Haunted Collector: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 01

Haunted Bayou & Library Ghost

The team delves under a house to find the source of a Lake Charles haunting; the Public Library in Deep River, Ct. holds a plethora of spooky occurrences.

2 Jun 08

My Mother's Ghost & Paranormal Predator

John and his team travel to California, where a woman is concerned about the ghostly phenomena in her home. Later, they investigate the paranormal claims of a hunter and his gi…

3 Jun 15

Burning Spirits & Ghosts of the West

John and his team look into the haunted history of some Native American Artifacts on display at a New Mexico bar. Then, they investigate the alleged paranormal activity taking…

4 Jun 22

The Sanitarium & Firehouse Phantom

Case # 1

Donna Wagner in Stratford, CT, has had a ton of paranormal activity that includes seeing the apparition of a child, glass spontaneously shattering and her ten…

5 Jun 29

Uncivil Spirit & Revolutionary Ghost

The team examines a Civil War-era “pain bullet” found in the backyard that may be causing paranormal activity in a house in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Then they travel t…

6 Jul 07

Slaughterhouse Ghosts & Supernatural Sword

John and the crew meet a woman named Michelle from Fairfield, CT who is hearing banging noises and something is scratching her horses. Michelle lives in a loft apartment near t…

About Haunted Collector

Do you ever feel like the eyes of a portrait might be following you across the room? Or, did you notice that a pen has mysteriously shifted from the location you last placed it? Sure, it could be a coincidence…or it could be paranormal. Ghosts and spirits inhabit more than just homes and buildings – they can live in objects, too. This summer, John Zaffis and his family are on a mission to ease your suspicions.

The Zaffis family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, these obscure items are collected and stored in the family’s museum, helping John’s clients bring normalcy back to their lives.