playwright assaults an incompetent actor.

8 Jan 15

Field Associate

Someone is sending specific information on transgressions of the men to Internal Affairs; Harris sets up a reunion between an elderly cat burglar and the wife who reported him…

9 Jan 22

Movie (1)

Harris is assigned to direct a pornographic movie; an old-time radio newsman assaults a vacuous television anchor.

10 Jan 29

Movie (2)

A blind mugging victim and an overzealous charity collector are among the disparate audience members at the screening of Harris’ overbudget film.

11 Feb 05

The Psychic

An accused mugger claims that he was answering a psychic vision; a language professor takes vandalistic umbrage to a grammatically incorrect billboard.

12 Feb 12

Stormy Weather

A deaf woman is arrested for prostitution; Barney anxiously awaits news of Wojo, who dived into the Hudson River in pursuit of a looter.

13 Feb 19

The Librarian

A serious tone pervades this episode about a gypsy and his harassment of the owner of a novelty store; on the lighter side, a librarian takes extreme measures to ensure quiet a…

14 Feb 26


Ripner is suing Harris over the lawyer’s portrayal in the detective’s novel; Wojo asks Barney’s daughter out on a date; a sporting-goods storeowner takes the…

15 Mar 12

Contempt (1)

A restaurant may have refused a man service because of his appearance; Barney won’t name an informant so he’s charged with contempt of court.

16 Mar 19

Contempt (2)

When Barney spends the night in jail, the squad room is left in the natty hands of Sergeant Harris.

17 Mar 26

The Doll

An expensive doll is abducted for ransom; a man claims he was swindled in exchange for a ticket on the space shuttle; Luger informs Barney that he’s in his will.

18 Apr 09

Lady and the Bomb

The verdict is in on the Harris/Ripner libel suit, and a woman threatens to blow up the squad room with a homemade bomb. What better time for Detective Fish to drop by for a vi…

19 Apr 30


Luger takes a small disturbance with the Hassidic community and turns it into a full-scale riot; the squad discovers a survivalist couple setting up housekeeping in the sewers.…

20 May 07

The Vests

The detectives are reluctant to wear their new bulletproof vests; Luger interviews them in case of the need for a quick obituary.

21 May 14

The Rainmaker

The officers arrest a rainmaker, only discover that he was hired by the drought-ridden city; Wojo, Harris and Dietrich each consider a job opening in vice.

22 May 21


Harris is forced to liquidate his possessions to pay off his lawsuit.

About Barney Miller

Barney Miller is the kind of cop we’d all like to run into. He is always sensible. He maintains order over a squad room of detectives who gamble for a hobby, get hit on by anything in skirts, go to renaissance philosophy conventions for fun, and would really prefer to be writing. Nearly all of the action takes place in the squad room where the citizens and criminals are brought in to complicate the mix.