L.A. Law: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 10

Something Old, Something Nude

Facing financial woes, the firm is forced to share office space with an entertainment lawyer; Van Owen’s high-profile client is charged with murdering her abusive husband…

2 Oct 17

TV or Not TV

Van Owen elicits emotional testimony from Elsa Chandler; the Government’s handling of the MIA issue following the Vietnam War comes under fire i…

3 Oct 31

Do the Spike Thing

Brackman is the unwitting victim in a gay-bashing incident; Kelsey defends a logging-company executive in a case involving a tree-spiking activist; C.J.‘s father comes to…

4 Nov 07

Spleen It to Me, Lucy

Zoey’s case threatens to move a death-row schizophrenic closer to an execution date; a splenectomy patient challenges a doctor’s right to profit from her donor cell…

5 Nov 14

Monkey on My Back Lot

A tenant at a housing project where guns have been banned sues for the right to defend himself; a recovering addict faces reproductive restrictions; McKenzie arbitrates a divor…

6 Nov 21


As new DA Ruby Thomas takes office, the firm’s reputation is tainted when Frank Kittredge defends a mob boss; Markowitz challenges an exhibition-basketball team’s f…

7 Dec 12

Lose the Boss

Brackman’s former sister-in-law sues to get the school board to pay for her disabled son’s private education; Bloom defends an overweight man accused of assaulting…

8 Dec 19

The Nut Before Christmas

C.J. takes a personal interest in a case involving a friend, a divorcée whose lesbian affair foments a custody battle for her kids; Brackman can’t seem to muster staff e…

9 Jan 09

Guess Who's Coming To Murder?

Mullaney is pitted against Zoey in his defense of an accused serial killer and rapist; a client’s sanity comes into focus during the handling of a movie deal; Bloom finds…

10 Jan 16

Back to the Suture

A patient paralyzed after surgery sues her physician; Benny petitions for custody of a homeless youth; not everyone is supportive of Brackman’s courting Veronica.

11 Jan 30

All About Sleaze

C.J.‘s client accuses the Government of negligence in the rape-murder of his wife; Becker’s ego is cut down to size over the airwaves; Mullaney’s presence sti…

12 Feb 13

I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. Markowitz

Mullaney co-chairs a suit by Honduran farmers who claim U.S. pesticides made them sterile; Zoey helps a co-worker confront her repressed memories; Markowitz meets the actress o…

13 Feb 20

Steal It Again, Sam

Sifuentes visits the firm and finds that his failed relationship with Van Owen demands his attention; Kittredge takes on a legal dispute involving a perfume queen and her protÃ…

14 Feb 27

Diet, Diet, My Darling

Flanagan brings suit against her father; McKenzie arbitrates a dispute between a cookbook author and her student; Rollins’ dad comes to him for help.

15 Mar 19

Great Balls Afire

A Jewish philanthropist halts funding for a medical researcher who is using data from Nazi experiments; the Markowitzes anticipate the worst from a girl claiming to be Stuart&#…

16 Mar 26

From Here to Paternity

The partners disagree about Van Owen’s defending a celebrity baseball player on rape charges; DePalma becomes embroiled in a sting operation on a corrupt judge; Markowitz…

17 Apr 16

P.S. Your Shrink Is Dead

Becker’s shrink drops dead; the Brackmans use Alexander to call one another’s bluff; Kelsey fires Ned after he makes a pass at her; McKenzie chastises DePalma for…

18 Apr 23

Love in Bloom

A multimillionaire tries to buy his way out of a murder charge; parental concerns compound for the Brackmans and Benny when Alexander and Sam end up in juvenile court; and an <…

19 Apr 30

Silence of the Lambskins

Mullaney works with a feisty young prosecutor when he takes an out-of-town assignment as the lead prosecutor in the case of a missing woman presumed murdered by her co-worker d…

20 May 07

Beauty and the Breast

Frank is fired for his role in destroying Becker’s case; C.J. represents a movie executive who’s being sued by an actress for insisting that she get breast implants…

21 May 14

Double Breasted Suit

A widower sues a psychic, claiming he was bilked; C.J. grows friendly with the opposing cousel in the breast-implant case.

22 May 21

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Jonathan dumps Zoey; the Brackmans decide to reconcile and remarry; Victor Sifuentes returns to reclaim Van Owens’ hand; Zoey’s decision to advance her career by pe…

About L.A. Law

On this critically acclaimed drama about a top Los Angles law firm, some of the best battles take place outside of the courtroom. In the bedroom, in the courtroom, or at McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak’s staff meetings, the firm’s ambitious, competitive attorneys confront conflict between their own desires, their obligations as attorneys, and their principles as human beings.