Beastmaster: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 09

The Legend Continues

Lone warrior Dar senses the presence of his long-lost love Kyra, who has been kidnapped and enslaved by the brutal Terron warriors. Gathering up his two ferret friends, Kodo an…

2 Oct 16


Dar and Tao rescue a man named Akili, who is being chased by a group of savage Terron warriors. Only when they are safe does Dar learn that Akili himself is a Terron. Akili exp…

3 Oct 23

The Island

With the help of his animal friends, Dar rescues Tao from an island inhabited by the murderous Birdmen.

4 Oct 30

A Simple Truth

After finally being reunited with Dar, Kyra is captured by the Sorceress.

5 Nov 06


Dar races to retrieve a rare fire lily from a valley inhabited by Amazons to save the life of a young woman, Maleena.

6 Nov 13

The Demon Curupira

Dar and a young boy, Guariba, convince the Demon Curupira to spare the lives of Guariba’s tribe — if the tribe agrees to show respect for the land and inhabitants o…

7 Nov 20

The Umpatra

Dar must summon all of his skills to end the killing rampage of the world’s greatest warrior Nokinja, who is secretly backed by the magic of the evil demon Ketzwayo, Curu…

8 Nov 27

The Last Unicorns

Dar and Tao must save the Princess’s Unicorns from the Terrons, who want to kill the Unicorns fro their horns which hold magical healing powers.

9 Dec 04

Circle of Life

At the Black Apparition’s behest, Ketzwayo returns from the dead with magic designed to kill Dar and the entire animal kingdom of the Mydlands.

10 Jan 15

Riddle of the Nymph

Dar and Tao have to rescue a Nymph who persades people to drink the water which brings eternal youth from a Venatu warrior.

11 Jan 22


Guided by a magical Shaman, Dar retuns to Valhalla, a place of memories to come to terms with the destrctive slaughter of his tribe.

12 Jan 29

The Slayer

In a test for his love for Kyra, Dar finds himself taking a liking to Zuraya , a animal trainer cursed by loneliness from Ancient One.

13 Feb 05

The Minotaur

Dar reluctantly accepts help from the Sorceress to rescue Tao from King Zad’s ferocious Minotaur.

14 Feb 12

The Guardian

Dar and Tao must stop an unholy pilgrim named Ramah, who gains possession of a liquid rock that gives him control over life and death.

15 Feb 19

The Chameleon

Dar and Tao must protect a mystical baby from the evil King Zad, who believes the child will bring about his demise.

16 Feb 26

A Devil's Deal

Dar meets a strange amphibious woman named Atlantia who is part of an mute ancient race. He must communicate with her and then gain her help to save Tao’s life.

17 Mar 04

Tears of the Sea

While trying to expose a young friend’s killer, Dar learns that ancestral protectors of a tribe of divers take the form of dolphins in the sea.

18 Apr 22

The Burning Forest

When the Sorceress is captured by the Black Apparition, Sharak in human form enlists Dar’s help to save her.

19 Apr 29

The Golden Phoenix

The Golden Phoenix takes the human form of Prince Garuda to exact revenge on Dar.

20 May 06


Dar and Tao must discover what is killing both humans and animals in the forest before they become the next victims.

21 May 13


When Dar and Tao learn that the Terrons are holding Kyra Captive once again, the two set out to rescue her.

22 May 20


Qord vows to kill the BeastMaster and capture Kyra as his ultimate revenge against King Zad.

About Beastmaster

Dar, the Beastmaster and last survivor of his tribe, wanders the ancient lands, seeking out his beloved Kira, defending the animals he controls, and pitting his might against various sorcerers and tyrants. Beastmaster is currently showing on the Sci-Fi channel twice a month in mini-marathons. Check the schedule on