Bleach: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 04

Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball

Karin is really upset about Ichigo leaving and accidentally kicks her ball into the street. Hitsugaya stops it from going in the street and Karin goes to her friends to their s…

2 Jul 11

Ikkaku's Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale

Keigo’s sister is the president of student council and challenges another school’s Kendo team to a match. She asks Ikkaku to help her team win because the other sch…

3 Jul 18

The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika!

Hanatar? of 4th Squad and Rin of the Technological Development Bureau are sent to the real world on a investigation of the Arrancar. They meet a cake chef who requests their he…

4 Jul 25

Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout..

A girl is drowning in a river near Rangiku and Kon. Rangiku removes Kon from his regular stuffed animal and throws him into the stuffed animal of the little girl drowning. Kon…

5 Aug 08

Civil War in Hueco Mondo! Ulquiorra's Death

An Arrancar named Patros is sick of serving Aizen, because he is a shinigami. He takes the Hougyoku and plans on using it to become King himself. Ulquiorra catches him, but Pat…

6 Aug 22

The Malicious Battle, Aizen's Trap

Patros is still battling Renji, while in Hueco mundo Aizen returns to the where the Hougyoku was. Renji activates his bankai and Ririn, Kuroudo and Noba join the fight. But wil…

7 Aug 29

Hueco Mondo Moves Again! Hitsugaya vs. Yammy

Everyone is training to achieve stronger power for the upcoming Winter War. Rukia & Orihime are training there powers, Matsumoto & Yumichika are training for bankai, Re…

8 Sep 05

Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, the 11-second Battle

Ichigo continues his battle with Grimmjow, with his hollow mask, that is only going to last about 11 seconds. He has the upper hand too, until his mask breaks. Meanwhile, Hitsu…

9 Sep 12

Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment When the Sun Sets

After saving Rangiku from death, Urahara commences his fight with Yammy. Luppi continues his battle with the others and Hitsugaya manages to come and help them up. Meanwhile, I…

10 Sep 19

Goodbye..., Kurosaki

As the Soul Reapers recover from the battle with the Espada and Ichigo lies bandaged and asleep in bed, Orihime has to finish preparations to leave with Ulquiorra. She has 12 h…

11 Sep 26

Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Inoue Orihime

Ichigo wakes up and finds his hand healed. Realizing it was Orihime he is joined by Hitsugaya who tells him that something urgent has happened. Ichigo finds that Orihime has ei…

12 Oct 03

Grimmjow's Revival

With Urahara’s help the gateway is opened and Ichigo begins his journey to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Uryuu. Unbeknownst to Ichigo, they were followed by someone who Ichig…

13 Oct 17

Ishida Chad, the Quickening of a New Power

Ichigo. Uryuu and Chad arrive in Hueco Mundo to find themselves in strange building. They are able to survive and avoid most of the traps but they must then find a way out of t…

14 Oct 24

The Espada Gathers! Aizen's Royal Assembly

Chad and Uryuu finish off their opponents and escape into the barren desert of Hueco Mundo. Aizen gathers the Espada together and informs them of the situation. Meanwhile, Ichi…

15 Oct 31

The Name is Nel! The Appearance of the Strange Arrancar

Ichigo and the others intervene to save a little girl from 3 Hollows only to find that she is really an Arrancar named Nell. After a short episode, they are interrupted by the…

16 Nov 07

The Forest of Menos! The Search for the Missing Rukia

Lunuganga catches Ichigo and the others by surprise and sucks them underground. They awake to find themselves surrounded by Hollow with Rukia missing. Suddenly, they are joined…

17 Nov 14

Ashido, the Shinigami Who Came from the Past

Nell and her group are captured by a group of Adjuchas and Ichigo sets out to find her with the others. Meanwhile, Rukia sets out to find her friends with Ashido’s help.…

18 Nov 21

Through the Crumbling Forest, a Million Menos

Ichigo, Renji, Uryuu and Chad catch up to the Adjuchas and rescue Nell and her siblings. A battle ensues between their group and the Menos who are led by another Adjuchas.

19 Nov 28

Oath! Back Here Alive Again

Ichigo and the others break into Las Noches successfully. However, they immediately are thrown off course when Nell falls into an old abandoned tunnel and forces the others to…

20 Dec 05

The Raging Storm! Encounter With the Dancing Arrancar

Ichigo continues his battle with Dordonii. And is struggling with Dordonii attacks.

About Bleach

From creator, Tite Kubo, comes the story of a world where death lurks impalpable to an everyday human’s eyes. Ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, runs a local clinic. Ichigo has the unusual ability to see poltergeists but rather than react with surprise he merely sees it as an annoyance. Ichigo helps those when he cares but can’t bring himself to care enough… until one fateful day. A small, mysterious woman appears on duty inside his room, a Soul Reaper known as Rukia. Soon enough Ichigo and Rukia get formal in the oddest of ways and in such an untimely matter the losses begin. The Kurosaki family is soon attacked. This leads Ichigo on his first step to accepting the roles and responsibility’s a Soul Reaper must uphold.