CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 12


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 21

73 Seconds

After multiple attacks on a public tram, the team has just one witness and a lot of questions.

2 Sep 28

Tell-Tale Hearts

When three people confess to killing a family, the team must decide who is telling the truth.

3 Oct 05


During a date, Stokes discovers decomposing body parts in part of an art exhibit; D.B. Russell deals with a staff member confrontation.

4 Oct 12

Maid Man

The investigators attend the gala grand opening of a mob museum, only to witness an attempted hit on mob lawyer and former mayor Oscar Goodman.

5 Oct 19

CSI Down

The CSI unit investigates when Frank, an apparent murder victim, sits up and needs help but is he just another victim?

6 Nov 02

Freaks & Geeks

The murder of a popular sideshow performer sends the team behind the scenes at a carnival freak show.

7 Nov 09

Brain Doe

The CSI crew is stumped when they discover a disembodied brain at a crime scene where all the other brains are accounted for.

8 Nov 16

Crime After Crime

Three new murders related to three unsolved (or incorrectly solved) crimes from the past come back to haunt the CSIs.

9 Dec 07


The murder of a retired Army Ranger brings the FBI in on the case, to Russell and Catherine’s initial chagrin.

10 Dec 14

Genetic Disorder

When a man’s dead body turns up naked in the bed of Doc Robbins’ wife, the detectives try to “just work the scene” without bringing their pre-judgments…

11 Jan 18

Ms. Willows Regrets (1)

Catherine’s friend Laura’s mogul husband Mark has a lot to hide behind his successful international corporation, and he’s hired a crack team of assassins to c…

12 Jan 25

Willows in the Wind (2)

The CSI team says goodbye to Catherine Willows as she makes a life-changing decision.

13 Feb 08

Tressed to Kill

When a woman is found dead and her hair is done up ’70s style complete with vintage clothes, the CSI team discovers clues that point to a killer…

14 Feb 15

Seeing Red

Russell seeks advice from a former colleague during an investigation into the death of a man’s ex-girlfriend.

15 Feb 22

Stealing Home

When a house is stolen completely off its foundation, the CSIs are on the case in search of answers. Meanwhile, new CSI Juli…

16 Feb 29

CSI Unplugged

When a blackout cripples the city, the CSIs must revert to old-school methods to solve the case of a missing child.

17 Mar 14

Trends with Benefits

When a photo of a dead college student starts trending on the Internet, the team steps in to investigate.

18 Mar 21

Malice in Wonderland

The team has few leads to go on when investigating a robbery-homicide at a themed wedding.

19 Apr 04

Split Decisions

When the CSI team is called in to investigate a man who is shot at point-blank range in a local casino, they shut down the entire building to find the…

20 Apr 11

Altered Stakes

When Stokes learns that a man he helped put in prison is going to have his conviction overturned, the CSI team needs to prove the killer is guilty aga…

21 May 02

Dune and Gloom

When a bomb kills an off-road race truck driver mid-race, the CSI team is called on the scene to investigate why.

22 May 09

Homecoming (1)

The investigation of a triple homicide leads to the discovery of corruption running rampant throughout the LVPD. The closer they get to the truth, the…

About CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI is a crime drama in which the characters use cutting-edge forensic tools to examine the evidence to solve the case. Rather than asking ‘whodunnit’ (investigating witnesses/suspects), CSI explores the ‘howdunnit’.