Fantasy Island: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 16

The Homecoming / The Sheikh

In ““The Homecoming”“ a Vietnam veteran, long presumed dead wishes to be reunited with his family. Realizing that his wife has remarried and his son doe…

2 Sep 23

The Big Dipper / The Pirate

In ““The Big Dipper”“ a young girl tries to find a normal life with her pick-pocketing father, when a police sergeant shows up in search of her father.<…

3 Sep 30

The Beachcomber / The Last Whodunit

In ““The Beachcomber”“ Charles Preston fed up with the pressures of his life gives it all up to become a carefree beachcomber and winds up in more troub…

4 Oct 14

Best Seller / The Tomb

In ““Best Seller”“ Barry Hunter desires the limelight as best-selling author and the women throw themselves at him.
In ““The Tomb̶…

5 Oct 21

I Want to Get Married / The Jewel Thief

In ““I Want to Get Married”“ a woman wants her long-standing marriage shy boyfriend to finally go ahead with their wedding.
In ““The J…

6 Oct 28

War Games / Queen of the Boston Bruisers

In ““War Games”“ a bitter Vietnam veteran challenges a former Army buddy to a deadly competition. Unbeknowst to him, he holds him responsible for his br…

7 Nov 04

Let the Goodtimes Roll / Nightmare / The Tiger

In ““Let the Goodtimes Roll”“ a former hot-rod king wishes for his past glory and get the girl he left behind.
In ““Nightmare”&#…

8 Nov 11

Return / The Toughest Man Alive

In ““Return”“ lovely Helena Marsh returns to Fantasy Island to proclaim her love for……Mr. Roarke.
In ““The Toughest Man Al…

9 Nov 18

The Appointment / Mr. Tattoo

In ““The Appointment”“ Dr. John Carlson who is doctor too busy with business to see his patients, seeks funds to build a computerized health care comple…

10 Nov 25

The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird / The Island of Lost Women

In ““The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird”“ a former professional adventurer is hired by Professor Smith-Myles to go in search of Bigfoot.
In ̶…

11 Dec 02

Carnival / The Vaudevillians

In ““Carnival”“ a young coma victim believes that the man in her dreams really exists.
In ““The Vaudevillians”“ old timers…

12 Dec 09

Charlie's Cherubs / Stalag 3

In ““Charlie’s Cherubs”“ three secretaries want to be like their heroines-Charlie’s Angels.
In ““Stalag 3”“ fo…

13 Dec 16

The Lady and the Longhorn / Vampire

In ““The Lady and the Longhorn”“ sweet but wacky businesswoman Vera Templeton is after a millionaire to save her company from bankruptcy.
And in &…

14 Jan 13

Seance / The Treasure

In ““Seance”“ Clare Conti still distraught over her brother’s suicide learns that her brother was murdered during a seance.
In ““…

15 Jan 20

Cowboy / Substitute Wife

In ““Cowboy”“ Brian Kehoe complicates a happy reunion by past lies about being a rodeo star when in fact he is only a rodeo clown.
In “̶…

16 Jan 27

Photographs / Royal Flush

In ““Photographs”“ photographer Nancy Weston is haunted by the mysterious image of an unknown girl in her photos.
In ““Royal FlushR…

17 Feb 10

The Stripper / The Boxer

In ““The Stripper”“ a rich Daddy’s girl decides to become a Burlesque dancer using the name Lulu LaVerne, much to her father’s dismay.

18 Feb 17

Pentagram / A Little Ball / Casting Director

In ““Pentagram”“ TV reporter Jane Garwood becomes an unsuspecting target when her relationships start dying one by one.
In ““A Little…

19 Feb 24

Spending Spree / The Hunted

In ““Spending Spree”“ two girlfriends are given half a million dollars to spend and realize that friendship is more important than anything is.

20 Mar 03

Birthday Party / Ghostbreaker

““Birthday Party”“ is about a 47-year-old bar and grill owner from Phoenix, AZ (Carol Gates, played by Janet Leigh), who was forced to give up her twins…

21 Mar 17

Yesterday's Love / Fountain of Youth

In ““Yesterday’s Love”“ Peggy and Charles Atwood who are on the brink of divorce after 35 years of marriage, rekindle their love.
In “…

22 May 05

The Comic / The Golden Hour

In ““The Comic”“ unappreciated comedy writer Jerry Burton longs to become a stand-up comedian like his employer Danny Baker.
In ““The…

23 May 06

Cornelius and Alfonse / The Choice

In ““Cornelius and Alfonse”“ a couple of petty crooks seeking revenge against Mr. Roarke kidnap Tattoo for ransom. Unaware of what they have gotten them…

24 May 12

Bowling / Command Performance

In ““Bowling”“ amateur bowler Lou Fielding fulfills his dream of bowling with the world’s best bowlers!
In ““Command Performance…

25 May 13

Amusement Park / Rock Stars

In ““Amusement Park”“ a boy wants to run the park in order to have the opportunity to hire his dad whom he hasnt seen in a long time.
In “&#…

About Fantasy Island

Smiles everyone, Smiles! So began this long-running (7 season) series which was one of the ABC Network’s anthology/guest-cast series (along with The Love Boat) that proved wildly popular. Each week two guests came to “Fantasy Island” to get their wish/fantasy fulfilled. Their mysterious host, the debonair and suave white-suited Mr. Roarke, would do the sometimes impossible and grant them their wishes…but there was always some twist to the fantasy, letting the guest learn something about themselves or get something they weren’t expecting. Best remembered for the presence of Herve Villechaize as the diminuitive “Tattoo” and his cry of “De plane! De plane!” the show proved popular enough to go the distance and then spawn a brief revival/remake in the 1990s. A remake, Fantasy Island (1998)in the late 1990’s was not as successful as its predecessor.