In Plain Sight: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 May 01

The Art of the Steal

Mary uses a thief to catch a thief when she asks a witness to consult on a crime in order to exonerate Brandi of grand theft auto.

2 May 08

Crazy Like a Witness

Mary’s paranoid witness wants to reconnect with his son.

3 May 15

Love in the Time of Colorado

Mary is caught between a witness and a suspect.

4 May 22

Meet the Shannons

A beauty pageant queen finds out that she’s spent most of her life in witness protection

5 Jun 05

Second Crime Around

Mary works with an unapologetic con artist.

6 Jun 12

Something's A-mish

An Amish witness comes into the program and must learn to adapt.

7 Jun 19

I'm a Liver Not a Fighter

A terminally ill father wants to reconcile with his children.

8 Jun 26

Kumar vs. Kumar

Mary plays marriage councilor in order to mediate a WITSEC divorce. Not only must she reconcile a stubborn witness, but also thousands of years of Hin…

9 Jul 10

The Rolling Stones

Mary gets a WITSEC two-fer, when a witness is forced to enter the program after being mistaken for his “evil” twin brother. Not only must…

10 Jul 17

Girls, Interrupted

Marshall and Stan contend with a rock-star witness and her controlling mother while Mary is away on a WITSEC-mandated road trip.

11 Jul 24


Mary helps protect a guilt-ridden Army veteran; Marshall & Abigail consider the next step.

12 Jul 31

A Womb With a View

Mary protects a courtesan from the gangster father of her baby.

13 Aug 07

Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up

Mary must protect her least favorite witnesses on the day of her sister’s wedding.

About In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight follows the story of a Federal Marshall with the Witness Protection program who must hide her high-risk, high-impact job from her family. To those that know her, Mary Shannon is a glorified meter maid, but her real job is much more dangerous. She must oversee federal witnesses who have been relocated through the Witness Protection program and make sure that they stay safe….