Kevin Hill: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 29


Hotshot attorney Kevin Hill’s life changes overnight when he is given custody of his recently deceased cousin’s 10-moth-old baby Sarah. As he struggles to adapt his…

2 Oct 06

The Good Life

Believing she has been branded a bad mom simply because she is famous, Kevin agrees to defend rock star Carly Austin who’s on the verge of losing her daughter, but when h…

3 Oct 20

Making the Grade

Kevin and Nicolette pair up to defend Andrew LaFleur , the charismatic owner of a high end dating service being sued by a shy, introverted client who is distraught over “…

4 Oct 27


In order to get temporary custody over baby Sarah, Kevin must convince court-appointed social worker Eleanor Frank that he’s fit to be a guardian, but after realizing tha…

5 Nov 02

Gods and Monsters

Kevin and Veronica tag team to defend a hotshot hockey player who was fired after attacking an unruly fan, but when their feisty client decides to throw in the towel in the mid…

6 Nov 03

Snack Daddy

Grey & Associates takes on a sexual discrimination lawsuit representing a young female sales rep claiming to have been unjustly terminated from her job, but as the mountain…

7 Nov 10

House Arrest

Stranded at home after catching Sarah’s flu, Kevin is stuck coaching from the sidelines as Veronica is left to defend a school teacher who was fired after the administrat…

8 Nov 17

Full Metal Jessie

Jessie goes into full legal battle mode to keep her son when her ex sues for custody. When Kevin represents the cheerleading squad of a local pro team, romantic sparks ignite b…

9 Nov 24

Going for the Juggler

Kevin juggles two women when Evelyn (the movie star) comes back into town while he is dating Monroe McManus. Nicolette and Kevin defend Serena, a dance instructor, being sued…

10 Dec 01

The Unexpected

Kevin’s nanny gets sued for assault when he intervenes a gay-bashing. Kevin now dates a movie star.

11 Dec 15

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Kevin and Veronica must defend a bigamist husband seeking joint custody of his children from multiple wives.

12 Jan 05

Homeland Insecurity

Kevin and Veronica must defend a woman who has mistakenly been put on the watch list as a potential threat to the security of the United States.
Meanwhile, Kevin is label…

13 Jan 26

Man's Best Friend

Kevin wrestles with the demeaning allegations against his law school mentor when he agrees to represent him in a sexual harassment lawsuit against a female student.

14 Feb 09

A River in Egypt

Kevin represents the widow of a former colleague when she sues his old firm for literally working her husband to death.

15 Feb 16

Occupational Hazard

Kevin represents the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq who are suing the school where he was recruited.

16 Feb 23

Cardiac Episode

Kevin must get Sarah’s birth mother to give up all her rights to her for Kevin to fully get custody on her. Kevin starts dating a beautiful model, but doesn’t think…

17 Mar 23

Only Sixteen

Kevin represents a psychiatrist being sued by a couple who blames him when their troubled teenage son visits a prostitute as part of his therapy.
Meanwhile, Monroe, one o…

18 Apr 13

In This Corner

After Dame’s client loses confidence in him, he enlists Kevin’s help behind Dame’s back. Kevin tries to defend a professional boxer from going to jail over a…

19 Apr 27

The Monroe Doctrine

Kevin is annoyed he is letting his new girlfriend Monroe take over all of his free time and leaving Sarah out. George thinks about getting a new job. Kevin helps Veronica defen…

20 May 04

Through the Looking Glass

As Sarah gets her first haircut, Kevin agrees to help the barbershop owner to help save her shop to not be destroyed to make room for a large development. Dame realizes that hi…

21 May 11

Sacrificial Lambs

Kevin gets the surprise of his life when Sarah’s birth mother comes back with her new fiancé, a pastor who wants to file for sole custody of Sarah. Meanwhile, Jessie and…

22 May 18

Losing Isn't Everything

About Kevin Hill

A hot-shot attorney at a prestigious entertainment law firm, Kevin Hill (Taye Diggs) is a star on the rise. He commands attention in the courtroom and at the hottest clubs in New York City. Through all of his exploits, he is joined by his buddy, the charming and witty Dame (Jon Seda), who is always up for a good time. Without warning, Kevin’s whole life turns upside down when he’s left to raise the ten-month-old daughter of his cousin, who unexpectedly passes away. Overnight, this once unflappable player turns into a nervous dad. After figuring out how to deal with bottles, diapers and his new no-nonsense, gay nanny, George (Patrick Breen), Kevin is forced to overhaul his life and quits his shark-infested, workaholic law firm for a flex-time, boutique law office, Grey & Associates, owned and staffed completely by women. With the change in pace and clientele at the new firm, Kevin must adjust his attitude when dealing with his new co-workers, who include Jessie Grey (Michael M