Designing Women: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18

The Proxy Pig and Great Pretenders

Mary Jo uses the mansion she’s decorating to entertain, and Anthony suffers when his health insurance lapses and Suzanne must nurse his injured back.

2 Sep 25

One Night With You

A terminally-ill high school classmate’s last wish is to spend one night with the girl of his dreams — Julia. The catch is, she doesn’t remember him at all.

3 Oct 02

There She Is

While preparing for Charlene’s baby shower, the Sugarbakers women are surprised by a visit from the Director of Pageants for Miss Georgia. Due to a clerical error discove…

4 Oct 16

Nightmare From Hee Haw

The Sugerbaker women and their mates take a canoe trip in the Georgia backwoods — which turns into a nightmare when them encounter some good ole boys.

5 Oct 23

The Girlfriend

Attempting to prove himself when Mary Jo hires him and some of his ex-convict friends to finish an incomplete remodeling job, Anthony gets a new girlfriend — an ambitious…

6 Oct 30

The Rowdy Girls

While she is helping the Sugarbakers women choreograph a Supremes lip-synch routine, Charlene’s favorite cousin inadvertently reveals that she is a victim of domestic vio…

7 Nov 13

Bernice's Sanity Hearing

The Sugarbaker women testify for Bernice when her niece Phyllis attempts to have her declared legally incompetent because she sings Bobbie Gentry songs to strangers on the stre…

8 Nov 20

Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence

While posing for a gag photo at the governor’s mansion, Julia gets her head stuck in the banister just before the annual ball.

9 Nov 27

Julia and Suzanne's Big Adventure

Julia and Suzanne’s plans go awry when they travel to Japan to visit their mother: after discovering that she has gone to Paris to see a sick friend, they are robbed of t…

10 Dec 04


Desperately single Mary Jo, worried that her busy schedule will condemn her to a life alone, accepts coaching from Suzanne as she plans a weekend manhunt.

11 Dec 11

They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They?

Fat as a feminist issue surfaces when Suzanne endures cruel jokes about her weight at her high-school reunion; Anthony enlists Julia and Mary Jo to join him in a two-day fast t…

12 Dec 18

You Got to Have Friends

Mary Jo takes a second job at a fast food place when Ted’s child support payment is late.

13 Jan 01

The First Day of the Last Decade of the Entire Twentieth Century (1)

Suzanne and Mary Jo rush Charlene to the hospital when she goes into labor on New Year’s Eve and conceives a desire to deliver the first New Year’s baby. Dolly Part…

14 Jan 01

The First Day of the Last Decade of the Entire Twentieth Century (2)

Suzanne and Mary Jo rush Charlene to the hospital when she goes into labor on New Year’s Eve and conceives a desire to deliver the first New Year’s baby. Dolly Part…

15 Jan 08

The Mistress

The ladies are hired by wealthy stockbroker Ancel Pollard to decorate a house for a client’s wife — and a condo for his mistress. Suzanne is sure that straight lace…

16 Jan 15

The Fur Flies

The fur flies at a fashion show, where Suzanne’s after-dinner mink causes a riot among animal-rights activists. Meanwhile, Charlene is forced to bring Olivia to Sugarbake…

17 Jan 29

Oh, What a Feeling

Julia and Suzanne negotiate for a new delivery van and drive a hard bargain with an overbearing salesman (Ross).

18 Feb 05

Anthony and Vanessa

Hired for a temporary job at Sugarbakers, Anthony’s needy friend Vanessa learns the tricks of the trade from Suzanne, then goes to work reeling in Anthony.

19 Feb 19

Payne Grows Up

Julia is not pleased to learn that Payne is graduating early in order to marry his pregnant girlfriend. Upset at becoming a grandmother so soon, Julia gets tipsy at the wedding…

20 Feb 26

Tornado Watch

A bizarre collection of characters is trapped inside Sugarbakers by a tornado warning, including hillbilly Daddy Jones who takes a liking to Bernice.

21 Mar 12

Tough Enough

A redecorating job for a sports account is right down Sugarbakers’ alley when it pits the women against a macho, over-confident designer from an all-male firm. They deter…

22 Mar 19

It's A Wonderful Life

Julia intervenes when Bill’s grief over the loss of his first wife threatens his relationship with Charlene — and she becomes convinced he is having an affair with…

23 Apr 03

Foreign Affairs

When her maid Consuela is threatened with deportation, Suzanne puts Anthony in a dress and pays him to impersonate the terrified woman. But he performs too well, awakening roma…

24 Apr 09

Suzanne Goes Looking For a Friend

A former beauty queen and current television weather forecaster announces her ““coming out,”“ causing a confused Suzanne to think she means she’s…

25 May 07

Have Faith

When Mary Jo attends church with Julia and Suzanne, she ends up dating Gene Chapman, the minister, but feeling guilty about her sexual interest in him.

26 May 09

Their Finest Hour

An hour-long clip show of highlights from the previous seasons, including: razor-tongued Julia standing up for Suzanne against an insolent beauty pageant contestant, Julia defe…

27 May 14

Anthony's Graduation

An extremely anxious Anthony makes it to his college graduation despite a series of mishaps and his nervousness about his grandmother’s visit and his performance as comme…

28 May 21

La Place sans Souci

At a plush spa, the sparse diet, vigorous exercise program and thermal mud baths bring out the worst in Suzanne — especially when Julia and Mary Jo are encouraged to gain…

About Designing Women

Julia Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter), Mary Jo Shively (Annie Potts), Charlene Frazier-Stillfield (Jean Smart) and Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) are associates at their design firm, Sugarbaker and Associates. Julia Sugarbaker is the owner of Sugarbaker and Associates and is very outspoken and strong-willed. Mary Jo Shively is a divorced single-parent whom is just as strong-willed as Julia, but isn’t as self-confident. Charlene is the naive and trusting farm girl from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Suzanne Sugarbaker is the self-centered ex-beauty queen whom has a number of wealthy ex-husbands. At the end of Season 5 Delta Burke was fired from the series and Jean Smart left to pursue other goals, which brought us two new characters: Allison Sugarbaker (Julia Duffy) and Carlene Frazier Dobber (Jan Hooks). Soon Julia Duffy was taken out of the series and we were left with our last cast change: Bonnie Jean “B.J.” Poteet (Judith Ivey). The series was very successful for CBS lasting 7