China Beach: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Nov 30

Lost and Found (1)

Lila takes over command of China Beach and orders KC off the base. McMurphy finally lets herself admit how much she cares for Natch when she receives some disturbing news about…

2 Dec 07

Lost and Found (2)

Wayloo Marie becomes a casualty as she shoots her assignment. Frankie Bunsen arrives for temporary duty. McMurphy finds a badly injured Dodger.

3 Dec 14


McMurphy continues her vigil by Dodger’s bedside as he stays in a coma. KC agrees to get Boonie some black market penicillin for a native hospital in exchange for his hel…

4 Dec 21

X-Mas Chnbch VN '67

Christmas ’67 brings a steady supply of casualties and a crazed Santa to China Beach.

5 Jan 04

Women in White

McMurphy fights jealousy, envy and fear when a confident woman doctor comes in from the States and takes over Dr. Richard and Dodger’s case. Wayloo Marie tries to win a p…

6 Jan 11

All About E.E.V.

A dashing lieutenant colonel parachutes into China Beach for some R&R and disrupts the lives of Lila, KC and Wayloo Marie. Dr. Richard and McMurphy play a game of sexual br…

7 Jan 25

Tet '68

Wayloo Marie tries to keep reporting, McMurphy and KC are trapped in an officer’s restroom, Beckett is held prisoner by Mai’s brother and Dr. Richard and the wounde…

8 Feb 01


Wayloo Marie becomes intimidated by the war as its reality sinks in following Cherry’s death. McMurphy tries to fight the bureaucracy to keep Dodger from going to Japan f…

9 Feb 08

Crossing the Great Water

Dr. Richard throws himself into helping a Vietnamese orphanage when his wife Beth Ann serves him with divorce papers. McMurphy tries to reconcile Dodger and herself to his unce…

10 Mar 01


An Army psychiatrist visits the Five and Dime and touches off McMurphy’s inability to deal with Natch’s death. Wayloo Marie learns something about Boonie’s pa…

11 Mar 08

Where the Boys Are

As McMurphy’s enforced R&R continues with the help of an 18-year-old medic, Boonie tries to recreate a combination spring beach frolic and senior prom. KC warns Booni…

12 Mar 15


The accounts of life in Vietnam by real vets are intercut with scenes from old episodes showing how closely the show has mirrored reality.

13 Mar 22


Wayloo Marie’s digging results in a medal ceremony for Boonie and an unwelcome investigation into his lost jungle patrol. McMurphy sees Dodger again as he prepares to go…

14 Apr 05

After Burner

McMurphy goes through the emotional wringer when Natch Austen returns to China Beach after six months as an MIA. Lila cares for the ““pet&…

15 Apr 12

Promised Land

Beckett faces going home when his tour ends in April 1968, as the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr polarizes black-white relations in the nation and at China Beach.

16 Apr 26

The World (1)

Wayloo Marie prepares to return the world and a new job at BBC news. She’s unexpectedly joined by McMurphy, who’s returning to her unsettl…

17 May 03

The World (2)

McMurphy reassesses her life as she tries to decide whether or not to return to Vietnam following her father’s death.

About China Beach

‘China Beach’ was a popular show that aired from April 26, 1988 to July 22, 1991. The show was about a group of nurses just trying to do their jobs in Vietnam

TV series introduces the people of the 510th Evac Hospital at China Beach Vietnam, 1967 who include cool but callous Army nurse Colleen McMurphy, naive Red Cross newcomer Cherry White, singer Laurette Barber, and cynical civilian worker/prostitute K.C. Koloski trying to deal with the horrors of war which are never far away from the base and dealing with their own individual lives.