L.A. Law: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 18

The Bitch Is Back

The shadow of Rosalind Shays again darkens the door of the firm when she sues them for discrimination, while another lawsuit escalates racial tensions.

2 Oct 25

Happy Trails

Rollins feels exploited when he’s asked to assist on the Chisholm case; a surprise witness testifies in Rosalind’s suit; Brackman considers breaking off with sex su…

3 Nov 01

Lie Harder

An unexpected witness emerges in the Chisholm case; the parents of an emotionally disturbed adopted son seek relief through the courts; Melman refuses to do personal errands f…

4 Nov 08

Armand's Hammer

Holloway takes the stand; a savvy lawyer, C.J. Lamb, gets wise to the firm’s strategy in a lawsuit; a college professor claims he was publicly humiliated on a TV home-vid…

5 Nov 15

Smoke Gets in Your Thighs

A gay-rights case proves to be emotionally trying for the parents and lover of a terminally ill man; Van Owen is taken aback by Sollers’ proposition; the firm goes to cou…

6 Nov 29

Vowel Play

Douglas appears on Wheel of Fortune (daytime version) & when he’s champion, he tries to ask Vanna out on a date.
He wins one round with the puzzle, “̶…

7 Dec 06

New Kidney on the Block

Van Owen is given another option when a hospital rejects her client for a kidney transplant; a flag-burner is beaten up by an outraged citizen; Murray and Benny double date.

8 Dec 13

God Rest Ye Little Gentleman

A disfigured doctor charges a clinic with discrimination; Benny anticipates the holidays with his new roommate; Van Owen defends a former colleague.

9 Jan 03


The wife of a brain-damaged boxer sues his promoter; Abby speaks out on TV on gun control; Sifuentes and Van Owen mull their relationship.

10 Jan 10

Pump it Up

McKenzie’s social life is scrutinized; Sifuentes has misgivings about defending a client; Becker gives a golddigger a creative divorce; Kuzak clashes with Van Owen.

11 Jan 31

Rest in Pieces

A soldier faces a military court for disobeying orders; C.J. represents a home buyer who claims her house is haunted; ““personality differences”“ affect…

12 Feb 07

He's a Crowd

Rosalind promises to help McKenzie save an account; a case of multiple personalities confounds Kuzak; Abby collaborates with C.J. to build her practice; Roxanne is subpoenaed i…

13 Feb 14

Dances with Sharks

A jog in a white neighborhood lands Rollins in jail as a rape suspect; C.J.‘s client goes before a Navajo tribal court to get her son back from his father; Brackman moves…

14 Feb 21

The Gods Must Be Lawyers

Sifuentes is forced to play God on behalf of his brother; a headline-hunter charged with murdering her husband hunts for an attorney; Zoey takes on a rape case she’s unsu…

15 Mar 14

The Beverly Hills Hangers

Lawyers stand ready to assist Mullaney and Kuzak, who are defending Rikki Davis on murder charges; McKenzie gets a surprise proposal as he faces his birthday.

16 Mar 21

Good to the Last Drop

Zoey scoffs at the legal system when a child-killer goes free; a delinquent taxpayer protests Government spending; Rosalind steps in to help McKenzie with yet another case.

17 Mar 28

Mutinies on the Banzai

Roxanne and Ann quietly (but gleefully)toast the death of Rosalind whome they both despised. McKenzie feels guilty about Rosalinds death but realises that she may have had it c…

18 Apr 04

As God Is My Co-Defendant

Recent events lead to chaos at the firm; religion goes on trial in the case of a couple who relied on their faith to save their dying son; C.J. instructs East Bloc lawyers on t…

19 Apr 25

Speak, Lawyers, For Me

Staffers fear Dave Meyer will derail the firm; Brackman plays litigator in the case of a transsexual fired from a job as a model; and Mullaney weighs a coach’s negligence…

20 May 02

There Goes the Judge

An eccentric judge loses his grip on reality; Rollins gets caught up in his own agenda while defending a black motorist charged with evading the police; Becker grapples with h…

21 May 09

On the Toad Again

Kelsey and Sollers get caught up in winning a murder case involving an unstable client; a retiree finds euphoric companionship in his pet toads; a team owner objects to a singe…

22 May 16

Since I Fell For You

An AIDS-stricken attorney fights an insurance company’s refusal to pay for an experimental treatment; Kelsey’s admission concerning a murd…

About L.A. Law

On this critically acclaimed drama about a top Los Angles law firm, some of the best battles take place outside of the courtroom. In the bedroom, in the courtroom, or at McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak’s staff meetings, the firm’s ambitious, competitive attorneys confront conflict between their own desires, their obligations as attorneys, and their principles as human beings.