Dallas: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 30

The Road Back

Bobby comes to the rescue of Ray,J.R.,Sue Ellen, and JOHN Ross during the Southfork fire. Ray continues to blame J.R. for the car crash. Sue Ellen,JOH…

2 Oct 07

The Long Goodbye

Sue Ellen tells J.R. she wants separate bedrooms and separart lives. Bobby tells that Pam the battle for Ewing Oil is over and he wants her back at the ranch. Mickey tells Lucy…

3 Oct 14

The Letter

Katherine pressures Pam to leave Bobby for good. Sue Ellen thinks little John Ross needs psychological counseling. J.R. and Katherine plan to separate Bobby and Pam. In a conve…

4 Oct 21

My Brother's Keeper

J.R. encourages Bobby to take a break from Ewing business, considering the divorce he’s going through. Sue Ellen is happy to see John Ross having fun at the camp. Aunt Li…

5 Oct 28

The Quality of Mercy

Bobby confides in Phyllis[Deborah Tranelli] about his divorce and Lucy confides in Sue Ellen about the situation with Mickey. Punk Anderson tells Bobby and J.R. to get ready fo…

6 Nov 04

Check and Mate

Ray is arrested for unplugging Mickey’s life support. Aunt Lil falls into apathy. Cliff tries to pay Skl for inside information on J.R.‘s deals. Katherine tells J.R…

7 Nov 11

Ray's Trial

Ray is uncooperative before the trail and Paul Morgan complains to Donna that he’s not getting any information from him. Mark Grisco is an excellent Polo player and Cliff…

8 Nov 18

The Oil Baron's Ball

Aunt Lil testifies at Ray’s trial and tries to take all the responsibility for Mickey’s death. Pam convinces Katherine to go to the Oil Baron’s Ball. Ray is f…

9 Nov 25

Morning After

At the Oil Baron’ Ball,Cliff publicly announces that Jock stole from Digger. A terrible fist fight erupts, involving J.R., Cliff, Bobby,Ray,Mark Grasion,Peter Richards, a…

10 Dec 02

The Buck Stops Here

J.R. accuses Sue Ellen of having a relationship with peter Richards. Bobby questions Jenna about who Charlie’s father is. Mark Grasion gets impatient with Pamela. He thin…

11 Dec 09

To Catch a Sly

Pamela tells Christopher that she wishes she and Bobby were together,but in reality she seems to be getting closer to Mark Grasion. Cliff Barnes keeps pressuring Sly Lovegren f…

12 Dec 16

Barbecue Four

J.R. use his secretary Sly Lovegren to hurt completely unsuspecting Cliff. Bobby wants Jenna Wade[Priscilla Beaulieu] to quit her job as a waitress. Peter Richards goes out wit…

13 Dec 23

Past Imperfect

J.R. is furious about Clayton’s engagament to Sue Ellie. He tells Detective MsSween[James L. Brown] to investigate Clayton’s background. Ellie wants Clayton to move…

14 Jan 06

Peter's Principles

Sue Ellen learns from Peter’s roommate that he left the dorm. Cliff wants the cartel to go in a deal with him on offshore tracks. It’s Dusty birthday’s birthd…

15 Jan 13

Offshore Crude

J.R. is upset to learn that Bobby met with Pamela. John Ross wants to see Peter and keeps bugging his mother about it. Sue Ellen reminds J.R. of their ““open marria…

16 Jan 20

Some Do . . . Some Don't

J.R. tries to set Bobby upby letting Cliff Barnes buy Travis Boyd’s company. Donna Krebbs tells Miss Ellie that she’s lucky to be marring Clayton Farlow. Ray and Cl…

17 Jan 27

Eye of the Beholder

Mark Graison hide his hospital stay from Pamela. Katherine hires a private investigator to find Renaldo Marchetta. Miss Ellie persists in her decision not to marry Clayton. Bob…

18 Feb 03

Twelve Mile Limit

J.R. uses Sly Lovegren to sell geogical reports to Cliff Barnes. J.R. can’e get over Miss Ellie and Clayton’s marriage. Afton goes to visit Mitch in Atlanta. Jenna…

19 Feb 10

Where is Poppa?

Edgar Randolph’s wife Martha tries to discover what really happened to her husband, while Edgar is released from the hospital. Peter Richards pressures Sue Ellen to makes…

20 Feb 17

When the Bough Breaks

After Sue Ellen’s accident, the family is concerned about her healthy and the misscarriage. Donna Krebbs investigates Edgar Randolph’s past with the help of lawyer…

21 Feb 24

True Confessions

J.R. tries to talk Marilee Stone out of doing business with Cliff. Ray and Donna take a trip to Maryland. Cliff tries to convince Pam to join him in the offshore venture. Lucy…

22 Mar 02

And the Winner Is. . .

J.R. is upset to learn that Bobby and Jenna are having problems, AND TRIES TO ““FIX…

23 Mar 09

Fools Rush In

J.R. pretends he wants Peter Richards around at Southfork for little John Ross’ sake. Cliff has to come up with the balance money date on the offshore track within 12 day…

24 Mar 16

The Unexpected

J.R. plots to frame Peter and teach Sue Ellen a lesson. Afton hates Vaughn Leland. J.R. wants a ““double wedding ceremony”“—Clayton marring Ellie,…

25 Mar 23

Strange Alliance

Katherine wants to make sure Pam doesn’t change her mind about marrying Mark Grasion. Sly Lovergren continues to work for Cliff Barnes. Lucy is determined to find out wha…

26 Apr 06

Blow Up

Pressured by Jerry Kenderson[Barry Jenners], Pam tries to rush the wedding but Mark doesn’t understand why. Vaughn Leland manipulates Cliff on J.R.‘s instructions.…

27 Apr 13

Turning Point

J.R. tries to question Jessica about Clayton’s past. Vaughn LeLAND threatens to pull the plug on money for Cliff. Clayton warns Jessica that J.R. can be dangerous. Kather…

28 May 04

Love Stories

Mark insists on a big wedding. Katherine tells an unaware Bobby of J.R’s ““blackmail tape”“and Bobby has a showdown with her. J.R. keeps digging i…

29 May 11

Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie

The Ewing family learns of Mark Grasion’s death. Bobby and Jenna holds off their announcement. Jenna fears that Mark’s death may bring Bobby and Pam together. Cliff…

30 May 18

End Game

Tension rises at the Ewing residence as the search for Miss Ellie and Jessica continues. Clayton and J.R. have a fight over Clayton’s mentally unstable sister. Bobby conf…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.