Bewitched: Season 6


# Air Date Title

Samantha and the Beanstalk

As the 1969-1970 season begins, we are greeted by an all-new Darrin Stephens. Tabitha is jealous of the new baby and decides to run away in the storybook of ““Jack…


Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid

A year after Aunt Clara passed on, Esmerelda carries on her memory by being a bumbling witch as well. Esmerelda sneezes up a whole lot of trouble when Darrin has a prospective…


Samantha's Caesar Salad

Samantha wants Esmerelda to make a Caesar salad, but ends up bringing Julius Caesar instead. Samantha wants him to go home, but Caesar does not want to leave the twentieth cent…


Samantha's Curious Cravings

Whenever Samantha thinks of food, it appears in her hand. Dr. Bombay helps her out with her condition, but it doesn’t work because now she goes to the food!


...And Something Makes Four

Samantha gives birth to her second child and Maurice makes sure that evryone who passes by falls in love with the baby. He takes it upon himself to put a spell on the new baby.…


Naming Samantha's New Baby

Maurice is raging mad because the new baby is not named after him. He storms to the house where the elder Stephens and Endora are adoring the new baby. Maurice freezes Darrin i…


To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat

Samantha is working on Halloween costumes for a UNICEF benefit. Endora is dismayed at Samantha for celebrating Halloween. Endora turns Darrin into a w…


A Bunny for Tabitha

At Tabitha’s birthday party, Uncle Arthur volunteers to do tricks. He does a classic rabbit in a hat trick, and instead of a rabbit, he pulls out a Playboy bunny! Darrin&…


Samantha's Secret Spell

Darrin is doomed to become a mouse by midnight, and Samantha tries to get him to do some Jackass-style methods to stop this magic happening from occuring.


Daddy Comes for a Visit (1)

Maurice gives Darrin a magic watch, giving him magical powers, much to the dismay of Samantha.


Darrin the Warlock (2)

Darrin has a ball with his newfound magical powers. With his powers, Darrin creates a stellar account with his client, Bliss, jr. and shows Larry his powers. It isn’t unt…


Sam's Double Mother Trouble

Esmerelda is reading Mother Gooes to Tabitha, and ends up sneezing up the real Mother Goose in question. She is ordered by Sam to get rid of her before Phyllis comes by. Phylli…


You're So Agreeable

Endora puts a spell on Darrin, making him agreeable to everything and everyone. Of course, this results in him getting fired from McMann and Tate. Samantha finds out about the…


Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays

Esmerelda brings up the real Santa Claus and cannot get him back to the North Pole. So Samantha blinks up his elves and sleigh and reindeer, much to the horror of Gladys, who i…

15 Jan 01

Samantha's Better Halves

Samantha and Darrin have a flashback. Darrin has to go to Japan to do business with a client, but cannot leave Samantha’s side when her baby is due. Endora breaks Darrin…

16 Jan 08

Samantha's Lost Weekend

Esmerelda hexes a glass of milk for Tabitha so she can eat, but Samantha drinks it by mistake and goes on an eating frenzy!

17 Jan 15

The Phrase is Familiar

Darrin is hexed by Endora yet again, this time everything he says comes out as a popular cliche.

18 Jan 22

Samantha's Secret is Discovered

Phyllis catches Samantha using her magic powers and doesn’t really know what to think. So, after six years, Samantha finally tells Phyllis that she is a witch and gives h…

19 Jan 29

Tabitha's Very Own Samantha

Tabitha wants to go to the park, but Samantha tells her that she has a lot of chores to do around the house. So, Tabitha blinks up an ice cream cone, and Samantha reprimands he…

20 Feb 05

Super Arthur

Uncle Arthur’s magic is going out of whack, and Dr. Bombay helps him out by giving him a pill. This pill, however, makes Arthur become anything he thinks off. After being…

21 Feb 12

What Makes Darrin Run?

To give Darrin more ambition, Endora puts a spell on him giving him the push and verve that he needs. He takes it a bit too far when he takes control over an account and he and…

22 Feb 19

Serena Stops the Show

Serena wants Boyce and Hart to play at the Cosmos Cotillion, but they are booked ““until 1976”“. Serena puts a spell on them to make them unpopular u…

23 Feb 26

Just a Kid Again

A store clerk named Bates wishes that he was a child again. Tabitha makes his wish come true when it actually happens. When Samantha finds out, she makes Tabitha take the spell…

24 Mar 05

The Generation Zap

With a touch of magic, Endora turns a client’s sensible daughter Dusty Harrison into a raving sex machine with the hots for Darrin. Of course, Samantha is jealous and Mr.…

25 Mar 12

Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?

Samantha, Darrin, Esmerelda and Dr. Bombay are all caught in a magical vapor lock around the house due to Samantha’s non-use of powers. How will they get out of this one?…

26 Mar 19

A Chance on Love

Mr. Dinsdale, a handsome lady-killer client falls for Samantha because she looks like Serena. Samantha tries to get the whole thing straightened out, but it only results in Dar…

27 Mar 26

If the Shoe Pinches

A leprechaun sent by (who else?) Endora wreaks havok on Darrin by making him wear a pear of mint shoes that makes him lazy. Samantha stops him by making a potion that controls…

28 Apr 02

Mona Sammi

A picture blinked up by Endora about Samantha gives Larry the impression that Darrin is a great artist and wants him to do a picture of Louise. Samantha helps Darrin out by giv…

29 Apr 09

Turn on the Old Charm

Endora? Can that really be you being nice to Darrin after all these years? Nah, it’s an amulet that Darrin possesses that makes her nice and courteous. Endora knows bette…

30 Apr 16

Make Love, Not Hate

Dr. Bombay’s latest love potion for Esmerelda makes the people around her out of control with love when she accidentally pours it in her clam dip. Luckily, the good docto…

About Bewitched

The long-running ABC sitcom Bewitched starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens, a pert, perky, suburban housewife who happened to be a genuine witch, with all the usual magical powers. Samantha was married to Darrin Stephens (played during the first five seasons by Dick York, and in the final three seasons by Dick Sargent), a rising young advertising executive who worked at the New York firm of McMahon and Tate. A mere mortal, Darrin insisted that Samantha — or “Sam,” as he called her — behave like an ordinary human being, and that she keep her witchcraft under wraps at all times. Sam tried her best to oblige, but the situations occurring in the course of the series invariably required her to cast a few spells and chant a few incantations to get her husband or herself out of jams.