In Justice: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 01

Brothers and Sisters

Jane McDermott is a 32-year-old former drug addict. She was convicted for murdering her father and is now serving a life sentence for the crime. She had always claimed to be in…

2 Jan 06


Dan Wainwright had spent the past 13 years in prison for robbery and murder. Convinced he is innocent, his wife contacts the National Justice Project for help because she wants…

3 Jan 13

Golden Boy

A high school athlete was convicted of murdering a college girl eight years earlier. His sister contacts the National Justice Project for help because she believes her brother…

4 Jan 20


The National Justice Project takes the case of a teenager who was convicted of murdering his own sister. Conti takes this case very personal because of a similar case he worke…

5 Jan 27

Another Country

Donald Brooks was convicted for the murder of an unborn child in 1999, during a burglary and violent fight with the mother. A former jusro asks the National Justice Project to…

6 Feb 03

The Ten Percenter

Brianna and Sonya are working on the case of a woman convicted of murdering an elderly couple. Things get complicated when they learn of Swain’s personal relationship wit…

7 Feb 10

Cost of Freedom

While investigating a case, Conti and Swain become suspicious and believe a federal informant is really a member of a far-right militia group who was involved in the bank robbe…

8 Feb 17

The Public Burning

The National Justice Project takes the case of Frank Benner, a mildly retarded man, who was convicted of murdering a priest and sentenced to death.

9 Mar 03


The National Justice Project takes the case of a convicted rapist, but there is dissention in the team when some of the members side with the victim who is sure of her eyewitne…

10 Mar 10

Badge of Honor

Conti and the NJP investigate the case of a police officer accused of killing another officer. The investigation puts Conti back into his former life…

11 Mar 17


After receiving an anonymous tip with evidence of a taped confession of a bombing, the NJP reinvestigates a couple who have already been convicted of…

12 Mar 24

Side Man

Brianna becomes personally involved when she pleads the case for a man who is serving 30 years for stealing a case of vodka because it was his third strike.

13 Mar 31

Crossing the Line

When a murder case from Sonya’s past re-emerges, the National Justice Project team’s investigation leads them to San Diego and Mexico.

About In Justice

Jason O’Mara said. “In Justice isn’t a procedural, In Justice isn’t a character drama, it isn’t a law show, it isn’t a cop show. But it’s all of those.” That is the best way to describe In Justice. In Justice has a different spin, instead of putting people in jail, they go out and free the wrongly convicted. Kyle MacLachalan plays David Swain, the head of the National Justice Project. No one knows for sure his true motives for starting this organization, possibly for political reasons. Jason O’Mara is his partner Charles Conti, an ex-cop who handles the investigations. Despite being opposites these two respect each other and work well together. The rest of the team consists of Constance Zimmer as Brianna, Daniel Cosgrove as Jon and Marisol Nichols as Sonya.