Full House: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 22

Come Fly with Me

Teaser: Hair…the complete story. Main Synopsis: Jesse and the Rippers have just finished another summer of touring. Stephanie and Michelle have had a crummy summer, and…

2 Sep 29

The Long Goodbye

Teaser: Joey, Michelle, and the twins play with soap bubbles. Main Synopsis: Teddy tells Michelle that he’ll be moving to Amarillo, Texas because his father got a new j…

3 Oct 06

Road to Tokyo

Teaser: Stephanie, Michelle, and the twins figure out what to do with broken toys. Main Synopsis: Fat Fish Records calls Jesse and tells him that ““Forever”…

4 Oct 13

Radio Days

Teaser: Where’s your tongue? Where’s your nose? Main Synopsis: Danny tells Jesse that radio station KFLH 95.6 is looking for a new after…

5 Oct 20

Lovers and Other Tanners

Teaser: Planting. (Teaser includes Stephanie and Michelle.) Main Synopsis: Danny has plans to pick Vicky up from the airport, so he asks D.J. to pick Michelle up from a Honey…

6 Oct 27

Educating Jesse

Teaser: Joey and Michelle play with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: D.J. and Kimmy are working together on a project that has the goal of preventing students from dropping out…

7 Nov 10

Trouble in Twin Town

Teaser: Danny has a gift to show Michelle and Stephanie. Main Synopsis: Becky’s snobby millionaire cousin Dick Donaldson has arrived in town from Nebraska with his wife…

8 Nov 17

The Play's the Thing

Teaser: Michelle finds D.J. and Steve kissing. Main Synopsis: Michelle’s first grade class is preparing to perform a play titled ““Yankee Doodle”̶…

9 Nov 24

Nice Guys Finish First

Teaser: D.J. looks for her pink sweater, which Michelle has on. Main Synopsis: Joey is scheduled to play in the Bay City Charity Foundation ice hockey game for the Celebrity…

10 Dec 01

I'm Not D.J.

Teaser: Becky finds Jesse and Joey playing football with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced so she can fit in at school, but Danny doesn&#…

11 Dec 08

Desiging Mothers

Teaser: It appears that Nicky and Alex don’t like beans. Main Synopsis: Vicky introduces Danny to her mother Liz Larson, an interior decorator who gives Stephanie and M…

12 Dec 15

A Very Tanner Christmas

Teaser: Jesse and Michelle hang up a king sized stocking. Main Synopsis: A very Tanner Christmas indeed! Christmas day is getting close. Becky tells Jesse that she misses the…

13 Jan 05

The Dating Game

Teaser: Becky and Michelle teach the twins how and where to clean. Main Synopsis: 5th grader Stephanie’s friend Josh asks Stephanie if she wants to go out with him and…

14 Jan 19

Birthday Blues

Teaser: Becky watches Nicky and Alex wake up Michelle. Main Synopsis: It’s Kimmy’s 16th birthday. D.J. is preoccupied by the fact that she and Steve have been dat…

15 Jan 26

Be True to Your Pre-School

Teaser: Stephanie and Michelle read D.J.‘s diary. Main Synopsis: After talking to the parents of Nicky and Alex’s friend Cooper Charles, Jesse wants Nicky and Ale…

16 Feb 09

The Heartbreak Kid

Teaser: Michelle and her friend Denise Frasier have nothing to do, so they jump up and down on Michelle’s bed. Main Synopsis: Michelle has fallen head over heels for St…

17 Feb 16

Silence is Not Golden

Teaser: Michelle and Denise watch a commercial about the ““Funny Buddy”“ riddles hotline. Main Synopsis: In a special episode: Stephanie and her class…

18 Feb 23

Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur

Teaser: Jesse, Joey, Michelle, and the twins have a reggae party in the living room. Main Synopsis: Michelle and her friends will be going on a field trip to a local museum o…

19 Mar 02

Subterranean Graduation Blues

Teaser: Collecting things to recycle. Main Synopsis: It’s time for Jesse to graduate from night school. Michelle suggests that everyone rides a subway train to the grad…

20 Mar 16

Grand Gift Auto

Teaser: A show by Joey, Comet, and the twins. Main Synopsis: Joey, who loves D.J. and her sisters like they were his own daughters, has bought D.J. a red 1977 Firebird for he…

21 Apr 06

Room for One More

Teaser: Joey and Michelle play with Nicky and Alex, who are dressed like little biker twins. Main Synopsis: While Stephanie and Michelle are babysitting a neighbor’s pe…

22 May 04

Prom Night

Teaser: Danny, Joey, Stephanie, Michelle, and Vicky are playing a card game called ““Fish”“. Main Synopsis: It’s time for Steve’s senior p…

23 May 11

The House Meets the Mouse (1)

Teaser: Nicky and Alex climb out of their cribs and get in bed with Jesse and Becky. Main Synopsis: Jesse and the Rippers are scheduled to do a show at Disney World in Orland…

24 May 18

The House Meets the Mouse (2)

Teaser: A recap of part 1. Main Synopsis: As everyone else is searching for Michelle, those who don’t know she’s missing are doing their own thing. Jesse and Joey…

About Full House

Set in San Francisco, this is a show about a very loving family headed by Danny Tanner, who became a single father when his wife, Pam Tanner, was killed in a car accident. Pam’s brother Jesse, and Danny’s best friend Joey Gladstone moved into the house to help Danny raise his three daughters D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.