Cheers: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 26

Birth, Death, Love and Rice

After the sad passing away of Coach, Sam hires a new bartender in Woody Boyd, Coach’s pen pal who has moved to Boston. Frasier arrives back from Europe with the news that…

2 Oct 03

Woody Goes Belly Up

The gang brings Woody’s old girl friend to Boston to visit him and Frasier, still not yet confident about returning to psychiatry, decides to pay his bar bill by working…

3 Oct 17

Someday My Prince Will Come

Diane fantasizes over an expensive coat left behind by a patron and agrees to go out with whoever claims it.

4 Oct 24

The Groom Wore Clearasil

Carla asks Sam to tell her teenage son about the joys of bachelorhood and to discourage his urge to get married.

5 Oct 31

Diane's Nightmare

Diane spends a dark and stormy night worrying that Andy Schroeder has escaped and is out to kill her.

6 Nov 07

I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday

Sam has a weak moment and lends Diane $500 to buy a book reputedly signed by Ernest Hemingway.

7 Nov 14

2 Good 2 Be 4 Real

Sam and the gang make up an answer to Carla’s ad in the personal column to lift her spirits.

8 Nov 21

Love Thy Neighbor

Norm fears Vera may be having an affair with his neighbor and Sam wastes his time as a radio sports commentator apologizing to Diane.

9 Nov 28

From Beer to Eternity

Sam has to convince Woody to help Cheers win a bowling match with Gary’s Old Towne Tavern at a rival bar.

10 Dec 05

The Barstoolie

Cliff refuses to identify himself to his estranged father when the man comes to Cheers with an important message for his son.

11 Dec 12

Don Juan is Hell

Sam is happy to be the subject of Diane’s psychology term paper until he learns just exactly what the Don Juan syndrome is.

12 Dec 12

Fools and Their Money

Sam thinks he’s doing Woody a favor by not placing a bet for the young man, but the long shot comes in and Sam has to pay off.

13 Jan 09

Take My Shirt, Please

Sam’s ego is crushed when no one bids on his old baseball jersey during a public television auction.

14 Jan 16


Diane arranges for a stranger to come into Cheers as part of an experiment in paranoid behavior, but then she provides an even better example as she waits for the gang to get b…

15 Jan 23

The Triangle

Diane and Sam try to rebuild Frasier’s shattered ego when he starts drinking too much.

16 Jan 30

Cliffie's Big Score

Cliff has two dates for the postman’s ball-with Carla and Diane.

17 Feb 06

Second Time Around

Frasier has been out on a date with a fellow psychiatrist, Dr Lilith Sternin, but things didn’t go too well. Frasier feels depressed, so feeling sorry for him, Sam arrang…

18 Feb 13

The Peterson Principle

Norm gets some dirt on his main competitor for a promotion but hesitates to use it.

19 Feb 20

Dark Imaginings

After trying (and failing) to hit on a pretty female customer, Sam feels like he is over the hill and challenges Woody to a racquetball game. Unfortunately Sam ends up hurting…

20 Feb 27

Save the Last Dance For Me

Carla asks Sam to partner her in a dance contest where their main competition is Nick and Loretta.

21 Mar 13

Fear is My Co-Pilot

A flying daredevil that Diane barnstormed with across Europe takes her and Sam for a ride and dies at 20,000 feet up.

22 Mar 20

Diane Chambers Day

Diane feels depressed and left out of the gang’s activities so Frasier organizes a day just for her-at the opera.

23 Mar 27

Relief Bartender

Woody fears for his job when Sam hires a second bartender.

24 May 01

Strange Bedfellows (1)

Local councilwoman Janet Eldridge comes to Cheers as part of her re-election campaign, and Sam finds hismelf smitten with her. Janet and Sam become a couple, but a jealous Dian…

25 May 08

Strange Bedfellows (2)

Sam and Janet’s relationship is getting stronger and stronger whilst Diane gets more jealous. Janet suggests that Sam fire iane to sever all ties with his past, but Diane…

26 May 15

Strange Bedfellows (3)

Janet has won the electiopn and is hosting her press conference at Cheers. Diane turns up to apologize to Sam but ends up asking Janet some personal questions which causes Sam…

About Cheers

Sam (Ted Danson), a former pitcher for the Boston Redsox, owns and runs Cheers, a cozy bar in Boston. Somewhat snobby, beautiful and intelligent Diane (Shelley Long) — forced to become a waitress when her fiance jilts her — constantly bickers with Sam. Eventually, they fall in love. Several wacky characters make the bar their home-away-from-home, including sarcastic waitress Carla (Rhea Perlman), beer-loving Norm (George Wendt) and Boston letter carrier Cliff (John Ratzenberger).
A few seasons later, Sam sells the bar to buy a boat and sail around the world. But his boat sinks and he returns to bartending. Rebecca (Kirstie Alley), the new (more ambitious) manager, hires him back. They love to hate each other and eventually get together as well.