Boston Legal: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 19

Can't We All Get a Lung

Denise shocks the firm by announcing her marriage to Daniel Post, who is subsequently arrested for attempting to illegally buy a lung from a fellow cancer patient.Alan once aga…

2 Sep 26

New Kids on the Block

New partner Jeffrey Coho takes on his first case at the Boston firm involving a murdered judge.

Alan finds Claire’s attitude towards people somewhat harsh as the…

3 Oct 03

Desperately Seeking Shirley

Alan shocks the firm when he decides to represent Ivan Tiggs, as he sues Shirley for creating an iron-clad pre-nup in his marriage to Missy.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Coho co…

4 Oct 10

Fine Young Cannibal

Alan and Shirley defend a homeless man, on trial for eating his dead friend to stay alive, while Alan’s pleas to Denny for permission to sleep with Shirley result in a bi…

5 Oct 17

Whose God is It Anyway?

Alan Shore again defends Jerry Espenson, this time against an ex-employee who claims wrongful termination, but is taken aback when opposing council turns out to be Sally Heep.M…

6 Oct 24

The Verdict

Jeffrey, Denise and Claire prepare for the verdict in the Judge Hooper murder trial by making one final accusation.

Meanwhile, Alan feels sexually inadequate when Sall…

7 Oct 31

Trick or Treat

Denise begins a bizarre search for the remains of her fiancĂ©, who has been scattered around the country, and Alan once again must defend Jerry Espenson, who is accused of purge…

8 Nov 26


Alan helps Jerry Espenson with a client who is a suspect in her girlfriend’s hanging murder, but she herself isn’t sure if she’s guilty.Denny defends Lincoln…

9 Nov 28

On the Ledge

The firm rallies together to find and rescue Shirley who they believe has been taken captive by Lincoln Meyer.Meanwhile, Denny becomes jealous of Alan’s relationship with…

10 Dec 05

The Nutcrackers

Alan defends a mother fighting for custody of her preteen daughters, who happen to be white supremacist singers.Brad and Denise try to persuade a new client against suing God f…

11 Jan 09

Angel of Death

Alan and Denny head to New Orleans with visiting attorney Vanessa Walker to defend a doctor who euthanized five patients during the Katrina hurricane.Meanwhile, Claire helps Cl…

12 Jan 16


Denny is outraged when he is not permitted to board a plane because his name is on a “no-fly” list, and asks Alan for help suing Homeland Security.Meanwhile, Shirle…

13 Jan 30

Dumping Bella

Denny finds it unusually difficult to break up with Bella when she asks him to represent her in her claim against an animal-rights group who is harassing her cosmetic business.…

14 Feb 06

Selling Sickness

Judge Brown turns to Denny when he sues a company for not curing his “same-sex attraction disorder,” but Denny’s homophobia forces him to ask Alan to help.Shi…

15 Feb 13

Fat Burner

Alan must once again defend Denny when he is arrested, this time for smuggling medical waste out of the country in order to create a new source of energy.Meanwhile, Clarence fi…

16 Feb 20

The Good Lawyer

When Alan tries two separate cases, one includes the defense of a therapist who was fired for his belief in UFO’s. In the meantime Clarence is o…

17 Mar 20

The Bride Wore Blood

When an old girlfriend shows up at the courthouse wearing a wedding gown and covered in blood, Alan decides to help her defend charges of murdering her groom.Meanwhile, Claire…

18 Apr 03

Son of the Defender

A man with a grudge against Denny Crane and his late father take the firm hostage, while Alan Shore ends up in jail for contempt of court while defending a prostitute.

19 Apr 10

Brotherly Love

Alan recruits Denny to help him defend a man who is on trial for helping his brother kill his wife, but Denny is distracted by thoughts of Raquel Welch.

Meanwhile, Brad i…
20 Apr 17

Guise 'N Dolls

Alan once again takes on Jerry Espenson in a case involving a department store selling inappropriate dolls to children, but is hurt when Jerry’s new persona begins making…

21 May 01

Tea and Sympathy

When Judge Weldon is charged with possession of an illegal substance, she turns to Alan for help, rekindling their romance. But Denny’s attraction to her begins to upset…

22 May 08

Guantanamo by the Bay

Alan and Denny’s political differences again come into play when they defend an innocent man who was held at Guantanamo Bay for 2 years.Meanwhile, upset at the lack of hu…

23 May 15

Duck and Cover

Brad and Denise’s storybook wedding is interrupted by the FBI who arrest the priest for giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Alan takes the…

24 May 29

Trial of the Century

Alan and Denny co-council two brother accused of murdering their father. But when Alan predicts a losing verdict, Denny concocts a plan to cast reasonable doubt on their guilt…

About Boston Legal

Alan Shore (James Spader) and Denny Crane (William Shatner) lead a phalanx of pricey litigators in a Boston law firm in this series that examines the professional and personal lives of brilliant (and often emotionally stunted) attorneys. For perspective, Brad Chase (Mark Valley) joins the firm to keep an eye on loose-cannon senior partner Crane. Monica Potter, Rhona Mitra and Rene Auberjonois co-star.