Dragnet: Season 4


# Air Date Title

Personnel - The Shooting

Joe and Bill are assigned to the Medical Services Division. Two policemen have been shot. Joe and Bill must notify the wives.


Homicide - The Student

A sniper shoots a man and a woman as they are leaving a printing plant. Joe and Bill narrow down the suspects to a college student who is part time employee of the printing pla…


S.I.U. - The Ring

Joe and Bill are working the Special Investigation Unit. Informant “Black 10” asks for a meeting with Joe and Bill and gives them a tip about a bartender who is fencing stolen…


D.H.Q. - Medical

Joe and Bill are working a medial detail at a hospital. They handle an old man who’s hobby is sitting in hotel lobbies, question a man who brings in a dead woman, investi…


Burglary - Mister

An old woman has all her possessions including her cane stolen by her grandson, “Mister Daniel Lumis”. Joe and Bill try to locate Lumis and find a trail of bigamy a…


Juvenile - The Little Pusher

Joe and Bill are working Juvenile Narcotics Division and find a 12 year old under the influence of narcotics. They go to the boy’s school and conduct a class for teachers on ho…


Homicide - Cigarette Butt

Joe and Bill investigate a dead body found in a rundown apartment building. A half eaten peanut butter sandwich and a knife are found at the scene of the crime. A neighbor says…


D.H.Q. - Missing Person

Joe and Bill investigate a missing high school student. They find that both the student and her older sister are missing. However, the apartment manager and neighbor say that t…


Burglary Auto - Courtroom

Joe and Bill are in court as arresting officers of three burglars. One of the prosecution witnesses is out of town and has developed car trouble and can’t return in time. Can a…


Internal Affairs - Parolee

The warden of a Colorado prison has notified the department that an inmate is about to be paroled, but there is a hold from LA because of an outstanding warrant. Joe and Bill i…


Burglary Auto - Juvenile Genius

Burglaries are happening and the thieves are leaving a red cloth at each crime scene. Joe and Bill respond to another break in at a chemical company and a safe company. Joe and…


Bunco - $9,000

Charlie Feeney, a wino police informant, calls Joe and claims he was swindled out of $9,000. The problem is the money wasn’t his. Feeney turns the money over to someone c…

13 Jan 08

Narco - Missing Hype

A teenage Hype from a nice home has missed his parole officer meeting. Joe and Bill are asked to locate the teenager before he starts up his habit.

14 Jan 22

Burglary - Helpful Woman

A woman befriends elderly people and then steals from them. Joe and Bill contact a radio personality and ask to have him talk about the scam. The radio broadcast turns up a lea…

15 Jan 29

Homicide - Who Killed Who?

There is a multiple homicide at a rooming house. When Joe and Bill arrive, they find two dead in the lobby near a broken TV set and the manager has been shot and is near death.…

16 Feb 05

Burglary - The Son

A victim of a burglary calls and tells Joe she forgot to report one of the items that was stolen. A paw shop reports receiving one of the stolen items and it leads to a drug de…

17 Feb 12

A.I.D. - The Weekend

Bill’s wife is out-of-town, and Bill invites Joe home for the weekend. They have dinner and play poker with some friends. A woman selling magazines shows up, and Joe and…

18 Feb 19

Narco - Pill Maker

A narcotic called “uppers” is being sold to juveniles. Joe and Bill must find who is making the pills and shut the operation down.

19 Feb 26

Burglary - The Dognappers

Dogs are disappearing from cars parked at the El Centro shopping center. Joe and Bill suspect that the dogs are being stolen to get a reward for the dogs return.

20 Mar 05

Missing Persons - The Body

Joe and Bill investigate the identity of a dead 23 year old woman found under the Venice Pier. They check missing person reports to try to identify the woman, and they use a ri…

21 Mar 12

Forgery - The Ranger


22 Mar 19

D.H.Q. - Night School

Joe is enrolled in night school and is taking a sensitivity class. The class does not know Joe is a cop until Joe busts one of his classmates for possession of Marijuana. The p…

23 Mar 26

I.A.D. - The Receipt

Two of the department’s veteran homicide detectives are accused of stealing $800 from a dead man. Joe and Bill investigate and try to find a missing receipt that would cl…

24 Apr 02

Robbery - The Harassing Wife

Joe and Bill investigate a holdup at a small neighborhood grocery store. Joe gets a tip from a woman that the robber was her husband. The husband is cleared. Another supermarke…

25 Apr 09

Burglary - Baseball

A furniture store has been burglarized overnight and the thief took $1900 from a locked safe. The store’s secretary find a lead and Joe uses it to track down a “bas…

26 Apr 16

D.H.Q. - The Victims

Joe and Bill investigate a series of victims. An elderly man has been stabbed to death in his hotel room. An elderly is assaulted and her purse stolen. A store is robbed and th…

About Dragnet

Dragnet 1967-1970 was the second run of the Dragnet series. It began in January of 1967, and ran to September of 1970. The lead character, Sgt. Joe Friday, was played by Jack Webb, who also directed and produced the series. The show’s focus is on two detectives, Sgt. Joe Friday, and Officer Bill Gannon, played by Harry Morgan. The two track down criminals all throughout the city of Los Angeles, California. The original “Dragnet” was the grandfather of ALL of today’s police drama shows. This was the first time a cancelled network TV series was successfully revived. In late 1965, Universal and NBC hired Webb to revive “Dragnet” as a made-for-TV movie. This was filmed in early 1966, but didn’t air until January 1969. Titled “World Premiere: Dragnet,” the well-made film has Friday and Gannon linking the slayings of photographer’s models to the disappearance of a war widow, while Gannon prepares to retire.