Dallas: Specials


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1 Mar 23

Dallas: The Early Years

Prequel to the popular “Dallas” TV series focuses on the origins of the Ewing-Barnes feud during the 1930’s. Larry Hagman provides the opening narration for t…

2 Nov 15

Dallas: J.R. Returns

Years after J.R. Ewing lost Ewing Oil and apparently committed suicide, we learn that he is alive and well. He returns to Dallas, and plots what could be his greatest scheme: B…

3 Apr 24

War of the Ewings

It has been two years since Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing took over control of Ewing Oil. Although J.R. is successfully managing a large oil conglomerate, he wants to once again ow…

4 Nov 07

Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork

Seven of the show’s original castmembers (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Steve Kanaly, Ken Kercheval, Victoria Principal and Charlene Tilton) reunited at the re…

7 Aug 01

A Tour of the Real Southfork Ranch

Thousands of people around the world visit the Ewing Family home every year. Get the guided tour from the Southfork reps and find out behind the scenes Southfork secrets.

8 Jul 31

Setting The Score: The Music of Dallas

The story behind the show’s iconic theme song. The Emmy award winning techniques of composer Bruce Broughton and the story behind the unforgettable theme by composer Jerr…

9 May 27

Bring Back... Dallas

Justin Lee Collins tries to track down the retired stars of Dallas and reunite them together at his Oil Barons Ball.


Digger's Daughter - Commentary by David Jacobs (creator), Larry Hagman ad Charlene Tilton


Reunion Part 1 - Commentary by David Jacobs (creator), Larry Hagman and Charlene Tilton


Reunion Part 2 - Commentary by David Jacobs (creator), Larry Hagman and Charlene Tilton


Soap Talk: Dallas Reunion


Who Shot JR?: The 'Dallas' Phenomenon


Dallas Makeover: Travilla-Style


Seasons of Change

About Dallas

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking “Who shot J.R.?” Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.