L.A. Law: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 15

The Lung Goodbye

Kuzak takes a personal interest in representing a terminally ill smoker suing a tobacco company; Sifuentes’s bad luck with women continues; Kelsey and Markowitz unsuccess…

2 Oct 22

The Wizard of Odds

Brackman begins to get carried away over his judicial appointment until an insulting parrot puts him in his place; Kelsey successfully represents a psychiatrist being sued in c…

3 Oct 29

Cannon of Ethics

Kelsey seeks the advice of outside counsel, Kuzak’s former mentor Wendell Gleason, in resolving her ethical dilemma about Dr. Warren’s guilt, but is none too apprec…

4 Nov 05

Brackman Vasektimized

Kelsey forces a client to clean up his act after she discovers that his company is knowingly dumping carcinogens into a local water supply; the jealousy bug takes a big bite ou…

5 Nov 12

The Brothers Grimm

Sifuentes represents a traumatized woman suing a cop for not intervening as he witnessed her rape, and her boyfriend’s murder, during an armed robbery in a bar; Markowitz…

6 Nov 19

Auld L'Anxiety

McKenzie overcomes his fear of aging, as well as a little vanity, in successfully representing a client in an age discrimination case; Van Owen is devastated when a witness she…

7 Dec 03

Rohner vs. Gradinger

Rollins does an end run around Markowitz and McKenzie to retain a client, much to their displeasure; Sifuentes meets an attractive divorcee; Kelsey’s misgivings about her…

8 Dec 10

Goldilocks and the Three Barristers

Van Owen prosecutes three attorneys for the sexual molestation of a teenage stripper; after agonizing over the possibility that Vasek may have exposed him to

9 Dec 17

Divorce with Extreme Prejudice

Van Owen has mixed emotions about successfully prosecuting a teenager who murdered his abusive father; seeking to get out from under his brother’s blackmail, Brackman con…

10 Jan 07

Full Marital Jacket

In the aftermath of his anxiety attack, Brackman has a new perspective on life, and his wife has a new perspective on their relationship that involves talking to lawyers; Benny…

11 Jan 14

Gorilla My Dreams

Sifuentes’s plan to use the zoo as a teaching tool for giving Stulwicz some sex education has unexpected benefits for two of its residents; Melman’s new boyfriend g…

12 Jan 21

Hand Roll Express

McKenzie gets Brackman’s arrest for solicitation vacated when he’s able to prove that his colleague really was ordering off the menu at a sushi bar, and not negotia…

13 Feb 11

Beauty and Obese

Kuzak represents an attorney suing the law firm that fired her for being overweight; Markowitz gets caught up in the middle of greedy heirs, their attorneys, Kelsey, and Brackm…

14 Feb 18

Pettycoat Injunction

Still traumatized by the mob hit, Van Owen resigns from the firm and decides to take some time off before job hunting; Kuzak shocks Becker into dropping a client who’s il…

15 Feb 25

The Bald Ones

Brackman loses a parent, but gains another sibling; Kuzak convinces Van Owen to come out of retirement to represent his client’s co-defendant in a felony murder trial; P…

16 Mar 03

Fetus Completus

Feelings run high among the attorneys at the firm when Kelsey represents a doctor petitioning the court to allow him to deliver an endangered eight month old fetus by Caesarean…

17 Apr 14

Belle of the Bald

Kuzak successfully represents a woman who murdered her rapist after he invoked his diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution, but the case ends tragically when the rapist’…

18 Apr 21

Open Heart Perjury

Rollins goes after a businessman who bilked a widow out of her life’s savings; Becker capitalizes on the pending divorce of a judge who’s presiding over his case; R…

19 Apr 28

Leapin' Lizards!

A TV superhero fights to remain in the role of the Salamander; Becker celebrates his birthday with the new woman in his life; and Roxanne discovers she has a big tax problem.

20 May 05

Chariots of Meyer

Van Owen is stung when the defense attorney of the man she prosecutes for attempted murder levels charges of racism against both her and the witnesses in the case; McKenzie gai…

About L.A. Law

On this critically acclaimed drama about a top Los Angles law firm, some of the best battles take place outside of the courtroom. In the bedroom, in the courtroom, or at McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak’s staff meetings, the firm’s ambitious, competitive attorneys confront conflict between their own desires, their obligations as attorneys, and their principles as human beings.