Dream On: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 07

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told (1)

The episode opens with Eddie having his bandages removed from a minor operation on his face, and he wonders if he looks different.
A movie is made about the life of Richa…

2 Jul 07

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told (2)

Second half of one hour season premiere.

3 Jul 14

And Your Little Dog, Too

Australians have bought Whitestone, and great change is in the air. Gibby Fiske makes his first appearance as the new boss at Whitestone, and he doesn’t want to publish…

4 Jul 21

The 37-Year Itch

Cousin Phil visits, and informs Martin that he has split up with his wife (shrew). While in Martin’s office, Phil sees Toby for the first time, and is smitten. Phil beg…

5 Jul 28

Calling the Kettle Black

Martin, while putting away Jeremy’s laundry, comes across an adult magazine and a joint. Martin informs Judith, and they agree that Martin will have a talk with Jeremy.…

6 Aug 04

Futile Attraction

Martin has gone on many dates after Judith and Richard’s wedding, but he can never seem to perform. After discussing the problem, reluctantly, with Judith, Martin decide…

7 Aug 11

No, I'm Just Happy to See You

After Eddie and Martin are mugged twice, Martin gets a gun. The night he comes home with the gun, Martin surprises a burglar and holds him off with the gun. While waiting for…

8 Aug 18

What I Did for Lust

Eddie pushes an ““ugly”“ sister onto Martin to score points with Marsha. The ““ugly”“ sister (Chloe) has a book (”“…

9 Aug 25

Play Melville for Me

An old professor of Martin’s offers Martin his own show, called ““Book Beat”“, on public television. The show is run by college students for cred…

10 Sep 01

To Have and Have and Have and Have Not

After walking out for cigarettes fifteen years ago, Martin’s former girlfriend Veronica Sheridan finally returns. Veronica returned because she is pulling together a ph…

11 Sep 08

Pants on Fire

Martin and Judith are audited by the IRS for the last year of their marriage. They go through old receipts together. An old receipt proves that Mart…

12 Sep 15

The Charlotte Letter

Martin’s new girlfriend of three weeks, Charlotte, has a porn star past. Martin learns from Eddie. Charlotte reveals that her biggest secret is that she cannot drive.…

13 Sep 22

The Name of the Game Is Five-Card Stud

Gibby informs the crew that they are all fired, just to soften the blow that there will not be bonuses (not really fired).
Martin is talked into a nickel and dime porker…

14 Sep 29

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh (aka Stop It, You're Killing Me)

An old female friend of Martin’s, Bonnie, returns to New York City from Cleveland to pursue a stand-up career. Bonnie’s first performance as a stand-up bombs. Mar…

15 Oct 06

Toby or Not Toby

Martin arrives at work to find Toby extremely happy. Martin questions her happiness, and Toby notes that it is her birthday. Martin’s in trouble for forgetting, but can…

About Dream On

Dream On is an adult situation comedy about Martin Tupper, whose life is full of colorful characters. While Martin goes on numerous dates, he still has time for his family and best friend (Eddie Charles). Martin, played by Brian Benben, is divorced from Judith, but they remain friends (though, her unseen “perfect” husband annoys Martin). Martin and Judith jointly raise their growing teenage son (Jeremy).