JAG: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

A New Life (1)

Lt. Harmon “Harm” Rabb, a JG Lawyer who investigates and litigates crimes committed by Navy and Marine personnel, looks into the mysterious death of a female pilot…

2 Sep 23

A New Life (2)

Harm & Kate continue to investigate the death of Lt. Angela Arutti, all the while the carrier remaining on combat status.

3 Sep 30


The test of a new torpedo is carried out on board the submarine, the USS Tiger Shark. The test is overseen by the civilian software developer, Dirk G…

4 Oct 07

Desert Son

During a maneuver, transposed digits lead to a fatal bombing of own men. This causes several seriously wounded and eventually one dead soldier. Lt. Rabb and Lt. Austin ar…

5 Oct 21

Deja Vu

Harm and Meg are investigating the death of a Navy officer at the Arlington Cemetary, where during the months before other Navy officers have been murdered, too. This one…

6 Nov 04

Pilot Error

During a test flight Lt. Pendry has a deadly crash with his Tomcat. Harm and Meg are ordered to probe this case and the facts point at a pilot error and not at a system m…

7 Nov 11

War Cries

Cpl. Parr shoots at an intruder, who he believes has shoot at him first, at the US-Embassy in Lima, Peru. The intruder, who turns out to be an unarmed 15 years old teen,…

8 Dec 02

Brig Break

Harm and Meg should investigate the theft of stolen missiles at the Seatac Naval Base. While interrogating Quinn, the theft, a prison breakout takes place and Lt. Austin…

9 Dec 09


Cpl. Ednar and Cpl. Anderson mistakenly cross the Iraqi border. Trying to escape an Iraqi border patrol Cpl. Ednar is killed and Cpl. Anderson is taken prisoner. The Iraqi gove…

10 Jan 06


Meg goes under cover as a Marine recruit in order to investigate the mysterious death of a female private in a boot camp. Inbetween Harm takes the usual way. The training…

11 Jan 13


While searching for a girl who disappeared near an abandoned Naval Air Station, Harm and Meg watch the same mysterious lights and hear the same painful sound which also t…

12 Feb 03

The Brotherhood

During a simulated attack a seriously wounded Marine is found on the beach. JAG is called in to investigate. Harm and Meg follow two ways: An ex…

13 Mar 13

Defensive Action

Harmon Rabb is promoted and his first assignment as Lt. Commander is defending Capt. ‘CAG’ Boone in a court-martial. During a mission…

14 Mar 20


After a stroke by lightning a demaged Tomcat flying over Cuba is forced to land by the local air force. Harm and Meg, accompanied by Cdr. Krennick and undersecretary of s…

15 Mar 27


Due to an exchange of digits Lt. Austin receives a fax with the itinerary for a person with the codename ‘Shepherd’. Later on, a Commander from the Royal Navy…

16 Apr 03

High Ground

GSgt. Crockett, instructor for snipers at the Boot Camp in Quantico, should be transferred to Bosnia. But there’s a deal existing between him and his former command…

17 Apr 10

Black Ops

Harm is called in to probe the death of Navy pilot Lt. Marion – son of US-Senator Grace Marion – while training with the Navy SEALS.…

18 Apr 17


Harm represents the divorced Marine colonel Anderson who has spent some more time with his son, before he and his mom are moving far away, than the time allotted in his c…

19 May 01


An evacuation training for a Space Shuttle team ends with a dead pilot caused by a broken cable. Harm and Meg investigate and soon find out that the cable was sabotaged.…

20 May 08

The Prisoner

On a sailing trip near Hongkong Harm is captured by the Chinese military. They want him to reveal the United States’ position in case the Chinese should take two is…

21 May 22


A killed Navy officer working at a destroyer’s new defensive system is investigated by Harm with help from Lt. Pike and Cdr. Brockman. Later on, during the testing…

22 May 29

Skeleton Crew

A murdered female lieutenant turns out to be Lt. Schonke, a friend (with whom he attended Academy together) of Harm’s but neither Cdr. Krennick nor Agent Turque, an…

About JAG

JAG (military-speak for Judge Advocate General) is an adventure drama about this elite legal wing of officers trained as lawyers who investigate, prosecute and defend those accused of crimes in the military, including murder, treason and terrorism. Navy Cmdr. Harmon “Harm” Rabb (David James Elliott), an ace pilot turned lawyer, and Marine Lt. Col. Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), a beautiful by-the-book officer, are colleagues who hold the same high standards but find themselves clashing when they choose different routes to get to the same place. The unmistakable chemistry between them must be held at bay for professional reasons as they traverse the globe together with a single mission: to search for and discover the truth. Helping them with their mission is Navy Lt. Cmdr. Bud Roberts (Patrick Labyorteaux), a lawyer who proved his grit and determination when, after losing a leg in a land mine field while on a mission, fought back and became even better at his job, and Cmd