Dallas: Season 10


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 26

Return to Camelot (1)

As Bobby emerges from the shower in Pam’s house,she discovers how long hre dream was and she can’t believe he’s not dead. J.R. makes a promise to Mandyto get…

2 Sep 26

Return to Camelot (2)

J.R. tries to talk Donna into taking up a lobbying position in Wsahinton, and he endores her at a public gathering. Ewing 12 on fire after an explolosion. Ray and Clayton hire…

3 Oct 03

Pari Per Sue

Jeremy Wendell extends a business offer to J.R. and Bobby. Donna and Cliff collaborate on the Washington lobbying effort. Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that she’s determined…

4 Oct 10

Once and Future King

J.R thinks Cliff and Donna’s lobbying effort is a waste of time, Bobby pub;icly supports Donna. Jenna tells Pam that she can’t get over Bobby. Cliff offers Jack an…

5 Oct 17


Miss Ellie has a confronation with Wes Parmalee and tells him to leave Southfork. J.R. confronts Sue Ellen about the detective. J.R. tells Mandy they will have to keep a “…

6 Oct 24

Trompe L'Oeil

Punk Anderson is confused about whether Wes. Parmalee could be Jock. J.R. meets C.D Calhoun[Hunter Von Leer] and explains his plan to him. Ellie tells Wes Parmalee’s stor…

7 Oct 31

Territorial Imperative

J.R. and Bobby investigate Wes Parmalee. J.R. is worried about the future of Ewing Oil if Parmalee’s story holds up in court. Jack Ewing tells Jamie about April’s u…

8 Nov 07

The Second Time Around

Wes Parmalee talks to John Ross. Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that she visited Parmalee. Charlie and Jenna disagree about the future and Bobby’s role in it. Jamie catches C…

9 Nov 14

Bells Are Ringing

Ray’s shocking announcement about Jenna’s pregnancy with Bobby’s baby temporily suspends the wedding and forces Miss Ellie to announce a ““slight…

10 Nov 21

Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?

Disagreement contine between Miss Ellie and Clayton over Wes Parmalee. Clayton feels he has to fight both Parmalee and Jock’s ghost. A Hollywood producer named Bruce Harv…

11 Nov 28

Proof Positive

Clayton moves out on Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen shows her ““Valentine Lingerie”“ business to Pamela. J.R. confronts his mother about Clayton staying at a hot…

12 Dec 05

Something Old, Something New

Bobby flies down to South American to find evidence to get rid of Parmalee. Sue Ellen reveals to Mandy that she’s behind ““Valentine Lingerie.”“…

13 Dec 12


Miss Ellie and J.R. have a fight over her dating Parmalee. In Washington,Donna meets U.S. Senator Andrew Dowling[Jim McMullan] J.R. wants Clkayton to side with him against Parm…

14 Dec 19

The Fire Next Time

The Parmalee mystery is resolved and things get back to normal at Ewing Oil but not between Clayton and Miss Ellie. Clayton goess on a manhunt to find Parmalee. April intends t…

15 Jan 02

So Shall Ye Reap

J.R. wants to buy off B.D. Calhoun to prevent his revenge.Bobby and Pam discuss her being overpotection of Chistopher. Donna decides to leave Southfork. Jeremy Wendell wants Ap…

16 Jan 09

Tick, Tock

J.R. wants to buy off B.D. Calhoun to prevent his revenge.Bobby and Pam discuss her being overpotection of Chistopher. Donna decides to leave Southfork. Jeremy Wendell wants Ap…

17 Jan 23

Night Visitor

18 Jan 30

Cat and Mouse

RAY doesn’t like Senator Dowling hanging around Donna. The family things that Sue Ellen started drinking again. Jenna tells Charlie that sheR…

19 Feb 06

High Noon For Calhoun

J.R and Bobby tell their wives about B.D Calhoun. Sue Ellen,Pam, and the kids take safety in California. Wendell tells April he knows where Jack Ewing is. B.D. kidnaps John Ros…

20 Feb 13


J.R. recovers in the hospital after the shooting in L.A. and gets a visitor from the CIA who brings good news. Pamela blames J.R. for the whole Calhou…

21 Feb 20

A Death in the Family

Pam breaks the news of Jamie’s death to Cliff. J.R. pressures April 10ercent of Ewing Oil. J.R. plots to frame Cliff fro Jamie’s death. Bobby doesn’t share J.…

22 Feb 27

Revenge of the Nerd

Sue Ellen shows Pam the new Valentine Girl. Ray is determined to fight for custody of his child. Donna confides in Miss Ellie before the divorce hearing. Ray’s lawyer out…

23 Mar 13

The Ten Percent Solution

Jernemy Wendell wants Cliff to sell his 10 percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. plots to framr Cliff for Jamie’s death. Bobby doesn’t share J.R.‘S concern over Cliff…

24 Mar 20

Some Good, Some Bad

Cliff is questioned by the police as a murder suspect. J.R. tries to get a court injunction against Cliff. Jenna maves in with Ray which makes Charlie very happy. Cliff blames…

25 Apr 03

War and Peace

Pam tells Cliff that he’s obsessed with revenge against the Ewings. Valentine wants Mandy back in the lingerie business. Jenna and Miss Ellie discuss Jenna’s moving…

26 Apr 10

Ruthless People

J.R. and April outmannnneuver Jeremy Wendell about 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Ray visit his baby daughter Margaret at the hospital. Valentine insists on getting Mandy Winger back.…

27 May 01

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Bobby,Ray, and Miss Ellie sell their Ewing Oil holdings to J.R. Pam returns her 25 percent of Barnes/Wentworth to Cliff. April enjoys her new wealth and buys a restaurant. Ray…

28 May 08


Clayton is taken to the hospital. April vows to get back at everybody in Dallas who used her. J.R. tries to have the Justic Department’s investttigetion stopped. April wa…

29 May 15

Fall of the House of Ewing

Jenna names her baby Lucas, after her father. Ray visits Jenna at the hospital and they discuss the future. J.R. has to explain himself in front os Sue Ellen after she sees a p…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.