Dynasty: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 24

The Victory

Moments from death under Blake’s powerful grip, Alexis’ life is spared as Krystle is able to restrain Blake’s lethal temper, but not before he vows to regain…

2 Oct 01


An incensed Blake discovers the morning headlines, which accuse him of murder and arson. He rushes to the Denver Mirror only to find Alexis as the new publisher. She presents h…

3 Oct 15


Krystle lays unconscious in her hospital room, a victim of Phil Thorpe’s crusade for revenge. Blake attributes the attempted murder to Alexis and vows to kill her if Krys…

4 Oct 22


Blake discovers La Mirage manager Jay Bradley purposely failed to tell him he hired the man believed responsible for the fire. Alexis continues her ruthless campaign against Bl…

5 Nov 05

The Arraignment

Alexis learns of Ben’s ploy to frame Blake with a bogus witness. Blake is denied bail and forced to await his trial behind bars. Krystle consults a doctor regarding her d…

6 Nov 12


Blake and Krystle fly to Caracas in an attempt to free Caress. Their efforts are wasted as a prison official, bribed by Ben, denies that she’s there. Alexis’ refoun…

7 Nov 19

The Mission

Blake and Dex go over plans to break Caress out of prison and return her to Denver. This would present Blake with a weapon to use against his brother’s treachery. Despite…

8 Nov 27

The Choice

Caress vows to avenge her years of imprisonment by threatening to reveal Alexis and Ben’s conspiracy behind Blake’s trial. Dana bitterly attacks Adam for using her…

9 Dec 03

The Secret

Caress continues her relentless extortion of Emily Fallmont, who turns to Blake, her only hope. Sammy Jo is hurt by Clay’s suggestion of an abortion. Danny’s nurser…

10 Dec 10

The Letter

As life slowly fades from Emily’s body, she whispers a last request to Blake to use the letter she left for him. The letter reveals the truth behind Alexis and Ben’…

11 Dec 17

The Ball

Armed with Emily Fallmont’s incriminating letter, Blake and Steven search for the witnesses who testified against him at his murder trial. Blake anticipates crashing Alex…

12 Dec 31


Alexis signs a legal document relinquishing all control of Denver-Carrington and the mansion back to Blake, as his promise to use Emily’s incriminating letter has its des…

13 Jan 07

The Rig

Sammy Jo continues to keep her false pregnancy a secret from Clay, fearing his adverse reaction upon learning the truth. Blake prepares to fly to Hong Kong with Ben and Alexis…

14 Jan 14

A Love Remembered (1)

A sudden change of heart compels Ben to return to the aid of his brother, as the two narrowly escape the destruction of the ensuing explosion. Alexis waits pensively for news o…

15 Jan 21

A Love Remembered (2)

Suffering from Clay’s suspicions that she tricked him into marrying her, Sammy Jo finds solace and a renewed friendship in Steven. Krystle and Dex begin their search for…

16 Jan 28

The Portrait

Krystle fears Blake’s recent days with Alexis may have renewed his feelings towards her. The arrival of the portrait of Blake, done by Alexis while in Singapore, only hei…

17 Feb 04

The Birthday

Although reluctant to end their brief marriage, Clay gives in to Sammy Jo’s demands and signs their annulment papers. Sympathizing over Ben’s heartfelt loss followi…

18 Mar 11

The Test

Alexis is reluctant to pursue a billion dollar venture put forth by a confident Michael Culhane. Suffering from congestive heart failure, Krystina lapses into unconsciousness,…

19 Feb 25

The Mothers

Krystina is flown to California to await a suitable donor for her heart transplant. Leslie arrives at the Carrington mansion, suitcases in hand, after accepting Krystle’s…

20 Mar 04

The Surgery

Krystle and Blake are stunned to learn the heart donor’s mother, Sarah Curtis, has had second thoughts on allowing the surgery. Neil McVane carries out his promise of bla…

21 Mar 11

The Garage

The Carrington family gathers to offer Krystina a joyous welcoming on her arrival home. Dirk Maurier, an arrogant California real estate baron, sets his sights on one of Denver…

22 Mar 18

The Shower

Adam and Dana’s relationship continues to deteriorate as a result of Adam’s self-abuse over the doubts of his Carrington heritage. Alexis asks Steven to try and fin…

23 Mar 25

The Dress

Krystle and Blake fear the worst upon discovering Krystina missing from her room. Their worries are quickly relieved when they find her sleeping downstairs, cradled in Sarah…

24 Apr 01


Steven questions his love for Sammy Jo and his homosexuality. Alexis disregards Dex’s warning of Dirk Maurier’s unscrupulous business practices, agreeing to a partn…

25 Apr 08

The Sublet

Blake and Krystle wait helplessly as an all-points-bulletin is put out for Sarah and Krystina. Adam betrays Alexis’ trust by tipping Neal McVane off to her and Dirk Mauri…

26 Apr 22

The Confession

Following the stock plunge of Trouville Industries and his large financial loss as a result, Dirk Maurier confronts Alexis. He accuses Adam of being responsible for the insider…

27 Apr 29

The Affair

Blake is stunned by Buck Fallmont’s claim that Clay may be Ben’s son. Concerned for Clay and Leslie’s well being, Blake tells Clay the shocking news. Hoping t…

28 May 06

Shadow Play

Krystle is haunted by an eerie sense of foreboding following the appearance of mysterious shadows beneath her window. A blood test to determine the identity of Clay’s rea…

About Dynasty

The saga of a wealthy Denver family in the oil business: Blake Carrington, the patriarch; Krystle, his former secretary and wife; his children: Adam, lost in childhood after a kidnapping; Fallon, pampered and spoiled; Steven, openly gay; and Amanda, hidden from him by his ex-wife, the conniving Alexis. Most of the show features the conflict between 2 large corporations, Blake’s Denver Carrington and Alexis’ ColbyCo.