Century City: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 16


A man wants the return of a confiscated embryo which is a clone of his son. Three members of a band sue the fourth member for not undergoing surgery to stay young-looking.

2 Mar 23

To Know Her

A woman asks Lukas and Lee May to represent her when she claims she was raped by a man who was miles away at the time. Darwin represents a boy who wants to stop growing so he…

3 Mar 27

Love & Games

The lawyers helps a baseball player with a mechanical eye when he is given an unfair advantage. A wife claims her husband is violating their pre-nup agreement and is filing for…

4 Mar 30

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose

A man has to decide whether to keep an implant that is killing him or remove it and go back to being retarted. A man sleeps with a woman who has a penis and sues her for non-di…


Sweet Child of Mine

Hannah, Marty and Tom represent a fertility specialist who, with the help of science, provides couples the opportunity to choose their child’s genetic make-up. The doctor…


Without a Tracer

When a girl with a Child Safe tracer implant is abducted and the system fails, her parents seek help to sue the manufacturers. A plot twist sees the girl suing her parents for…


The Face Was Familiar

Martin and Hannah fight for a father’s right to give his son a mind-altering drug to rid him of nightmares about past abuses. However, the drug would remove all memory of…


The Haunting

Marty takes on the case of a woman fighting for possession of her dead husband’s computerised likeness. Lee May and Darwin find themselves defending a son whose mother is…


Only You

A husband-kills-wife murder case becomes complicated when the man proclaims his innocence and there may be a previously unknown identical twin involved.

About Century City

Hector Elizondo heads up the cast in this short-lived sci-fi drama series that looks at the caseload of a major law firm in the year 2030. A thought-provoking set of precedent-setting dilemmas were tackled ranging from genetic cloning to virtual rape.