Dallas: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 21

Whatever Happened to Baby John? (1)

Sue Ellen returns home from the hospital, but is not a thrilled new mom! The family worries she is sinking into depression, not caring about anything, including her new baby.…

2 Sep 28

Whatever Happened to Baby John? (2)

Though Bobby thinks Cliff may have take John Ross, this ends up not being true. J.R thinks some of his thugs may have taken the child, but they are all wrong. Pamela ends up…

3 Oct 05

The Silent Killer

None of the Ewing’s are really excited when Sue Ellen’s sister and her mother arrive at Southfork for a visit. Though they know that John Ross may be his son, Clif…

4 Oct 12


Pam continues to worry about her family’s health and it’s possible effects on John Ross, and her pregnancy. Valene returns to town, determined to have Lucy forgive…

5 Oct 19

The Kristin Affair

Pam tells Bobby about her pregnancy. But she says nothing about her disease. J.R. mortgages the Southfork Ranch for his drilling in Asia. He’s very interested in his sist…

6 Oct 26

The Dove Hunt

J.R. and Jock get wounded by sniper fire when two of Jock’s enemies from the past catch up with him during a hunting trip to Louisiana.

7 Nov 02

The Lost Child

Sue Ellen is unhappy with her marriage to J.R. and she looks for psychiatric help. Pam has an accident- she falls down from her horse and loses her baby one more time. She tell…

8 Nov 09


Sue Ellen meets cowboy Dusty Farlow during a Southfork rodeo event.He’s the son of a rich Texas rancher. J.R. is jealous of Sue Ellen and he makes it very clear to Dusty.…

9 Nov 16

Mastectomy (1)

Miss Ellie discover s a medical problem with her breast. She doesn’t tell Jock because in the past he left his first wife Amanda because of her disease. Miss Ellie underg…

10 Nov 16

Mastectomy (2)

Miss Ellie’s tumor is completely removed along with her breast. But she falls into serious depression. She’s afraid of losing Jock. J.R. keeps trying to get rid of…

11 Nov 23

The Heiress

12 Nov 30

Ellie Saves the Day

J.R.‘s family is shocked to learn Southfork has been mortgaged. The drilling in Asia run into serious trouble because of a typhoon and the banks demand their loan back. M…

13 Dec 14

Mother of the Year

J.R. thinks Sue Ellen is an unfit mother. She seeks psychiatric help. At the last minute, Ewing Oil succeeds in starting drilling in the Asian fields.

14 Dec 20

Return Engagements

Miss Ellie’s sadness over Gary’s [Ted Shackelford] birthday ends when she learns he and Valene are back in Dallas and plan to remarry.

15 Dec 21

Love and Marriage

Pam takes care of Sue Ellen’s Baby for a few weeks. Because she doesn’t have a child of her own, she can’t stand Sue Ellen’s coming back to her baby. Th…

16 Jan 04

Power Play

Lucy secretly meets Alan Beam. But all he is interested in is her family’s money. He proposes to Lucy. But this is just an intrigue of J.R.‘s who wants to get rid o…

17 Jan 11

Paternity Suit

Digger tells a reporter the John Ross 111 could be his grandchild. The Ewings sue Digger Barnes for defamation. And Cliff goes to court as well- to determine the baby’s p…

18 Jan 18

Jenna's Return

Pam has to go to Paris for work. Bobby takes her to the airport and runs into Jenna Wade, his old girlfriend. They spend a lot of time together and reminisce about old times.…

19 Feb 01

Sue Ellen's Choice

Bobby wants to save his marriage and asks Pam fro help but she replies:”“‘I don’t think i can.”“ Pam feels guilty because she can’t h…

20 Feb 08

Second Thoughts

J.R. keeps pressuring Alan Beam to marry Lucy very soon. Cliff resigns from the OLM to run in the elections for Congress but J.R.‘s intrigue is…

21 Feb 15

Divorce - Ewing Style

J.R. hears about Cliff’s new job at the district attorney’s office. He tries to make Sue Ellen look like she’s been drinking again. Sue Ellen hires a “…

22 Feb 22

Jock's Trial (1)

A skeleton is found on Southfork. Cliff runs the investigation into possible murder. Jock is arrested. Sue Ellen drinks again as she hears about Dusty’s death in a plane…

23 Feb 29

Jock's Trial (2)

This was intended to be the third season finale, but CBS gave the green light for two more episodes after Part 1 was written. The final scenes of the…

24 Mar 14

The Wheeler Dealer

The cartel members and J.R.‘s banker are financially ruined after the nationalization of the Asian fields. Seth Stone, one of the cartel members, kills himself. J.R. thre…

25 Mar 21

A House Divided

The cartel members and J.R.‘s banker are financially ruined after the nationalization of the Asian fields. Seth Stone, one of the cartel members, kills himself. J.R. thre…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.