Bleach: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 10

Reopening of the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfer Student

Ichigo returns to the real world and is back in school. He meets up with his high buddies. His shinigami badge goes off and he runs out to slay a Hollow, along with Inoue and C…

2 Jan 17

Shock! The Father's True Character

Uryu Ishida and Kon are in trouble, being chased by Menos typed powered Hollows. They get help from someone they would have never expected to help them. Uryu is surprised that…

3 Jan 24

The Commencement of War, the Vizards and the Arrancars

Isshin and Urahara talk about an upcoming war, where the Vizards, Arrancars, Soul Society, and the Earth will be in a battle that is upcoming. They all take off, because Ichigo…

4 Jan 31

Prelude to the Apocalypse, the Arrancar Offensive!

Life goes on for Ichigo, but he is way depressed over the Vizard thing and his Hollow taking over him. After hearing his Hollow saying he is going to take over him, Karin comes…

5 Feb 07

Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia

Ichigo runs into trouble battle Yammi, and Ulquiorra watches the battle. Urahara and Yourichi come to aid, Ichigo and his friends, and they get the upper hand, when Ulquiorra d…

6 Feb 14

Mission! The Shinigamis Who Came

Rukia helps Ichigo over comes, his depression, from not being able to help his friends and getting beat up by the Arrancars.

Afterwards the Shinigami group that came d…

7 Feb 21

The Evil Eye, Aizen Again

Ulquiorra shows his report to Aizen and his fellow Arrancar by crushing his left eye. When Grimmjow questions why his didn’t kill Ichigo, Uriquiorra explains Aizen’…

8 Feb 28

Rukia's Battle Begins! The Freezing White Blade

After the Arrancar arrive Ichigo finds Chad being overpowered and asks him to step back. After Rukia learns what he said, she asks him to do the same thing and shows him her t…

9 Mar 07

Ikkaku's Bankai! The Power that Breaks Everything

Ikkaku continues his fight with the Arrancar. The Arrancar is forced to unshealth his Zanpakutou after Ikkaku hears his boast about having steel skin. Keigo asks why Yumichika…

10 Mar 21

Team Zaraki's Secret Story! The Lucky Men

Ikkaku thinks back to the day, when he first met Zaraki Kenpachi and lost a sword battle with him. He wanted Zaraki to kill him, but Zaraki let him live so they could fight aga…

11 Mar 28

Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyourinmaru

Hitsugaya, Renji, and Matsumoto contiune there battle and are struggling due to the limiters placed on them. Ririn, Cloud, Nova and Ururu try to help Renji, but are beaten down…

12 Apr 11

Clash! The Protector vs. the Bearer

Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, and Renji beat the person they are battling with no problem. Basically killing them in one blow.

Meanwhile Keigo, brings Ikkaku and Yumichika ba…

13 Apr 18

Vizard! The Power of the Awakened

The episode begins in Hueco Mundo with Kaname having brought Grimmjow before Aizen due to his disobedience, and Gin’s first appearance in awhile. Also, after the outcome…

14 Apr 25

Ichigo, Complete Hollowification?!

Ichigo and Hiyori face off, but Ichigo has a bit of trouble holding his own. Hiyori urges him to use his Bankai, but he refuses for the fear of the presence of his inner hollow…

15 May 02

Clash! The Black Bankai and the White Bankai

Ichigo continues his inner struggle with his inner Hollow. As the battle continues he sees illusions of past foes defeated who impart him advice to renew his fighting spirit. A…

16 May 09

Urgent Report! Aizen's Terrifying Plan

Ichigo finally regains his resolve to fight after a little blunt truth from Kenpachi, while Ichigo‚Äôs outer body has been completely taken over by his Hollow and now battles Lov…

17 May 16

Uryuu vs. Ryuuken! Clash of the Parent-Child Quincys

Hitsugaya speaks with Hinamori through the big-screen TV, who apologizes for falsely believing he could have assassinated Captain Aizen. Ichigo endurance trains his Hollow form…

18 May 30

Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts

Urahara tells Orihime that he doesn’t want her fighting in the upcoming war against Aizen, as her abilities are not built for the frontlines and they will have the fourth…

19 Jun 06

The Nightmare Arrancar! Team Hitsugaya Moves Out

Matsumoto investigates a strange tune, only to find a young male plus being attacked by an Arrancar. After Ikkaku easily dispatches the Hollow they interrogate the child regard…

20 Jun 13

The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice

The mysterious Arrancar has the ability to duplicate itself, and the team must find the original copy which sends messages to its duplicates in order to destroy it. They know i…

21 Jun 20

The Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision

Hitsugaya finds a discovery that helps them in the battle aganist the Arrancar they are battling that it can shapeshift into other souls. And they find out Yui is a clone of th…

22 Jun 27

Rangiku's Tears, the Sorrowful Parting of Brother and Sister

Matsumoto tries to get to Sh?ta as Yui tries to get him absorbed. Yui regains some control just as the psuedo-Arrancar who has been hiding in the shadows for all this time, mak…

About Bleach

From creator, Tite Kubo, comes the story of a world where death lurks impalpable to an everyday human’s eyes. Ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, runs a local clinic. Ichigo has the unusual ability to see poltergeists but rather than react with surprise he merely sees it as an annoyance. Ichigo helps those when he cares but can’t bring himself to care enough… until one fateful day. A small, mysterious woman appears on duty inside his room, a Soul Reaper known as Rukia. Soon enough Ichigo and Rukia get formal in the oddest of ways and in such an untimely matter the losses begin. The Kurosaki family is soon attacked. This leads Ichigo on his first step to accepting the roles and responsibility’s a Soul Reaper must uphold.