Jeremiah: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 03

The Long Road (1)

The wanderer Jeremiah comes to the market community Clairfield, looking to barter for supplies and maybe get a lead on the whereabouts of the Valhalla Sector. The place is run…

2 Mar 03

The Long Road (2)

Jeremiah and Kurdy make their way towards Thunder Mountain, hoping to find whoever Simon was working for.

3 Mar 15

Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass

A somewhat fanciful tale of a guy who grew up after the Big Death believing that some day the super heroes he read about as a kid would come back and fix things…and a tal…

4 Mar 22

...And the Ground, Sown with Salt

Jeremiah and Kurdy are captured by Michael and his men, who operate out of a local military base. Michael has concluded that God is dead, and it’s about time someone took…

5 Mar 29

To Sail Beyond the Stars

While trying to track down info on “the Burners”, a mysterious group that’s burning down whole settlements in seemingly random fashion, Jeremiah encounters a…

6 Apr 05

The Bag

The son of a medical doctor has set up what may turn out to be a dubious medical practice of his own, traveling with his brother from town to town and exploiting people…a…

7 Apr 12

City of Roses

Jeremiah and Kurdy travel in search of more information on the Big Death and Valhalla Sector, and along the way discover some potentially dark secrets about the fate of Kurdy&#…

8 Apr 19


Kurdy and Jeremiah find a recon team in enviro suits and capture one prisoner…Quantrell, who commanded Thunder Mountain before the Big Death, when Markus and his father w…

9 Apr 26

The Red Kiss

Jeremiah and Kurdy attempt to save a community when its children begin disappearing amid a rumor that the blood of children can be used to prevent the return of The Big Death.<…

10 May 03

Journeys End in Lovers Meeting

Jeremiah and Kurdy befriend a group of people dedicated to nonviolence who are searching for what they call a New World. While the pair thwart the group’s takeover by a b…

11 May 10

Thieves' Honor

Kurdy and Jeremiah goes to Clairfield to save Elizabeth who has been kidnapped by some of Theo’s former underlings. In Thunder Mountain there is an investigation trying t…

12 May 17

The Touch

Jeremiah and Kurdy arrive in Mayfair and find the townspeople dead of cyanide. In the next town of New Hope they find the locals have an aversion to touching. The Elders ruthle…

13 May 24

Mother of Invention

Jeremiah and Kurdy are sent to contact an elusive group led by a mysterious “Steve” but get captured. One of his captors is Michelle, a woman he met (in flashback)…

14 May 31


Realizing that Valhalla Sector is systematically taking control of the Nuclear Missile Silos starting from the east coast and moving east to-wards Thunder Mountain (Cheyenne M…

15 Jun 07

Ring of Truth

After receiving a message from Theo (from “The Long Road”) saying she wants to “thank” Jeremiah and Kurdy for saving her life, they find themselves wrap…

16 Jun 14

Moon in Gemini

Kurdy and Elizabeth try to make contact with an isolated “black power” movement, while Erin drags Jeremiah along to help get her twin sister out of trouble.

17 Jun 28

Out of the Ashes

Kurdy and Jeremiah are off to Jeremah’s old stomping grounds of Denver to pick up some books at a library. They meet the “librarian”, Edgar, and Kurdy stays t…

18 Jul 05

A Means to an End

Markus’s position as Thunder Mountain’s leader is challenged by brothers who are threatened by the decision to introduce outside community leaders to the secret hea…

19 Jul 12

Things Left Unsaid (1)

Jeremiah and Kurdy discovers that someone is a traitor, this leads them to the missing page in Simon’s diary. With the help of the diary they find the real reason behind…

20 Jul 19

Things Left Unsaid (2)

Erin and Markus goes to St. Louis to hold a conference in an attempt to better the world. Jeremiah does not heed Ezekiel’s wishes and visits Milhaven, hoping to find the…

About Jeremiah

15 years after a virus wiped out everyone who had passed puberty, the survivors are living on the scraps of the old world. Now they must either continue the downward slide, or begin to rebuild the world, taking responsibility for themselves and the world and each other.