I Dream of Jeannie: Season 4


# Air Date Title

U-F-Oh Jeannie

While Tony and Roger testing a top secret flying saucer like craft for NASA, Jeannie pops on board and her extra weight causes them to go off course.…


Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks

Jeannie gives Tony a mysterious candy from her mother called ““Pipchicks”“. When it is discovered that the Pipchicks make Tony stronger, Tony tries to k…


Tomorrow is Not Another Day

Its the 16th and no newspaper has arrived at the Nelson home. Seeing Jeannie upset Roger suggest that she blinks in a newspaper. She does, but being informed of the wrong dat…



Jeannie does her brother a favor by babysitting his son, her nephew Abdullah. However, the baby can’t stop crying and the only one who can calm him down is Tony.


The Used Car Salesman


Djinn, Djinn, Go Home

A strange dog shows up on Tony’s doorstep and immediately turns invisible starts attacking Tony. Jeannie arrives and saves the day and informs Tony that it her dog Djinn…


The Strongest Man in the World

Jeannie’s magic makes Tony not only the strongest man (depicted by his easily lifting tables and other furniture), but gets him into trouble at the gym. Tony must compete…


Indispensable Jeannie

To prepare for an upcoming mission, Dr. Bellows tests the compatibility of Tony and Roger for one week. If they get along, great; but if not, they’ll be reassigned to dif…


Jeannie and the Top Secret

It’s been three years since Tony and Jeannie met, and boy has their relationship blossomed. He plans to celebrate their anniversary with a night on the town … until…


How To Marry an Astronaut


Dr. Bellows Goes Sane

Dr.Bellows has gathered what he believe’s is a complete Dossier on Tony.He intends to present it to General Peterson.Tony knows that if General Peterson reads that Dossie…


Jeannie, My Guru

Tony picks up a teen age hitchhiker named Suzy who happens to be the daughter of his new neighbor, General Schaeffer. Schaeffer is a stickler for efficiency and hates all hipp…


The Case of My Vanishing Master (1)

Tony is working on the plans for the Apollo space craft. However, Dr. Bellows informs him that because of a security leak he must be taken to a secure area until he is finishe…


The Case of My Vanishing Master (2)

Roger manages to arrive in time not only to stop the wedding, but he manages to convince Jeannie that the Tony she was about to manage was an impostor. Later, Tony comes home…


Ride 'Em Astronaut

When Jeannie becomes the 1,000,000th customer at the local supermarket, she wins several prizes including the right to become queen of the Cocoa Beach rodeo. Now Tony must ent…


Invisible House For Sale

After Roger tells Jeannie the reason why Tony cant spend enough time with her, it becomes evident that they have too big a house and Jeannie wants to move into an apartment. Sh…


Jeannie, the Governor's Wife

Jeannie tries to convince Tony to run for governor, not only because she feels that this will finally convince him to marry her, but because she has an honest face. Roger then…


Is There a Doctor in the House?

Tony’s sudden sleeping sickness causes Jeannie to consult her mother for advice, not realizing that it was Jeannie’s mother who caused it. Jeannie pleads with her…


The Biggest Star in Hollywood

Jeannie is invited to appear on the hip, 1960s comedy/variety TV show ““Laugh-In,”“ but it’s really her off-camera antics that are responsible for…


The Case of the Porcelain Puppy

Jeannie; reading a genie’s magazine; has found a new spell that turns ordinary objects into porcelain. this causes Dr. Bellows and his wife to think Tony is a real artist…


Jeannie for the Defense

Tony,and Roger are driving through a small town when they accidently bump into the car in front of them.They barely touch the car when the husband,seeing an opportunity in cash…


Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut

Jeannie’s Sister returns once again to make trouble for both Tony,and her sister,when finding out that if Tony’s weight is notup to the average Astranauts requireme…


Around the Moon in 80 Blinks

Tony goes on a space flight. Unfortunately, he catches a cold and Jeannie blinks him down to take care of him. However, she blinks down the wrong astronaut in Commander Les W…




Jeannie and the Secret Weapon


Blackmail Order Bride

Reporter Charlie Farnum tries to get a hot scoop on the life of Major Tony Nelson. He goes as far as to rig up a camera and a tape recorder in Tony’s house. However, To…

About I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970) centers on astronaut Tony Nelson who discovers a mysterious bottle that releases a genie named Jeannie. Jeannie is so happy to be free of her prison she promises to serve Capt. Nelson and grant him special favors.