Battlestar Galactica (2003): Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 06


Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica to increasingly deadly attacks against the Cylons. Kara finds herself trapped in a new life with Leoben Conoy, and Duc…

2 Oct 06


Adama plans to return to New Caprica and drop off a surprising person to act as a liason between Galactica and the Resistance.Tigh’s insistence on the use of suicide bomb…

3 Oct 13

Exodus (1)

Sharon helps the Resistance on New Caprica as Adama leads Galactica on a dangerous rescue operation.Tyrol races to save Cally from the execution squad. Meanwhile Anders uncover…

4 Oct 20

Exodus (2)

Tigh must decide the fate of his wife Ellen after the assistance she rendered to the Cylons.Lee struggles with his assignment to protect the civilian fleet on its journey towar…

5 Oct 27


Tyrol participates in the Circle, a secret tribunal on Galactica that tries and convicts in absentia those accused of collaborating with the Cylons during the Occupation.The de…

6 Nov 03

Torn (1)

Lingering feelings of rage lead Saul Tigh and Kara Thrace to cause problems aboard Galactica between the survivors from New Caprica and those who stayed with the fleet during t…

7 Nov 10

A Measure of Salvation (2)

Apollo formulates a plan that threatens the very existence of the Cylon culture. Adama and Roslin must decide whether to follow through on the plan to use a biological weapon a…

8 Nov 17


A figure from Adama’s past returns to haunt him. His return raises questions about why the Cylons launched their initial attack against the Twelve Colonies.

9 Dec 01

Unfinished Business

Adama stages a boxing tournament on the Galactica to help the crew relax. The competitive atmosphere sets off a brutal match between Kara and Lee. Flashbacks from New Caprica r…

10 Dec 08

The Passage

The Colonial fleet faces starvation when the food-processing machines are contaminated. Kat plays a vital role in the success or failure of the “Passage” through sp…

11 Dec 15

The Eye of Jupiter (1)

Tyrol discovers the Temple of Five on the algae planet. The temple may hold the Eye of Jupiter, which is believed to show the way to Earth. The Cylons take a keen interest in t…

12 Jan 21

Rapture (2)

D’Anna/Number Three squares off against Adama over the Temple of the Five. Athena asks for Helo’s aid in her plan to rescue Hera.On the algae planet, Apollo orders…

13 Jan 28

Taking a Break from All Your Worries

Now onboard Galactica, Baltar faces charges of treason. He contemplates suicide with the help of Number Six. Questions remain about his true identity. Is he a Cylon or isn̵…

14 Feb 11

The Woman King

The Sagittarons allege that a doctor is discriminating against them. As Helo investigates, he becomes concerned that the doctor may even be murdering patients. Meanwhile, Athen…

15 Feb 18

A Day in the Life

Chief Tyrol and his wife Cally become trapped in a malfunctioning airlock.Adama remembers his late wife Carolanne as he marks his wedding anniversary. His relationship with Pre…

16 Feb 25

Dirty Hands

Amid a heated labor dispute, Tyrol asks the imprisoned Baltar for advice. Seelix becomes involved after she is turned down for flight training.

17 Mar 04


Kara continues to have dreams about Leoben Conoy and the mandala she painted at her old apartment on Caprica. While on patrol in her Viper, she encounters a Cylon Heavy Raider.…

18 Mar 11

The Son Also Rises

When Baltar’s representatives face assassination attempts, Adama asks Lee to protect Baltar’s lawyer. After taking on the assignment, Lee seeks to play an active ro…

19 Mar 18

Crossroads (1)

Baltar’s trial testimony threatens the very stability of the fleet. Lee assists Romo Lampkin in Baltar’s defense.Some in the fleet begin to feel that Baltar is divi…

20 Mar 25

Crossroads (2)

As Baltar’s trial comes to a conclusion, key members of the fleet discover that they may be the Final Five Cylons. Tigh attempts to decipher the strange music he is heari…

21 Oct 05

Razor Minisode (1): Day 4,571

William “Husker” Adama prepares for his rookie combat mission as a Viper pilot.

22 Oct 12

Razor Minisode (2): The Hangar

A moment in Galactica’s hangar rattles young Adama’s nerves before his first combat flight.

23 Oct 19

Razor Minisode (3): Operation Raptor Talon

Vipers and Raiders face off in a brutal firefight above a remote world defended by the Cylons.

24 Oct 26

Razor Minisode (4): Free Fall

Losing his Viper is just the start of rookie William Adama’s problems today.

25 Nov 02

Razor Minisode (5): The Lab

Downed rookie pilot William Adama discovers a gruesome Cylon secret project.

26 Nov 09

Razor Minisode (6): Survivors

William “Husker” Adama struggles to free human prisoners from the Cylon lab.

27 Nov 16

Razor Minisode (7): Escape

Adama witnesses the rise of a new Cylon threat and gets unexpected news from the Galactica.

About Battlestar Galactica (2003)

In a distant part of the universe, a civilization of humans live on planets known as the Twelve Colonies. In the past, the Colonies have been at war with a cybernetic race known as the Cylons. 40 years after the first war the Cylons launch a devastating attack on the Colonies. The only military ship that survived the attack takes up the task of leading a small fugitive fleet of survivors into space in search of a fabled refuge known as Earth.