L.A. Law: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 22

L.A. Lawless

McKenzie, Brackman restructures itself into a leaner, meaner firm with the arrival of new partner Daniel Morales and the departure of Grace, C.J. and Susan Bloom; after a harro…

2 Oct 29

Second Time Around

Five months have passed since the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and Brackman becomes his own worst enemy when he sues the city for false arrest on the charge of disturbing the peace;…

3 Nov 05

Zo Long

Brackman sees life’s underbelly from behind bars; Jonathan gets in a mudslinging contest in the final days before the election, and makes comments about the attack on Mar…

4 Nov 12

Wine Knot

Markowitz, Rollins and Brackman return to work; Becker gives his client some very Zen advice when a case of sour grapes pits sibling wine makers against each other; Taylor foll…

5 Nov 19

My Friend Flicker

Melman resigns as office manager and returns to working for Becker; McKenzie represents a friend in a reverse discrimination case; Markowitz struggles to overcome his fear of i…

6 Dec 03

Love on the Rox

Kelsey represents a man who wants to prevent his ex-wife from implanting the frozen embryos that they created during their marriage; Taylor stumbles in her first unsupervised…

7 Dec 10

Helter Shelter

Brackman is distraught when the pocket watch he inherited from his father disappears; new associate Melina Paros joins the firm; Becker accepts an intricate assignment from Fli…

8 Dec 17

Christmas Stalking

Kelsey represents Markowitz in court and gets the charges suspended with Mullaney’s support; suspecting that Morales may be her stalker, Taylor gives him the cold shoulde…

9 Jan 07

Odor in the Court

Becker realizes why Flicker has kept Schuller on ice when they finally come face-to-face; Paros returns a favor to McKenzie by calling in a favor with the State’s Attorne…

10 Jan 14

Spanky and the Art Gang

Becker and Morales successfully defend the dominatrix accused of Schuller’s death; Rollins represents a developer who deliberately commissions an offensive sculpture for…

11 Jan 21

Bare Witness

Taylor is haunted by nightmares of Salerno; Brackman represents the owner of a gentleman’s club charged with indecency by the city; Markowitz comes through on the stand a…

12 Jan 28

Parent Trap

Rollins represents a man whose drunk driving caused the accident that left his pregnant girlfriend in a coma, and who is now suing to keep her on life support until his unborn…

13 Feb 18

Hello and Goodbye

A widow charges a news photographer with encouraging her late husband’s suicide; Mullaney maintains a vigil by his father’s hospital bed; and authorities are summon…

14 Feb 25

Where There's a Will

McKenzie pursues a witness who could re-open Osgood’s case; a murder-for-hire case involves Paros with a family friend; star-crossed lovers cross literary swords in the c…

15 Apr 01


Brackman represents a man with ties to Hillary Clinton; a man is accused of murdering the rapist who attacked his daughter; and a client who wants a divorce from her husband, a…

16 Apr 08

Cold Shower

Taylor knows just what to say when Markowitz has a problem with a client who demands that the I.R.S. treat her with respect before she’ll agree to settle her $800,000 deb…

17 Apr 15

That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp

When McKenzie handles the estate of a deceased friend, he overcomes his shock at learning that the man owned a valuable pornography collection long enough to sell it on behalf…

18 Apr 22

Come Rain or Come Schein

Kelsey represents a TV weatherman suing for wrongful termination; Morales represents a laborer suing a racist couple who cheated him out of payment for work he did on their pat…

19 Apr 29

Vindaloo in the Villows

Markowitz represents a restaurant owner being sued by obnoxious and demanding customers who claim that they were assaulted by their waiters; Paros represents a woman claiming o…

20 May 06

Testing, Testing, 1...2...3...4

A teacher is fired after refusing to take a test that would prove he is not sexually aroused by children; a fan claims that a baseball player assaulted him in the stands; and G…

21 May 13

Bourbon Cowboy

A teenage prostitute claims her boyfriend forced her to rob a man; Becker represents a country music star whose wife’s career is better than his; and Gwen’s teacher…

22 May 27

Hackett or Pack It

Roxanne convinces comedian Buddy Hackett to appear in an infomercial about a device that allows a pregnant woman to communicate with her unborn fetus; Gwen charges her former l…

About L.A. Law

On this critically acclaimed drama about a top Los Angles law firm, some of the best battles take place outside of the courtroom. In the bedroom, in the courtroom, or at McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak’s staff meetings, the firm’s ambitious, competitive attorneys confront conflict between their own desires, their obligations as attorneys, and their principles as human beings.