Dragnet: Season 1


# Air Date Title

The LSD Story

Sergeant Joe Friday and his partner Bill Gannon encounter a freaked-out young LSD user. This is the famous ““Blue Boy”“ episod…


The Big Explosion

A neo-Nazi psycho has planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. Friday and Gannon have to find it.


The Kidnapping

Friday and Gannon help an employee rescue her kidnapped boss.


The Interrogation

A new officer has been arrested for robbing a liquor store while on an undercover assignment.


The Masked Bandits

Four bandits wearing red masks commit a series of robberies.


The Bank Examiner Swindle

Two con men, posing as bank examiners, are bilking the elderly out of their life savings.


The Hammer

An elderly apartment manager is found to have been beaten to death with a hammer.


The Candy Store Robberies

Friday and Gannon try to figure out a pattern to a series of candy store hold-ups. The solution comes when they discover that there are two suspects.


The Fur Job

Gannon goes undercover as a buyer in order to trap fur theives.


The Jade Story

Over $200,000 worth of Imperial Jade is reported stolen. Friday and Gannon determine the burglary was an inside job.


The Shooting

A police officer is shot while making a routine check on a pair of paroled convicts that are parked near a liquor store.


The Hit and Run Driver

Friday and Gannon use newspapers, radio and TV to publicize their clues to the identity of the hit and run driver.


The Bookie

Friday goes undercover with the Department’s chaplain in order to break up a gambling ring.


The Subscription Racket

Friday learns about a scam artist with a novel twist: he uses an authentic Congressional Medal of Honor to solicit magazine subscriptions.


The Gun

A Japanese widow is senselessly murdered, leaving her small daughter an orphan. Friday has a hard time controlling his emotions while seeking the killer.


The Big Kids

A gang of juvenile thieves have been stealing petty items in order to gain membership into an exclusive club.


The Bullet

A dead man has been found in a locked room, along with a gun that could not have been the murder weapon.

About Dragnet

Dragnet 1967-1970 was the second run of the Dragnet series. It began in January of 1967, and ran to September of 1970. The lead character, Sgt. Joe Friday, was played by Jack Webb, who also directed and produced the series. The show’s focus is on two detectives, Sgt. Joe Friday, and Officer Bill Gannon, played by Harry Morgan. The two track down criminals all throughout the city of Los Angeles, California. The original “Dragnet” was the grandfather of ALL of today’s police drama shows. This was the first time a cancelled network TV series was successfully revived. In late 1965, Universal and NBC hired Webb to revive “Dragnet” as a made-for-TV movie. This was filmed in early 1966, but didn’t air until January 1969. Titled “World Premiere: Dragnet,” the well-made film has Friday and Gannon linking the slayings of photographer’s models to the disappearance of a war widow, while Gannon prepares to retire.