Bonanza: Season 13


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 19

The Grand Swing

Jamie deliberately disobeys Ben’s order not to drive the supply wagons. During his recklessness, the wagon goes out of control on a sharp curve and is wrecked. Nobody is…

2 Sep 26

Fallen Woman

An alcoholic woman lashes out at Hoss after his testimony sends her husband to prison. She gets back at him by forcing the big guy to take custody of her young son, Petey. Hoss…

3 Oct 03


Joe is shot and wounded while he is on a cattle drive in the Nevada desert. Two ranchers find him, delirious from thirst and the heat, and take him to their home to recover. Wh…

4 Oct 10

Rock-a-Bye, Hoss

Hoss becomes a judge in a contest—he has to pick the perfect/prettiest baby. The parents of the babies nearly all try to influence Hoss, so he has a hard time deciding.…

5 Oct 17

The Prisoners

6 Oct 24


7 Oct 31

Don't Cry, My Son

8 Nov 14

Face of Fear

Neta, a teen-age girl who is a friend of Jamie’s, witnesses an assault and robbery. The victim – Mr. Trumbull, a man who is about to inherit a fortune – dies.…

9 Nov 21

Blind Hunch

10 Nov 28

The Iron Butterfly

11 Dec 05

The Rattlesnake Brigade

Jamie and three teen-agers – a girl and two boys – are kidnapped by Doyle, a hardened criminal with nothing to lose, and his gang of outlaws. The desperate outlaws…

12 Dec 12

Easy Come, Easy Go

13 Dec 19

A Home for Jamie

14 Dec 26


15 Jan 02

A Lonely Man

16 Jan 09

Second Sight

17 Jan 16

The Saddle Stiff

18 Jan 30


Ben helps shepherd a young family, the Kosovos (Nick; his wife, Anna; and his son, Sandor), who had recently immigrated from Serbia. Nick soon finds he can’t handle the p…

19 Feb 06

Customs of the Country

All about Joe and Hoss’ visit to a small Mexican town named Agua Santos, which seems to have some rather peculiar laws. The two Cartwright boys soon find them in pretty d…

20 Feb 13


A band of ex-Confederate soldiers demands $25,000 from Ben. When Hoss resists their demands and tries to fight them, their leader, Shanklin, shoots Hoss in the abdomen. Hoss li…

21 Feb 20

Search in Limbo

Sid Langley is a real estate broker who is not well liked in Nevada, thanks to his shady ways of doing business. An irritable Ben is barely polite with Langley when closing a l…

22 Mar 05

He Was Only Seven

A 7-year-old boy is killed after he walks into a bank during a robbery by the ruthless Springer gang. Joe and Jamie help the boy’s angrily grieving grandfather track down…

23 Mar 12

The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother

A comic tale of mistaken identity, as Hoss (and eventually Ben and Joe) are held in connection with a series of road gang robberies by the bumbling Younger Brothers.

24 Mar 19

A Place to Hide

The Cartwrights are once again brought in the middle of the Civil War. This time, the wife of former Civil War Col. Cody Ransom brings her young daughter to the Ponderosa, tryi…

25 Mar 26

A Visit to Upright

Ben’s ability to close a lucrative livestock contract with a conspicuous widow hinges on the sale of a dilapidated saloon in Upright that Hoss and Joe had impulsively pur…

26 Apr 02

One Ace Too Many

While the Cartwrights are away to Carson City, ruthless land baron Bradley Meredith (Lorene Greene in a dual role) poses as Ben in a scheme to get control of the Ponderosa R…

About Bonanza

Set in Nevada, in the 1860s, Bonanza chronicled the adventures of the Cartwright family who owned a large ranch – The Ponderosa. Broadcast History
September 1959 – September 1961
Saturday 7:30-8:30pm
September 1961 – September 1972
Sunday 9:00-10:00pm
May 1972 – August 1972
Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm
September 1972 – January 1973
Tuesday 8:00-9:00pm