Dallas: Season 9


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 27

The Family Ewing

The family mourns Bobby’s death and Gary comes to the funeral from California. Pam blames herself for Bobby’s death. J.R. attacks Sue Ellen for not being around whe…

2 Sep 27

Rock Bottom

J.R. object to Bobby’s will being read so soon after his death. J.R. tells Sue Ellen off who winds up falling victim to car theft. Ray regrets his misbehavior toward Donn…

3 Oct 04

Those Eyes

J.R. ivestigates legal possibilities of stopping Pam from messing with Ewing Oil business. Jenna considers leaving Sothfork. Ray plans to build a new house. J.R. wants to buy b…

4 Oct 11


Sue Ellen is shocked to find out that J.R. had her committed to the sanitarium and her freedom is in his hands. Jeremy Wendell extends a business offer to Miss Ellie. Pam has a…

5 Oct 18

Saving Grace

Mark Graison returns into Pam’s life and explains his long absence. J.R. plots to maneuver Cliff and Wendell out. Sue Ellen is scared before going through an alcohol reha…

6 Oct 25


J.R. wants to nominate Bobby as Oilman of the year. Mark Graison wants to fund a medical research center. Sue Ellen’s mother Patricia [Martha Scott]arrives at Southfork a…

7 Nov 01

The Wind of Change

Miss Ellie feels sorry for J.R. and changes her mind on the Wendell offer. Sue Ellen apologizes to J.R. for the problems she caused as a wife and a mother. Sue Ellen leaves the…

8 Nov 08


Miss Ellie is happy that Ewing Oil will remain in Ewing hands. Pam has a major fight with Cliff over her decision concerning Christopher’s shares of Ewing Oil. J.R. wants…

9 Nov 15

Close Encounters

J.R. tries to get Jack involved in Ewing Oil business. J.R. invites Angelica Nero to the annual Southfork rodeo. Sue Ellen’s mother Patricia tries to tell Sue Ellen to st…

10 Nov 22

Suffer the Little Children

Mandy Winger questions J.R. about Sue Ellen and their marriage. Ray and Donna grieve over their lost baby. Pam keeps Phyllis as her sectary. J.R. gives a ““lecture&…

11 Nov 29

The Prize

Sue Ellen has nightmares. Angelica Nero’s friend Nicholas gets impatient in Greece as the scheme to sign the deal with Ewing Oil unfolds. Miss Ellie tries to console Donn…

12 Dec 06

En Passant

J.R. tries to win over the judge in charge of the appeal in the custody suit. Ray tries to help Donna go through thr crisis after the baby’s loss. Jack Ewing doesn’…

13 Dec 13

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

J.R. finds out that if Sue Ellen were to move back to Southfork, she would forfeit custody of John Ross. Sue Ellen tells her mother that she tries to control her life too much.…

14 Dec 20

Curiosity Killed the Cat

John Ross is very happy having both parents around. Cliff warns Mandy Winger against J.R. Jenna breaks up with Jack who leaves Dallas in anger. Ray and Donna temporarily move…

15 Jan 03

The Missing Link

Miss Ellie questions Clayton about his strange behavior, while Charlie and J.R. question Jenna about Jack. Matt Cantrell[Marc Singer] shows up at Ewing Oil, looking for Bobby.…

16 Jan 10

Twenty-Four Hours

17 Jan 17

The Deadly Game

Jamie is stabilized at the hospital but the doctors warns against being overly optimistic. Pam and Matt Cantrell reminisce about Bobby. J.R. shows appreciation for Sue Ellen…

18 Jan 24

Blame it on Bogota

J.R. and Cantrell discuss preparations for the Colombia trip. Jack spends time with Grace. Mark is dissappointted with Pam’s involvement in the mine. Sue Ellen spends tim…

19 Jan 31

Shadow Games

J.R. takes advantage of Pam being away from Ewing Oil. In Colombia, Matt Cantrell nervously awaits the package from J.R. Jenna spends more and more time at Bobby’s grave.…

20 Feb 07


21 Feb 14

Dire Straits

Pam is held by the kidnappers. Fights between Mark and Matt continue. Sue Ellen misses Pam. The Ewings decide to get psychiatric help for Jenna. Jack and J.R. get ready for the…

22 Feb 21


In Colombia, Mark talks Pam into staying on the seeing the mine. J.R. and Matt plot to keep Pam away from Ewing Oil. Jack has more fun with GraceJ.R. invites Sue Ellen to go to…

23 Feb 28

Sitting Ducks

Mark,Cliff,and Pam return from Colombia. J.R. is happy to learn that Pam is determined to continue her investment in the mine. The Krebbs get increasingly involved in the Woodg…

24 Mar 07


In Martinique, Jack Ewing agrees very unwillingly to go along with J.R. and Angelica. Pam considers selling Christopher’s shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. Jerry Kenderson cont…

25 Mar 14

Just Desserts

In Martinique, police clean up the mess created at the masquerade ball and Angelica’s entire scheme is revealed. Angelica’s takes the ulimate revenge on Grace for h…

26 Mar 21

Nothing's Ever Perfect

J.R. is delighted to gain control of Ewing Oil, and he wants Ellen back. Jenna pays Jack a surprise visit to ““clear the air.”“ J.R. has big plans for t…

27 Apr 04

J.R. Rising

Mandy Winger faces some tough career choices. Clayton and Ray encourage Jack to stay on in Dallas. Ray’s past criminal conviction doesn’t help in going through with…

28 Apr 11


Mark Grasion warns J.R. to stay away away from him and Pam. The Krebb’s learn the reason Tony doesn’t want to be adopted. Matt wants to suprise Pam with the emerald…

29 May 02

Thrice in a Lifetime

J.R. and Sue Ellen get a lot closer. Jack Ewing doesn’t like new ranch hand Ben Stivers[Steve Forrest]. Cliff lashes out at Jamie for trying to make peace with J.R. Sue E…

30 May 09

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

J.R. tries to get Ewing Oil out of financial trouble. Ray is determined to fix the promble with Tony’s adopption but he learns that it may be neccessary to have Aunt Lil…

31 May 16

Blast From the Past

Angelica offers J.R. a deal. Sue Ellen worries J.R.‘s safety in his dealings with Angelica,a woman who’s wanted for murder. Jack pulls out of the horse venture desp…

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.