Fastlane: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18


Van Ray and his partner, Andre Hayes, are on a sting to bring down a group selling stolen high end cars when something goes horribly wrong. Deaqon Hayes, Andre’s brother,…

2 Sep 25

Girls Own Juice

While out in a new car that Billie acquired, Van and Deaq come across a group of bikers that knocked up a diamond jeweler. The thieves turn out to be three women. They then pos…

3 Oct 30

Gone Native

Van and Deaq are sent in to bring down a Russian gun runner and more importantly his overseas contact. While trying to get close to the Russian and his sister, they find out th…

4 Oct 30

Things Done Changed

Rosaria, a special woman from Deaq’s past, comes to Deaq in hopes of getting his help in trying to leave her gangster husband, Alton, who has threatened to kill her if she leav…

5 Nov 06

Ryde or Die

Van and Deaq are in the middle of a shoot out in Aquarius’s club because Aquarius didn’t want to sell Ecstasy out of his club and the dealer shot up the place. They…

6 Nov 13

Ray Ray

While undercover posing a mob boss’ henchman, a counterfeiting job goes wrong. Van is forced to get his father, Raymond Ray, a renowned counterfeiter himself, out of prison on…

7 Nov 20


A club owner, who is going to turn states evidence and testify against a rival gang, has had a contract taken out on his life and the hitman, a sexy female assassin, has him ta…

8 Nov 27

Mighty Blue

Van and Deaq are sent in to penetrate an off-shoot of the Chinese Triad calling themselves Mighty Blue. There is already a mole, Alexa Tan, in the organization. She is an old f…

9 Dec 04

Get Your Mack On

Van and Deaq go undercover to catch a dangerous pimp who is under investigation of murder. Van and Deaq struggle over the fact that they have contradicting styles on how to do…

10 Dec 11


Shane, a drug runner for local dealer, gets caught and Billie is forces him to help Van and Deaq acquire credibility as marijuana suppliers with is boss, Trey, who is also Shan…

11 Jan 10

Strap On

Deaq’s house is robbed and in the process his maid is shot during the heist. Van and Deaq find out the perpetrators are female and try to get in close to them. Unfortunately fo…

12 Jan 17


A rookie officer, Jarod, comes to Billie with information on a pair of blackmailers that have been targeting cops and getting them to steal items from the evidence room. Billie…

13 Jan 24

Defense (1)

Van and Deaq go undercover to get inside the organization of one a gang boss, Cyrus One, who has been hiring assassins to gun down LAPD’s finest. They are forced to prove their…

14 Jan 31

Offense (2)

Billie has been implicated in the death of Cyrus One and been taken into custody after a SWAT team, under Roland Hill’s orders, busts into The Candy S…

15 Feb 07


Van’s father, Ray Ray, has been paroled from prison and Van has made it his job to make sure that he doesn’t fall back on the things that put him behind bars. However, a Nigeri…

16 Feb 14

Slippery Slope

Van’s old friend and flame, Cassidy Shaw, hasn’t started a new law abiding life and has found herself in trouble after taking something from a reputed mob boss. Van and Deaq mu…

17 Mar 07

Simone Says

An arms dealer, P.J. Collins, has decided to testify against his former colleagues on the condition that his daughter, Simone, is kept safe and cannot know that she is being gu…

18 Mar 14


A local teen and sports star is gunned down. His brother, the leader of a local gang, believes it to be a rival gang and wants blood for blood. Van and Deaq think differently a…

19 Mar 21


Van and Deaq go undercover to try and bring down a powerful drug lord. They get in and act as his security while trying to figure out what all he is really into. Meanwhile, the…

20 Mar 28


A methamphetamine ring has been going on for some time and Van and Deaq are sent in to try and end its distribution. Billie splits them up. Van tries to get close to the distri…

21 Apr 04


Van finally get some time for a little R&R, but it’s interrupted when he receives a call telling him he as just been poisoned and has twelve hours to live unless he, Deaq,…

22 Apr 18


Now that Van has gotten the antidote, the caller, Nick McKussick – a former criminal and the first person that Billie trained for The Candy Store before he turned on her, has i…

About Fastlane

Fastlane follows two renegade cops, LAPD officer Van Ray (Peter Facinelli, The Inside) and former gang member now NYPD narcotics cop Deaqon Hayes (Bill Bellamy, Cousin Skeeter), as they go undercover to catch the most elite criminals in Los Angeles, while searching for the ones that killed Deaq’s estranged brother and Van’s partner, Andre. Led by their no-nonsense boss, LAPD lieutenant Billie Chambers (Tiffani Thiessen, Beverly Hills, 90210), they have full access to The Candy Store, a downtown warehouse full of confiscated expensive goodies, such as Ducatis, Ferraris, and Rolexes. These ‘fifty-one percent cops and forty-nine percent criminals’ have the ultimate backstage pass to blend right into the glamorous world of high-stakes crime.