Dallas: Season 11


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 25

After the Fall: Ewing Rise

Pam is taken to the hospital with third-degree burns and serious injuries from the car crash. J.R. embarks on building a new company— J.R.E. Industies. Doctors tell Bobby…

2 Sep 25

After the Fall: Digger Redux

The (tragically brief) return of the fantastic Morgan Brittany as the psychotically evil Katherine Wentworth. ““Sleep on, little sister, sleep on…”̶…

3 Oct 02

The Son Also Rises

Christopher runs away from Southfork to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Pam makes very slow progress in her medical condition. Charlie has problems with kids at school because of Jen…

4 Oct 09

Gone with the Wind

Bobby has a doctor fly in from L.A. to help Pam. Ray asks Jenna to let Bobby sue Lucas. Sue Ellen is surprise by Nicholas Pearce’s no- nonsense approach. Cliff throws Dan…

5 Oct 16

The Lady Vanishes

Bobby tries to determie why and how Pam disappeared from the hospital. Cliff is upset with Bobby for noot having turned Katherine to the police. Nicholas Pearce has big planr f…

6 Oct 23

Tough Love

Bobby gets despressed over Pam’s disappearance’s. J.R. and Rayunite to help Bobby. Wilson Cryder tries to intimate J.R. April consoles Cliff. Bobby explains to Chis…

7 Oct 30

Last Tango in Dallas

Bobby meets Lisa Alden[Amy Stock]. Jenna and Ray get romantically involved. Nicholas Pearce wants April’s business. Dandy takes Cliff into looking for oil. Pam leaves Bob…

8 Nov 06

Mummy's Revenge

Clayton’s heart problem leads to an operation. J.R. seeks information on Kimberly Cryder. Charlie is upset that her mother is not ready to marry Ray. Clayton’‘…

9 Nov 13


Bobby explains divorce to Christopher and gets a surprise reaction from him. J.R. meets Kimberly Cryder[Leeigh Taylor-Young]. Sue Ellen has her first fight with Nicholas Pearce…

10 Nov 20

Bedtime Stories

Ray and Jenna announce thrie marriage to the Ewings. April asks Nicholas Pearce about his past. J.R. has a confrontation with Pearce about Sue Ellen . Bobby tells Lisa to stop…

11 Nov 27

Lovers and Other Liars

J.R. wants April to buy Weststar Stock. Phyllis opens Bobby’s eyes on his new, non-functioning business. Dandy makes the oil workers go back to wprk at gunpoint. Bobby sp…

12 Dec 04

Brothers and Sons

Cliff strikes natural gas. Sue Ellen explains to Nicholas Pearce that J.R. betrayed her. J.R tests Casey’s ““business aggressiveness.”“ Ray wants…

13 Dec 11

Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

Bobby tries to explain to Christopher about legal custody as Lisa purses her lawsuit. Nicholas Pearce apologizes to April. Christopher gets rebeillious with Bobby over Lucas. A…

14 Dec 18

Daddy's Little Darlin'

Bobby warns Sue Ellen before the trail on Christopher’s custodyBobby meets Nicholas Pearce. Cliff encounters problems in his natural gas venture. Bobby fears that the tru…

15 Jan 08

It's Me Again

Lisa apologizes to Cliff. J.R. demanda an ““act of faith”“ from Kimberly before he leaves Sue Ellen. Lisa socializes with Cliff, asks him information ab…

16 Jan 15

Marriage on the Rocks

Kimberly gets servious about divorcing Wilson and she puts pressure on J.R. to live up to his part of the deal. Ray wants to be a good father to Charlie. Sue Ellen tells Pearce…

17 Jan 22

Anniversary Waltz

Nicholas Pearce demands honesty from Sue Ellen. Miss Ellie doesn’t suspect that Clayton has been meeting with another woman. Dave Culver tells Bobby that bringing back th…

18 Feb 05

Brotherly Love

The Ewings get scared of Bobby’s temper as he violently deals with J.R. in the pool. Sue Ellen suspects that J.R. may want to get rid of her to win control of Weststar. C…

19 Feb 12

The Best Laid Plans

Laurel Ellis urges Clyton to do something more with his life. Pearce explains hie vision of the Weststar takeover to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen wants to team up with Bobby to work ag…

20 Feb 19

Farlow's Follies

Charlie apologizes to Ray. Cliff meets Nicholas Pearce Ellen and Pearce question Cliff about whether he works with J.R. Bobby goes to Washington to try get the Ewing Oil name b…

21 Feb 26

Malice in Dallas

Bobby confronts J.R. again about Lisa Alden. April learns that her detective got murdered. Miss Ellie confides in Marvis Anderson about Clayton’s affair with Laurel. J.R.…

22 Mar 04

Crime Story

Lisa comes to Southfork to say goodbye to Christopher. J.R. wants Casey to keep meeting with Kimberly. Miss Ellie goes to Atlanta to visit Lucy. Jenna firbids Charlie to go out…

23 Mar 11

To Have and to Hold

April gets visitors in her apartment and she is forced to reveal Pearce’s real identify to them. Sue Ellen doesn’t understand why Pearce won’t meet with her.…

24 Mar 18

Dead Reckoning

April is released Miss Ellie tells the family that Cayton will not be living at Southfork. Charlie resents being forced to leave,and Jenna has her doubts about it as well. Clay…

25 Apr 01

Never Say Never

Bobby,Miss Ellie and Harv Smithfield unite to help Clayton out of hid trouble. Casey wants to do business with Cliff. Connie gets turned down by Ray. Sue Ellie tells April that…

26 Apr 08

Last of the Good Guys

Connie Hall tries to tell Ray that his marriage is over. J.R. continues to tease Clayton about Laurel and tha homicle charge. Bobby spends more time with Kay in Washington. Cas…

27 Apr 15

Top Gun

kimberly lashes out at J.R. for her father’s death. Cliff gets more addicated to pills. The Justice Department tells Bobby he will never get Ewing Oil name back. Sue Elle…

28 Apr 29

Pillow Talk

Ray gets wounded by a psychotic Connie. Sly is upset by the way J.R. fired Casey. Cliff vows revenge on J.R. using Jeremy Wendell. Jenna returns from Paris. Nicjolas Pearce sup…

29 May 06

Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again

J.R. lashes out at Sue Ellen for defeating him along with Kimberly. Jeanna calls Ray from Paris. Sue Ellen leaves Sothfork. Ellie wants Clayton to co-own Soutfork. Connie Hall…

30 May 13

The Fat Lady Singeth

Clayton asks J.R. to turn John Ross over to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen and Pearce search for John Ross. After Ray’s affair with Connie, he and Jenna wonder how it will affect t…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.