Baywatch: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Apr 23

Panic At Malibu Pier

Mitch Buchannon has just been promoted to lieutenant. Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle have an argument about what’s best for their son Hobie. Eddie Kramer is the top rookie i…

2 Sep 22

In Deep

Hobie is supposed to attend summer school, but instead he goes power skiing with two of his friends named Scott and Ron. Another day, Scott accidentally kills a windsurfer name…

3 Sep 29

Heat Wave

Los Angeles is having a heat wave and it’s going to be a busy day for the lifeguards. The episode starts with a scene where a man and a boy are seen leaving a motel follo…

4 Oct 13

Second Wave

Eddie’s old friend Jimmy Roche from Philadelphia has arrived to L.A. But Eddie isn’t happy to see him. When Eddie is out shopping for groceries, Jimmy stops by and…

5 Oct 20

Message in a Bottle

When Gayle’s job means a transfer to Columbus, Ohio for her, she wants to take Hobie with her. Therefore she has hired a lawyer in order to get the custody of Hobie. When…

6 Oct 27

The Sky is Falling

When Gayle’s job transfers her to Columbus, Ohio earlier than expected, she plans to take Hobie with her. Mitch immediately gets upset about this, because they agreed tha…

7 Nov 03

The Drowning Pool

An old couple named Lloyd and Ellie are having a blast at the beach, and they are documenting everything on a tape. Lloyd is using a big floatation device in the water, so Jill…

8 Nov 10

Rookie School

Howard Ganza’s girlfriend Amy has stolen a book that belongs to him. She is chased by Vincent, Ganza’s helper. When Amy arrives to the beach, she ends up in the mid…

9 Nov 24

Cruise Ship

Eddie doesn’t like Shauni’s new boyfriend Andrew. And you can’t blame him because when Andrew doesn’t get what he wants, he hits Shauni. When he comes o…

10 Dec 01

The Cretin of the Shallows

Just when a new beachfront hotel named Santa Monica Shores Hotel is about to open, someone is murdering some people. All the witnesses say that he is a freakish looking man. Cr…

11 Dec 08

Shelter Me

The Baywatch crew prepare themselves for an on-coming tropical storm, when Garner gets shot under the pier by two robbers who thought he recognized them. Craig and Gina is havi…

12 Dec 15

The Reunion

At a reunion with high school friends, Mitch rekindles a romance with his former love named Allison. This leads to rivalry with Craig who also dated her in high school. When Cr…

13 Jan 05

Armored Car

The Seal Beach Pro-Am Mixed Doubles Volleyball tournament is being played in L.A. Trevor wants to team up with Jill who used to be a pro. But she has retired and doesn’t…

14 Jan 12

Home Cort

John D. Cort comes back to Baywatch for his ten days as an L.A. county lifeguard. He meets a girl named Melinda in a bar. When he has beaten up her boyfriend Red and two of Red…

15 Jan 26

We Need a Vacation

Craig has worked too hard for the past couple of weeks and needs a vacation. When he hears that Cort and Eddie are going to Mexico to surf, he joins them. They drive to Mexico…

16 Feb 02

Muddy Waters

Cort takes a friend of his with him and go para sailing. By doing that, Cort breaks the lifeguard rules and Mitch has to lie to Captain Thorpe in order to cover for Cort. Becau…

17 Feb 09

Snake Eyes

Cort brings Eddie, Shauni and his date Ruby to an illegal offshore casino. A man named Laurence Danvier runs the casino. Eddie is bitten by the gambling bug and returns several…

18 Feb 23


When rookie lifeguard Kirby tells Eddie that he saw an apparition of a young girl in a nightgown running through the surf, Eddie doesn’t believe him. Later on, Kirby is f…

19 Mar 02

Shark Derby

Bucky Allen, the owner of Bucky’s Ocean Grill has arranged a shark derby. He does it just so that he can gain publicity. In order to try and make the derby more successfu…

20 Mar 16

The Big Race

Cort has donated $ 5 000 every year to a convalescent home. The owner is named Gwendolyn Pierce. When she comes to Cort for another $ 10 000, he can’t tell her the truth.…

21 Mar 30

Old Friends

Mitch, Craig and Garner take a weekend hang-gliding trip. While hang-gliding, Mitch has a terrible accident and crash-lands in some trees. When he falls down from the tree, he…

22 Apr 06

The End?

A massive earthquake shakes up the southland. Cort and Craig go diving and when they return to the boat, they discover that two fishermen on another boat are dead. Then Cort sm…

About Baywatch

This long-running series follows the adventures of a team of lifeguards on the crowded beaches of Los Angeles County. Veteran lifeguard Mitch Buchannon watches over the younger lifeguards that come and go with each passing season as they keep the beaches safe for vacationers. Frequently he must take action to save them from the raging seas and from the raging tempers that sometimes flare up between the young guards in this stressful job.