Designing Women: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 14

101 Ways to Decorate a Gas Station

A scruffy gas-station owner wins free interior decoration from Sugarbakers, Charlene consults a psychic about her future.

2 Sep 21

Ted Remarries

Mary Jo can’t face her children being with her ex-husband’s new wife, who is spoiling them.

3 Sep 28

Anthony, Jr.

Anthony goes to extremes to impress his girlfriends’ wealthy parents, inventing a pedigreed family — then an uninvited dinner guest informs him he is the father of…

4 Oct 05

Killing All the Right People

News that a friend and fellow decorator is dying of AIDS (and wants Sugarbakers to design his funeral) gets Mary Jo fired up at a P…

5 Oct 19

Half an Air Bubble Off

When an eccentric client harasses the women with bizarre decorating requests, they decide to matchmake him with Bernice.

6 Oct 26

Dash Goff, the Writer

Suzanne’s visiting ex, a novelist who loves flowery Southern words and women, is in a writer’s slump and contemplating suicide.

7 Nov 09

Heart Attacks

Reese’s fitness demonstration – arm wrestling an old buddy and sometime-rival — causes a heart attack, and subsequent different treatment from Julia.

8 Nov 16


Suzanne and Mary Jo become romantic rivals while doing a job aboard a cruise ship.

9 Nov 23

I'll Be Seeing You

Charlene dreams the Sugarbakers back to WWII and the USO.

10 Dec 07


While Charlene, Julia and Mary Jo get the flu on a trip to St. Louis, a snowstorm forces Suzanne and Anthony to share a motel room in Tennessee.

11 Dec 14

Howard the Date

It’s the mercy date from Hell when the female Sugarbakers staff accompany dateless Howard the nerd to his high-school reunion. Their sympathy quickly wears off when he be…

12 Dec 21

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Charlene and Anthony scheme to outsmart Mary Jo’s disbelieving son on Christmas Eve — until their hired Santa beats them to it, by swiping the Sugarbakers’ Ch…

13 Jan 04

Great Expectations

Anthony is dismayed when an old prison cellmate arrives at Sugarbaker’s with a business proposition — he wants Anthony to become his partner.

14 Jan 11

Second Time Around

Charlene withdraws after being dumped by her boyfriend Bill, who is still grieving the loss of his first wife.

15 Jan 18

Oh, Brother

Julia and Suzanne disagree on how to handle the arrival of their half-brother, a recently discharged mental patient with aspirations to stand-up comedy.

16 Jan 25

There's Some Black People Coming to Dinner

Mary Jo gives Claudia permission to go to a school dance with a black youth, contrary to his father’s wishes.

17 Feb 01

The Return of Ray Don

A penniless Suzanne faces stiff fines for back taxes, so after trying to charm Ray Don at the IRS, she sells off her possession and considers marriage…

18 Feb 08

High Rollers

After Charlene unwittingly puts a bug in Suzanne’s ear by relating the success story of Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express, Suzanne flits off to Atlantic City with Ch…

19 Feb 15

The Incredibly Elite Bona Fide Blue-Blood Beaumont Driving Club

Suzanne and Julia clash over a posh club’s offer of membership when Suzanne discovers discrimination in the club’s by laws.

20 Feb 22

How Great Thou Art

Scruples cause Charlene to resign from her church after she loses faith in her minister when he votes against allowing women in the ministry.

21 Mar 21


On the brink of marrying a young woman, Ted begins to appreciate ex-wife Mary Jo’s maturity, but his sudden attentiveness strikes everyone else as suspicious.

22 Mar 28

Reservations for Eight

A romantic ski weekend becomes a battle of the sexes when an avalanche sidelines the Sugarbakers ladies and their boyfriends.

About Designing Women

Julia Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter), Mary Jo Shively (Annie Potts), Charlene Frazier-Stillfield (Jean Smart) and Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) are associates at their design firm, Sugarbaker and Associates. Julia Sugarbaker is the owner of Sugarbaker and Associates and is very outspoken and strong-willed. Mary Jo Shively is a divorced single-parent whom is just as strong-willed as Julia, but isn’t as self-confident. Charlene is the naive and trusting farm girl from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Suzanne Sugarbaker is the self-centered ex-beauty queen whom has a number of wealthy ex-husbands. At the end of Season 5 Delta Burke was fired from the series and Jean Smart left to pursue other goals, which brought us two new characters: Allison Sugarbaker (Julia Duffy) and Carlene Frazier Dobber (Jan Hooks). Soon Julia Duffy was taken out of the series and we were left with our last cast change: Bonnie Jean “B.J.” Poteet (Judith Ivey). The series was very successful for CBS lasting 7