Dallas: Season 12


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 28


Sue Ellen thinks she killed J.R. At the hospital, J.R. tries to make himself look like he’s dying. Cliff and April make a trip to look for Pam. Bobby refuse to help Sue E…

2 Nov 04

No Greater Love

Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross question his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween. J.R. moves back to Southfork to gain an advantag…

3 Nov 11

The Call of the Wild

J.R., Bobby,Christopher,and John Ross go on a hunting trip to Haleyville on the Arkansas/Lousisana border. J.R. and BObby reminisce about old times but Lucy resents that they i…

4 Nov 18

Out of the Frying Pan

Cally’s brothers want revenge on J.R. but the sheriff intervenes ans saves his life. Cliff sells Barness/ Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell. Claytonpressures Bobby to purchase…

5 Dec 02

Road Work

Bobby tries to talk Cliff into going back into the oil business by becoming a partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton finds out that Mckay has dammed up a river. Jeremy Wendell courts Su…

6 Dec 09

War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing

Cally’s brothers get J.R. out of prison and then want to kill him but Cally saves his life. Ray comes from Europe to visit Southfork. Clayton tries to find a legal way to…

7 Dec 16

Showdown at the Ewing Corral

In Haleyville, J.R. promise his new wife Cally to take her to Southfork if she get in touch with the Ewings. The oil community shows disbelief at the news that J.R. is out of o…

8 Jan 06


Sue Ellen has a fight with Miss Ellie whae she comes to Sothfork to pick up John Ross and learns that he’s been taken off the ranch for safety reasons.Wendell pressures S…

9 Jan 13

Counter Attack

J.R. has nightmares about in Haleyville and he seeks psychological help. April tests Casey to see if he’s got money. Cliff meets Tammy Miller and takes her to lunch. Chri…

10 Jan 20

The Sting

After Miss Ellie’s decision to sell Section 40 to Mckay. Wendell decides to sell most of his Weststar stock to make the purchase.Mckay pressures Wendell to have his son T…

11 Jan 27

The Two Mrs. Ewings

Miss Ellie takes cally around the house. John Ross questions his father about who Cally is. Cally tells J.R. she’ll either be his wife or she won’t let him touch he…

12 Feb 03

The Switch

April complaints to J.R. that he didn’t tell her about Cally. Cliff tries to turn his dates with Tammy into a relationship. Cally vows to stay at Sothfork and make her ma…

13 Feb 10

He-e-ere's Papa!

Cally insitist on a second honeymoon at Southfork. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Nicjolas Pearee’s mob connections. Cliff tells Bobby that he brike up with Tammy Miller.…

14 Feb 17

Comings and Goings

Sue Ellen tell J.R. she changed her mind about revenge.”“Sue Ellen meets Don Lockwood[Ian McShane]and gradually reveals the plot of her movie. Sue Ellen wants tp us…

15 Feb 24

Country Girl

Miss Ellie and Clayton returns from Europe and are greeted at the airport by J.R., Bobby, and Lucy. Sue Ellen shows Don LOCKWOOD her diaries and she r…

16 Feb 24

Wedding Bell Blues

It’s wedding day for J.R. and Cally as a tornado announced in the Southfork area. Sue Ellen takes Don Lockwood on a ““field trip”“ to Southfork. C…

17 Mar 03

The Way We Were

Cally wants to make sure that J.R. is not mad at her for tricking him into marriage. Bobby confronts J.R. about his faliure to consult one another about business deals. J.R. te…

18 Mar 10

The Serpent's Tooth

Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood contine their romane. Cally wants to learn about the oil business from J.R. Tommy Mckay gets squeezed for more cash for his drug deals and he sells i…

19 Mar 17

Three Hundred

J.R. asks Sly Lovengren to secretly provied him some Ewing Oil information. Tommy Mckay tries to get the missing $100,000 form his father and then form April. April decides to…

20 Mar 31

April Showers

Cliff is furious to learn that J.R. is back in Ewing Oil all the way but he changes his mind when Bobby tells him about the European plan. Tracey and Bobby break up after April…

21 Apr 07

And Away We Go!

Tommy Mckay recovers from the beaten he got form Bobby. Jordan Lee sells his company to Carter Mckay. Sue Ellen takes a look at actors who will play J.R. in her movie. Tommy le…

22 Apr 14

Yellow Brick Road

Bobby joins J.R. and Cally on their honeymoon as they travel to Sazburg,Austria. J.R. and Bobby plan Ewing Oil strategy to beat Carter Mckay. J.R., Bobby, and Cally “R…

23 Apr 28

The Sound of Money

Bobby and J.R. refuse to sell Ewing Oil to Brundin and they suspect that Carter Mckay is behind the scheme. Brundi and they Mckay plan new strategy after the Ewings’ refu…

24 May 05

The Great Texas Waltz

In Vienna, J.R. spends time with Vanessa Beaumont, the only woman to break hie heart, but he refuses to make love to her. Carter Mckay asks April Stevens to talk Bobby out of t…

25 May 12

Mission to Moscow

In Vienna, Cally questions J.R. about Vanessa and she warns him that she’ll never share him with another woman. J.R. and Bobby go to Moscow where thet are told thar Brund…

26 May 19

Reel Life

After their return to Dallas, Apriland Bobby try to keep their Euopean romance going. Cliff goes to Baton Rough, Louisiana and gets duped by Afton’s former husband Harris…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.