Fantasy Island: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 07

Hit Man / The Swimmer

In ““Hit Man”“ a desperate man hires a hit man to eliminate him, so his family can inherit his lucrative insurance money. When suddenly an unexpected sa…

2 Sep 14

Goose for the Gander / The Stuntman

In ““Goose for the Gander”“ Marjorie Gibbs from Santa Fe, New Mexico signs up for a cooking competition in order to save her diner and ends up falling f…

3 Sep 21

Tattoo: the Love God / Magnolia Blossoms

In ““Tattoo: the Love God”“, Tattoo’s fantasy of becoming a god to many beautiful native women becomes a bit too much for him too handle.

4 Oct 05

Baby / Marathon: Battle of the Sexes

In ‘The Baby’ Tattoo becomes enamored of the little baby Patrick, whose parents were killed and Tattoo wishes to adopt him, but fears that because of his difference…

5 Oct 20

The Chain Gang / The Boss

In ‘The Chain Gang’ Mike Jenner is obsessed with finding his father’s killer, which could wind up causing his own death.
In ‘The Boss’ switc…

6 Oct 27

The Red Baron / Young at Heart

In ““The Red Baron”“ Cornelius an avid World War I buff and locksmith has the opportunity to experience first hand what it’s like to be a Flying A…

7 Nov 03

The Wedding

Mr. Roarke marries his longtime love Helena Marsh, knowing that their time together will be very short. Helena has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and her last wish is become…

8 Nov 10

The Handy Man / Tattoo's Romance

In ““The Handy Man”“ Holly Ryan is a small-time bookie who has to testify against gangster Spider Sloat who is out to kill him. His santuary ends up bei…

9 Nov 17

The Dancer / Nobody's There

In ““The Dancer”“ a Texas millionaire sponsors the comeback of a famous ballerina, so that he can declare his love for her.
And in ““N…

10 Nov 24

Class of '69 / The Pug

In ““Class of ’69”“ An overweight woman wishes to become thin in order to overcome her humiliation 10 years ago.
And in ““The Pu…

11 Dec 01

The Mermaid / The Victim

In ““The Mermaid”“ a marine biologist Professor DeHaven must chose between his infatuation with a mermaid and the love for his wife.
And in “…

12 Dec 08

The Cheerleaders / Marooned

In ““The Cheerleaders”“ two young women wish to become glamorous cheerleaders for their favorite football team.
And in ““Marooned̶…

13 Dec 15

The Inventor / On the Other Side

In ““The Inventor”“ absent-minded professor Professor Clebe finds himself in big trouble when his secret invention is revealed to the world.
And i…

14 Dec 22

Look-Alikes / The Winemaker

In ““Look-Alikes”“ A salesman wants to trade places with someone who looks like him and leads a more exciting life.
In ““The Winemaker…

15 Jan 12

Unholy Wedlock / Elizabeth

In ““Unholy Wedlock”“ Danny Collier finds himself in a true pickle when the woman he marries turns out to be the girl in his bachelor party cake and not…

16 Jan 19

Rogues and Riches / Stark Terror

In ““Rogues and Riches”“ Mark Hendricks, an attorney must travel to 18th century England to try and convince his client to go back to the present.

17 Jan 26

Playgirl / Smith's Valhalla

In ““Playgirl”“ beautiful former centerfold model Erica Clark wishes to turn the tables and treat men as sexual objects.
And in ““Smit…

18 Feb 02

Aphrodite / Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde

In ““Aphrodite”“ Professor Blair risks his sanity and his life when he goes after the woman of perfect beauty.
And in ““Dr. Jekyll…

19 Feb 09

The Swinger / Terrors of the Mind

In ““The Swinger”“ a middle-aged man wishes for the swinging youth he feels he never enjoyed.
And in ““Terrors of the Mind”̶…

20 Mar 01

Nona / One Million B.C.

In ““Nona”“ a blind man uses his gift of sight for 48 hours to search for the Nona, woman of his dreams.
And in ““One Million B.C. two…

21 Mar 08

Jungle Man / Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate

In ““Jungle Man”“ David Farley an actor who’s life has been centered on the television character ““Jungle Man”“ he create…

22 May 10

My Fair Pharaoh / The Power

In ““My Fair Pharaoh”“ Lucy Atwell travels in time to ancient Egypt and poses as Cleopatra, only to find her life in grave danger.
And in “&…

23 May 17

Eagleman / Children of Mentu

In ““Eagleman”“ Morris Binstock attempts to win back his son’s respect and admiration by becoming the comic book hero the boy worships forgoing a…

About Fantasy Island

Smiles everyone, Smiles! So began this long-running (7 season) series which was one of the ABC Network’s anthology/guest-cast series (along with The Love Boat) that proved wildly popular. Each week two guests came to “Fantasy Island” to get their wish/fantasy fulfilled. Their mysterious host, the debonair and suave white-suited Mr. Roarke, would do the sometimes impossible and grant them their wishes…but there was always some twist to the fantasy, letting the guest learn something about themselves or get something they weren’t expecting. Best remembered for the presence of Herve Villechaize as the diminuitive “Tattoo” and his cry of “De plane! De plane!” the show proved popular enough to go the distance and then spawn a brief revival/remake in the 1990s. A remake, Fantasy Island (1998)in the late 1990’s was not as successful as its predecessor.