Commander In Chief: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 27


Mackenzie Allen, who serves as Vice President of the United States, has a tough decision to make, whether or not to go against the wishes of the dying current President. He has…

2 Oct 04

First Choice

As Mackenzie begins the transition into the office of President, she has to select a Vice President, a situation in which Nathan Templeton tries using to his advantage. Mackenz…

3 Oct 11

First Strike

Faced with her first national crisis – the death of nine DEA agents in Latin America – Mackenzie shows strength and resolve in dealing wit…

4 Oct 18

First Dance

All eyes are on Mackenzie Allen as she hosts her first official summit with the Russian President — which is threatened to be overshadowed by Nathan Templeton’s pla…

5 Oct 25

First... Do No Harm

In the middle of the announcement of her new National Security Advisor, Anthony Prado, Mac is caught off guard by the breaking news of a terrorist smuggling explosives across t…

6 Nov 01

First Disaster

When a destructive hurricane hits Florida, Mac and Templeton fly to Florida to survey the damage. While there, Mac learns of an emergency situation with an oil tanker off the F…

7 Nov 08

First Scandal

When a tell-all book is published about Mackenzie Allen that contains confidential information suspicions arise. Meanwhile, the confirmation hearings for Vice Presidential nomi…

8 Nov 15

Rubie Dubidoux and the Brown Bound Express

After she announces new direction for her administration, President Allen finds herself in need of allies within the West Wing and decides that she needs to appoint her closest…

9 Nov 29

The Mom Who Came to Dinner

Mac has more than Thanksgiving turkey on her plate. She juggles military base closures in her home town, a death penalty case the Supreme Court will not hear and a visit with M…

10 Jan 10

Sub Enchanted Evening (1)

A submarine strikes a seamount just off North Korean waters and Mac must ask the Chinese for help. Meanwhile, Dickie’s constant need for information has begun to irritate…

11 Jan 17

No Nukes Is Good Nukes (2)

While trying to coordinate the rescue of the crew of a damaged U.S. submarine off the coast of North Korea with help from Chinese, Mac must deal with war fever among her adviso…

12 Jan 24

Wind Beneath My Wing

Mac and Templeton head out west to pay tribute to the dedication of former President Bridges’ Presidential Library. While there Air Force One is held hostage by a guy wh…

13 Apr 13

State of the Unions

While Mac is busy working on her first State of the Union address, Rod becomes a tad tipsy and is found in compromising position with an intern for all the world to see. Meanwh…

14 Apr 20

The Price You Pay

Mac decides to stand by her friend and Attorney General nominee, Carl Brantley, after he gets hammered in his confirmation hearings. A cargo plane which contains military weapo…

15 Apr 27

Ties That Bind

Mac wants her Attorney General to look into an urban situation in Maryland because it’s where Gardner is from. Mac is also briefed on the situation of the missing surface…

16 May 31

The Elephant in the Room

Mac suffers a burst appendix while aboard Air Force One. Since there is no Vice President in place, Templeton becomes acting President since he is the Speaker of the House and…

17 Jun 07

Happy Birthday, Madam President

On Mac’s birthday, she is faced with the fact that there are American hostages being held in Turkey by a militant Kurdish group. Meanwhile, she also has to interview new…

18 Jun 14

Unfinished Business

After a critic of the Equal Rights Amendment passes away and his wife takes over his seat, Mac believes she can amend the Constitution and pass the ERA

About Commander In Chief

Commander-in-Chief, is a political drama about the nation’s first female president. Unlike NBC’s The West Wing however, Chief plans to spend more time examining the president’s family life with less focus on West Wing matters.