Dallas: Season 13


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 22

Phantom of the Oil Rig

Tension between Ewing Oil and Weststar rises in the aftermath of the European deal. April vows not to let the crank phone calls get to her. Tommy Mckay returns to Dallas and sh…

2 Sep 22

The Leopard's Spots

In Charleston, South Carolina Afton and Van Buren put on an act in front of Cliff regarding who Pamela Rebecca’s father is. Michelle tells Bobby that she won’t chas…

3 Sep 29

Cry Me a River of Oil

J.R. meets AL Halliday[Lance LeGault] who offers to sell him a tanker with an accident record. Cally learns about J.R.‘s past romance with April and she confronts both of…

4 Oct 06


Cally feels she’s not good enough for J.R. and she shares her concern with Miss Ellie. April wants to put an end to her partnership with J.R. Michelle overhears a converr…

5 Oct 13

Sunrise, Sunset

A storm in the Gulf spells trouble for J.R.s tanker. Cliff dates Michelle which provokes a cool reaction from April. Michelle resents April’s attitude. April asks Cliff w…

6 Oct 20

Pride and Prejudice

J.R. and Beaumont have a pretty rough first conversation but then they begin to get along fine as James is introdduced into Dallas’ social life., and makes quite an impre…

7 Nov 03

Fathers and Other Strangers

Vanessa says that she came looking for James, and J.R. and Cally make her feel welcome. James dates Sly Lovegren but she plays hard to get. Bobby and April have another fight…

8 Nov 10

Black Tide

Vanessa reassures J.R. that James is really his son. James’ appearence puts a strain on Cally and J.R.‘s marriage. Cally accuses Vanessa of plotting to take J.R. aw…

9 Nov 17

Daddy Dearest

Lucy tells James what she thinks of J.R. John Ross returns from England to find an older brother. John Ross fears that Jamess’ presence will change everything. Bobby tri…

10 Dec 01

Hell's Fury

Cater Mckay plans to hurt Ewing Oil using the tanker disaster. Cliff and Mckay collaborate against the Ewing. Bobby talks to the captain of the Ewing tanker. Christopher feels…

11 Dec 08

Cally on a Hot Tin Roof

Kay Lloyd’s appearance creates tension between Bobby and April senses a chemistry between the two. Cally angrily conforts J.R. about him and Michelle. J.R tries to get to…

12 Dec 15

Sex, Lies and Videotape

J.R. confronts Lucy about why she gave sleeping pills to Cally. J.R. and Cally make up after the incidents with Alex and Michelle. Diana Farrington accuses Cliff of waging a pe…

13 Jan 05

Tale of Two Cities

Cally puts on an art show at a gallery brought by Lucy. Bobby and J.R argue about Bobby’s decision to rehire the tanker captain. James gets disillusioned about the way th…

14 Jan 12

Judgment Day

Cliff has a battle of conscience at Digger’s grave before the committee’s final decision on the tanker collision. The captain of the Ewing tanker commits suicide. M…

15 Jan 19

Unchain My Heart

Cliff gives a television interview following the committee’s decision on the tanker collision. Bobby gives April an engagement ring but then they break up over three Ewin…

16 Feb 02

I Dream of Jeannie

A mesmerized Bobby chases after the phantom woman that could be his beloved ex-wife Pam.

17 Feb 09

After Midnight

Bobby’s obession with Pam look-alike Jeanne O’Brien[Margaret Michaels] continues, and he risks losing April over it. Michelle plans a business venture but Eugene In…

18 Feb 16

The Crucible

The Ewings are concerned about why Bobby is not seeing April anymore. Mckay finds a way to force Inagaki to cooperate. April and Michelle are having second thoughts about the s…

19 Feb 23

Dear Hearts and Gentle People

J.R. and Cally’s marriage is in trouble as they keep fighting and he moves to a hotel. Mckay accomplishes his mission with Inagaki and he makes Michelle happy but April l…

20 Mar 09

Paradise Lost

J.R. devises an ingenious plan to rid Cally from his life.

21 Mar 16

Will Power

J.R. is forced to resort to desperate measures when Cally vows to make their marriage work.

22 Mar 30

The Smiling Cobra

Cally and James pull closer together in an effort to fend off J.R.‘s evil ways.

23 Apr 06

Jessica Redux

Evil J.R. is at work as he looks to destroy his wife;tear down Cliff Barness’ career; manipulate his son’s future; and protect his mother Ellie.

24 Apr 13

Family Plot

Cally and James are driven to vow revenge against the man they both vehemently hate—J.R. Ewing.

25 Apr 27

The Southfork Wedding Jinx

Another high- spirited and unpredictable South fork wedding plays hosts to April and Bobby.

26 May 04

Three, Three, Three (1)

J.R. after having secretly committed himself to an insane asylum in an effort to coerce Jessica into signing over to him her shares of Weststar stock, discovers the path to her…

27 May 11

Three, Three, Three (2)

J.R. feels its to get out of the asylum, but James has other plans. James destroys the release papers and J.R. is trapped at the institution.

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.